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Showing posts with label chauvinism. Show all posts

Friday, May 10, 2013

I Feel Sorry For Orayta's Wife (If Any Woman Is Unlucky Enough To Be Such)

As the Women of the Wall attempt to follow Tanakh over the P'rushim Talmudim, this P'rushi named Orayta (who apparently never shuts up, even when he knows that he is losing an argument against both man and G-d) steps in (After I'm done preserving these tweets, by the way, Orayta is blocked. Too bad that there isn't a Yad L'Achim antipart who rescues women and others from the likes of Yad L'Achim--who I'm sure that Orayta supports.):

[Addendum: As I was preserving the tweets, Orayta's "Russia" tweet was tweeted and got him blocked:]

[Back to what I was preserving:]

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Put another way, step-by-step:

  1. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear9m
    So you say. And you persecute the for following Tanakh. Your problem is not with women as it is with G-d.
  2. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear10m
    According to , Reform Jews are taking a Neo-Karaite approach to reading Tanakh. @TheWomenoftheWall seem to exemplify that.
  3. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear11m
    : are you going to make a case against or who called themselves "rabbis" and attempted to pervert Tanakh?
  4. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear12m
    Your g-d is not that of Shmu'el or that of the , then. Go read 1 Shmu'el 16:7.
  5. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear14m
    Why don't you study Yirimiyahu 8? The have as far as I can tell. They let Talmud not override Tanakh.
  6. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear16m
    As long as it doesn't contradict Torah, you ought to leave the alone. Besides, G-d looks at intent.
  7. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear18m
    : are you going to follow or chauvinist who called themselves "rabbis" and attempted to pervert Tanakh?
  8. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear19m
    via . This is what face for trying to follow Tanakh, as explains.
  9. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear21m
    I (and I think that the ) hope that you have no more to say. Better that a fool hold his tongue. Shabbat Shalom.
  10. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear22m
    and other women are trying to follow, e.g., B'midbar 15:37-41 & D'varim 21:22, and are persecuted by those who add to Torah.
  11. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear23m
    I hope that everyone can see that wasn't kidding about the Talmud. Talmudic Judaism attempts to oppress women like .
  12. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear25m
    Actually, G-d disregards Talmud. He told us to neither add nor take from Torah or the rest of Tanakh.
  13. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear26m
    You only show what kind of people persecute the and women in general, and that you're one of them is a shame.
  14. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear27m
    The , as you seem to testify, then, know that Tanakh either overrides Talmud or is the only Scripture.
  15. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear28m
    You're persecuting the , and you responded to my tweet to them. Who's persecuting who again?
  16. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear30m
    And Tanakh at the least takes precedence over Talmud, which the recognize. At most, Talmud isn't Scripture.
  17. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear33m
    "Herdi" was a typo. The are trying to restore the heritage and the glory which you have corrupted.
  18. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear35m
    Your lashon hara against your achot who are the is verbal abuse and persecution--worse than physical violence.
  19. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear36m
    You're only adding to your avodah zara by speaking against who attempt not to have their hearts go astray.
  20. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear37m
    Your g-ds are mentioned in 'Amos 5:26-27, by the way; so be careful against speaking lashon hara against the .
  21. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear39m
    Your deeds certainly can't. The follow, e.g., B'midbar 15:37-41--and you dare to have them break a mitzvah?
  22. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear40m
    By the way, you say that you love Israel. That's bull. You don't even love your achot who are the .
  23. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear42m
    If anarchy is following the mitzvah to wear tzitziyot, then the should be anarchists and follow HaShem.
  24. Tiny Klout Flag57N. Mara Czarnecki ‏@Nickidewbear46m
    The don't worship your g-d; that's for sure--and I don't want to know who your g-d is, since I worship Adonai.

With responses:


  1. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter9m
    Your life philosophy is all a mess
  2. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter13m
    God of Christinaity looks at intent. And reform Jews. MY God looks at effort
  3. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter14m
    Shame on u for using only whats comfortable
  4. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter15m
    Can tefilin be made without tge instructions of oral law? Is there even a 18blessing prayer without Talmud?
  5. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter16m
    Is saying halel, praying in the wailing wall or wearing a missing cyan thread talit mentioned in ur torah?
  6. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter21m
    Honestly, what have I got else to say to u after showing such a twisted conception in Judaism. Shabat Shalom
  7. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter25m
    If u disregard Talmud then uve proven my point. You can not speak in the name of Judaism
  8. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter26m
    They dont restore my legacy. Women never peayed with talitot in the kotel and sang songs loudly Its propaganda
  9. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter28m
    Please stop persecuting me
  10. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter28m
    Ask them and ull see they dont believe every Jew should observe every mitsva. They dont fight my fight
  11. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter30m
    Read Shulchan Aruch and see 4urself wearing talit is arrogancy. Wonen r much superior and close to Gd 2 do so
  12. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter33m
    Protesting against those who want 2 change heritage isnt lashonharah Saying haredi Jews (why state herdi?) is
  13. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter35m
    I love them, thats why I teit here ciz it hurts. I would never spit or throw chairs at my sisters.
  14. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter40m
    Do you honestly believe any deed, even those who contradict Jewish heritage can be called Adonai worshipping?
  15. Tiny Klout Flag25Orayta ‏@oraytw1tter42m
    They wear talitot to enpower the anarchy of reform Judaism. Provocations and US-exile-confusion.