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Showing posts with label gender. Show all posts

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How I Know That the Psychological Factors, Not The Sociocultural Factors, Are What Make Or Break A Woman...

Not to brag; but-- and my YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other followers know this-- I am a living testimony to that. I'm not Rosa Parks, who had to overcome the sociocultural factor of WASP Male Supremacism in the 1950s. I'm not my Grandaunt MaryAnn, who (though I dislike much of what she has done over the years) I have to give credit for coming from a poor, working-class, Crypto-Jewish Catholic family in Great-Depression-downtrodden Ashley, Pennsylvania and earning a Ph.D. in Home Economics and teaching at Mansfield State College (now Mansfield University). As for what I dislike, by the way-- and my Internet followers know this--; she, to make a long story short, has unfortunately given in to familial sociocultural factors that are trying to psychologically influence her to be brought down.

I'm not a whole bunch of other great women, either. But I have my own psychological factors and sociocultural influences that I can't let get to me. Incidentally, I can somewhat sympathize with Grandaunt MaryAnn in some ways: after all, she is my grandaunt and shares many familial sociocultural factors with me. Of course, as I implied, I am mixed in sympathizing with Grandaunt MaryAnn; because as I stated, I dislike much of what she has done over the years-- and much of what she's dislikeably done involves giving in to familial sociocultural factors that are trying to psychologically influence her to be brought down.

Anyway, as I hinted, I'm just a normal woman and I have psychological factors and sociological influences that I can't let defeat me. I have Obssessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, Depression which has influenced me to even almost take my life, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (a genetic and familial sociological factor), possible Aspberger's, unmedicated Attention Deficit Disorder, possible Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (because I was all but sexually abused by my dad-- and thank G-d that I was never sexually abused by him. The verbal, mental, some physical, and other abuse was enough. Anyway, continuing the list, I have; among other factors to deal with) divorced parents and Cerebral Palsy (and being a woman with a disability in any culture plays is a sociological factor that influences psychological factors).

I darned well know that if I can overcome (or at least mange) my psychological factors and at least try to not let the sociocultural factors get to me, these women-- even women who live in Third-World and cave-riddled Mohamedian countries-- can get Information Systems, Engineering, Biochemistry, and other Science, Technology, and Math Degrees if they want to-- even if (so to speak) the road is longer and harder for them. Besides, some of these women-- for example, in Tora Bora and Abbottabad-- are using sciences, technologies, and maths to (sadly and unfortunately) be the next suicide bombers or suppliers for Al Qadea, or-- in countries like Thailand-- recruiters for the sex-slave and other human-trafficking trades.

In conclusion, I am thoroughly and well convinced that even in Third-World Countries where women can and do use sciences, technologies, and math for bad; women can use sciences, technologies, and maths for good-- such as earning their Information Systems, Engineering, or Biochemistry degrees--, and even improve their sociological and cultural realms by overcoming the psychological factors that they let stifle them. By overcoming the stifiling psychological factors, they can and will overcome the sociocultural factors that try to bring their psyches down and not let them earn their science, technology, and math degrees.

All they need to do-- if, how, where, and when they can-- is to look to women, past and present, like the late Rosa Parks and like Dr. MaryAnn Gaydos, and even-- perhaps-- to women like me.

Monday, November 7, 2011

So I Get Blamed For What That Felonous Croatian Did...

Best answer - nitecruzr (Top Contributor)
Well in order to report him as a felon you need to figure out a few things first.

1. He probably found your blog because he was searching for [an illicit item].

Having titles in your blog such as which of course does discuss [part of what he searched for] is going to show up in search results. Now granted you have to dig pretty deep on google to find it as you are not high up on the search results but rule number 1 of not showing up on search results for infantophila is to not blog about [part of what he searched for].

2. He may in fact be a troll. There are trolls on the internet who just like to annoy people and nothing gets people madder than a [n illicit] reference.

3. If you do wish to report him you first need to figure out what country he lives in. Perhaps corresponding with this person might get you some more details. Of course never forget rule 29 of the internet. There are no women on the internet and all kids are FBI agents. So talking to him might actually get you into trouble.

My best advice is to block this user. Any sensible pedo knows to hide behind a dozen proxxys and you would never find him anyway
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Level 1
6:32 PM
All I was saying was that infantilism (which is what ABDLs have) and [what he searched for in an illicit way]  are not the same. Also, I just feel like reporting the guy, not talking to him; and I don't know how to block him.

You claim the searcher is a felon. How do you know he is a felon? After all, it might be a search performed by a police officer who is part of an International police effort searching for [guys like this Croatian felon].

You state on your blog that the search was illegal. Under what statutes of Croatian law would that be?

And the term appears on your website, in an article, so I am somewhat bemused as to the point you are trying to make. Else the search would not have steered the searcher to your site.

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Level 3
6:41 PM
Well it turns out according to this thread I found

That there really is no way to block someone on blogger. Which is odd because just about every other social networking site that Google has offers this. I did find this old tutorial which shows you how to block someone if they decide to follow your blog

However it appears that tutorial is outdated. As I can't replicate the steps outlined. If I ever do find a way to block someone I will let you know.
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Level 1
6:48 PM
Searching the term which I mentioned is a violation of international law, not just Croatian or American law.
As I said, personal responsibility has been kaputed out of the window. I get chauvinistically blamed for talking about a subject that needs to be talked about in order to help ABDLs and others, and the felonous Croatian gets away with violating international law.

Monday, October 31, 2011

People, I'm Realistic; I'm Not Just a Disabled Depressive Who's a Pessimist

And it ain't just what I described in the video. Oh, I've read the horror stories-- e.g., one non-disabled girl was laughed at and ignored by boys in her church because of her breast size. Also, the actress from "Facts of Life" (I stand corrected for saying "Different Strokes")-- her story didn't end like J.R. Martinez's did, and she was born with a disability: she couldn't have gone and served, let alone bravely gotten injured, in the military if she wanted to.

I appreciate and value who I am in the eyes of even the Church and G-d, or else I wouldn't be honest about it: I'd pretend that everything's going to be okay, and that everything work out like it does for a typical person or even for Cinderella. As I said, I wouldn't be honest about who I am if I didn't value and appreciate it; and valuing and appreciating it means accepting it and accepting the reality of it, and accepting the reality (even the cold, bitter reality) that it brings and has brought.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

History Repeats- And Even if Brevik Is Far Right, History Repeats

The Nazis hated Jews and Communists. Why? Because Communism was a Jewish idea, invented with a Non-Messanic Jew's best intents after he had suffered horrible Anti Semitism at the hands of the now-united German government and seen the Industrial Revolution be driven by Capitalism without common sense and compassion; and that is the only reason that the Nazis hated an ideology that had become equally as Far Leftist under Stalin as Nazism-- Nationalist German Socialist Workerism-- was.

Also, Far Leftists hate Far Leftists; and a Self-Hating Jew named Adolf Hitler who was as Leftist as-- or even more Leftist than-- Stalin hated competition. Just like control freaks, sociopaths, and others who manifest the worst of bad-enough human nature; Far Leftists hate competition.

On the other side are the Far Rightists like Ann Coulter, Jan Brewer, Michelle Malkin, and Laura Ingraham-- who, if you really probe them and watch them closely-- want nothing to do with anyone but their own-- and their own includes especially usually those of their own ethnic background and national and political ideology. For example, b'tzlacha ever being perfected-- especially a perfected Jew-- in Ann Coulter's eyes unless you're Dennis Prager, Mark Levin, or maybe even the late Meir Kahane. As for Jan Brewer, buena suerte con estando una persona aceptable unless you're a White, Anglo-Saxon, fully- or almost-fully gentile Protestant who was born to legal nless you're a White, Anglo-Saxon, fully- or almost-fully gentile Protestant immigrants or US-born citizens.

As for Anders Brevik, only in the passing of time will we find out whether he is actually Far Right or Far Left.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This Might Get Me Into Trouble, But Here Goes My Next Sociology Assignment

"Imagine that you are getting married next week..." and coupled with an assignment that asks, "Where do you stand on the issue [of Affirmative Action]?" When I format the combined assignments into a paper (and I'm going to combine the assignments to save time, paper, and frankly a too-long explanation), I'm not going to type everything that I am typing here. Why? For one thing, calling a professor "stupid" and "hypocritical" would get me into trouble. So I'm going to have to reword my belief that for a liberal professor who is liberal (and you can spell that with a L-I-B-E-R-A-L), relativistic (and you can spell that with a R-E-L-A-T-I-V-I-S-T-I-C), and obviously leftist (and you know what you can spell that with); she sure is a hypocrite and foolishly dense- then again, with Far Leftists like that (and Far Rightists in a parallel way); the old "We're [whatever] for [or to, etc.] you so long as you're for [or to, etc.] us" maxim goes. In other words, for example; one will benefit from Affirmative Action given or applied to him or her by whoever gives or applies said Affirmative Action so long as he or she walks in nearly- or entirely-full lockstep with the Affirmative Action giver.

Affirmative Action, like the ADA (designed by the late Senator Ted Kennedy in order to get the Disabled Community's votes and (so to speak) bites on the welfare hooks), is a ploy used by both sides to (as Juan Williams noted in the example of Herman Cain's case, and so to speak) keep the sheep in the pen or gate. Meanwhile, Jews like me don't get Affirmative Action benefits, anyway; so what's the point? I note that I'm Asian on my applications, then specify "Middle Eastern, Jewish- Ashkenazi", anyway. I also note that I'm Hispanic (which I am), since Nana Allen (my mom's paternal grandmother) was a maternal granddaughter of a Crypto-Spaniard Irelander who came to the United States with his Irish wife (MaryAnn Elizabeth McCoy) and took Nana McCoy's surname as well as the moniker "John".

But for example, at College of Note Dame of Maryland (which is soon to be the bastion of liberalism known as the Notre Dame of Maryland University); being a Jew of Hispanic descent doesn't count anyway, and being disabled doesn't count (and not that the Disabled Community gets Affirmative Action benefits, either)- that is; unless you're a Jew who wills to go along with the Pseudo-Christian Anti Semitism of the Roman Catholic Church (and College of Notre Dame of Maryland), or a Hispanic or Disabled Community member (with all due respect to a fellow student) who is either willing to do the same or is even Roman Catholic and liberal (and this fellow student, as far as I know, is- at least she's Roman Catholic, although I'm sure that she's unsurprisingly liberal as well; and I have never seen a more accomodated-for member of the Disabled Community who is at Notre Dame than her. Me, on the other hand- you can guess how I've been treated and accomodated for; and any accomdation that I have gotten is either minimal and/or surface enough to look like its meets what most people think that the ADA is, or received with my and others having to really push for it.).

By the way, I will concede that at least two NDM faculty members have been an exception in this regard, even though they don't agree with my ideology (and one of them has not been so much of an exception in other regards). To the (if you will) "marriage question" (ugh; I sound like Marx or- I can't believe that I'm repeating this name- Hitler, both of them Self-Hating Jews. And of course, "the Jewish question" or any similar phrase or idea behind it rubs me the wrong way. Anyway, to the question about marriage- which perhaps doesn't sound too much better; but still): this is the (if you will) factor about which I stated that the professor is (among other adjectives which I used to describe her) stupid and dense. Then again, with her (like most people) not being disabled (at least in any uncommon or anamethea way); she wouldn't know (or at least want to know or acknowledge) that (and often times because of people like her and the culture which they shape and are influenced by in turn, although they effect the culture whereas the culture only affects them), in this culture, Cinderella and Snow White have a better chance of marrying than a child of divorce who is a disabled woman, much less a disabled woman is not a child of divorce (and being a child of divorce adds to the disabled woman's being a damned statistic of being a disabled person and/or woman who, because of this culture and the people who shape it, never marry- or at least never stay married, especially because of the damned shallow men and women who consider disabled women as anamethea and as whom to not stay married, much less marry in the first place).