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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How "Rabban"ism and Catholicism Are Equivalent, As Demonstrated Re Ed Koch and Others

  •   Maybe Ed Koch was a Jewish Catholic, and Anti Messianics make people who are like he possibly was afraid to say that, though. 
  • As a Messianic and what I consider a "Messianic Karaite" (as much as I love Nehemiah Gordon, and I know that he and other Karaites don't like that term--as he's made clear), I learned the hard way at the hands of those like Emily Katz Boling and "Rabbi" Jason Klein will attack you as a person if they can't attack what they consider the problems of Karaite and Messianic Judaism. By the way, I never submitted Jason's name, although I certainly found comfort in someone submitting it.
  • "Rabbinical Judaism is the Catholicism of Judaism."--a friend of mine (and I don't think that he'd care if I named him; I'm just too lazy to name him right now). Re Points 1 and 2, and looking at groups like Hillel, Outreach Judaism, and MERCAZ, one can see that Pharisee Judaism is indeed Judaism's "Catholicism" or Vaticanism ("Catholic" just means "Universal", and I hate when words are perverted. There are Evangelical "Catholics"/Vaticanists, by the way; just like there are Karaites who follow some Pharisaic customs that are acceptable in light of Tanakh and do not contradict it--e.g., wearing kippot, celebrating Hanukkah. Remember that G-d looks at intent [cf. 1 Samuel 16:7].).
  • Re Point 3, remember how Vaticanists (including Byzantine Vaticanists--though their Vaticans are their various flagship episcopates in places such as Constantinople [now Izmir]--and Jerusalem)  used the Inquisitions, pogroms, tribunals, and other tactics to attack Jews, Protestants, and others who weren't "Catholic" or "Catholic enough". This is what groups like Yad L'Achim, MERCAZ (who "[o]ppose any change in ‘Who is a Jew’ and ‘The Law of Return’"), and Outreach Judaism do to those who "aren't Jewish" or "aren't Jewish enough".

Monday, May 20, 2013

Reposted Entries With Disclaimer (Read the Disclaimer First)


The disclaimer shows that Emily, Facebook, and others are lucky that they're not getting sued. After all, " I wouldn't even be warning [Emily and others] if--even for all the evil that [she and others] have done to me, and I could certainly repay [them] with evil [e.g., suing them]--I didn't care about [them] and your whole cabal at Hillel--for your Kabbalic "Rabbin"ism is as Eastern Mystic ways, thus apostate [The link showing that Non-Tanakh Judaism-- in this case, Reconstructionist Judaism--is Apostate Judaism and is in fact "Jewish atheism" here is new. Emily is a follower of UMBC's apostate "rabbi".]! "

Entry One

Just because I don't respond to or engage with everything doesn't mean that I don't have a view on it. Maybe, e.g., I could just be letting you look stupid after a certain point in a conversation. Don't think that you've won the argument because maybe you haven't. In fact, you might've lost it so badly and I'm trying to save you for embarrassment even, even while I'm letting you look stupid enough.

And one last word to Emily [Entry Two here], by the way: my mistake was giving you a chance to understand my comment. You twisted my comments about Non-Orthodox Jews who care about Shavu'ot into lashon-hara, and I should've reported and/or blocked you right there and then. By the way, I'd take "Katz" out of your name--you are no kohenet-tzedek and do not deserve a name that means "Kohen-Tzedek". You walk in the ways of the Levi'im-rahim, not Tzadok. And you give the priesthood to "rabbis" like Jason--how dare you! If you keep that up, you will be cursed as was Uzziah and Jeroboam--and more so because you are a kohen who gave the priesthood to Non Kohanim. 

Also, you can see that that's G-d's promise, not any kind of threat--though I'm certainly warning you about what "rabbis" like Jason wouldn't dare tell you, since they follow Talmud instead Tanakh. So, if you have any legal case, you have one against G-d, not me--and I dare you to try to tell Him that anyone is threatening you, for you would be like Anathoth and others who told a real kohen-tzedek to stop prophesying! In fact, I wouldn't even be warning you if--even for all the evil that you have done to me, and I could certainly repay you with evil--I didn't care about you and your whole cabal at Hillel--for your Kabbalic "Rabbin"ism is as Eastern Mystic ways, thus apostate! 

I hope that I was clear enough to you and the other revisionists, Anti Messianics, Anti Semites and/or Self Haters, and others about whom I'm thinking. By the way, don't comment on this entry--I will not publish your comments or any comments of those in your circle. As I stated, I should have blocked you last time and will block you this time to save you for embarrassment even--you embarrassed yourself last time by twisting my lashon-tov into lashon-hara. Also, forgiving doesn't mean forgetting. 

Entry Two

"Emily Katz Boling
·                                 Please remove the tweet you posted with a link to our conversation. It has my name on it and I would not like that on Twitter and then you proceed to talk badly about me and my boyfriend (who has done nothing) on there.
Thank you

I'm not removing anything. You commented on something that I shared publicly (e.g., on the article itself, and as I would've shared in general on Facebook had I looked at the privacy settings more closely--and "Friends of Friends" is public enough, anyway); you're held to account publicly. After you slandered me when I exemplified UMBC JSU/Hillel as a Non-Orthodox community that cares about Shavu'ot, I owe you no favors.

Besides, I removed Frank as well. I don't keep non-friends' boyfriends as friends. Besides, what does that say about him that he's dating you--someone who would slander someone just because he or she is Messianic? If Frank has a problem with it, he can come to me. You're his girlfriend, not his mother; and he's old and mature enough to talk to me (I can only hope, anyway.).

Let me tell you something else, Emily. What I said and what you said is in replay all over again. Don't lie about me, and you won't be held to account for doing so:

As a Messianic Jew, I find two of the comments really problematic:

1) "The event it commemorates—God giving the Torah to the Jews at Mount Sinai—is arguably the most pivotal in the narrative of the Jewish people. But from the treatment it receives next to its more popular siblings—at least within non-Orthodox American communities—you wouldn’t know it." I care about Shavu'ot, and even admire what people like UtahSoccerMom do. Also, the Kosher Korner at UMBC (which is Non Messianic and has mainly Non-Messianic patrons, mostly those who go to the JSU/Hillel events headed up by a Reconstructionist) is closed beyond the Shavu'ot holiday (May 13-May 19, although Karaites and Messianics like me celebrate Shavu'ot on only the 19th).

2) "Hanukkah is so visible that conservative talk radio hosts think it threatens Christmas." I have never heard talk-radio hosts say that. They're more worried about the Atheists and Agnostics who threaten the legality of Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations within the United States.
When it comes to theological significance, the late-spring festival of Shavuot is no slouch: The event it commemorates—God giving the Torah to the Jews at Mount...See More
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Emily Katz Boling Nicole, I am particularly offended by your comment that you make about UMBC Hillel and JSU and speaking about the Rabbi as if being reconstructionist is negative. Since you partake in Shabbat and other activities led by JSU and Hillel it would behoove you not to speak poorly about those who have welcomed you to our events and activities. The Kosher Korner is closed during Shavuot because the man who works there as well as the restaurants that provide the food for the Kosher Korner observe all of Shavuot and therefore cannot work on those days and having someone else do so would make the place unkosher since it is being operated on days that are Yom Tov. And since those are the majority of people who eat in the Kosher Korner, not messianics or karaites, then they close it. You are treading on very thin ice with some of the stuff you say. Hillel may have a reconstructionist rabbi but we have many students who are from all different sects of Judaism. JSU on the other hand is a student run organization, also comprised of many different sects of Judaism. Just remember Nicole, you too benefit from these events and it is not a nice trait to speak poorly of those who have welcomed you to Shabbat and other activities.
Nicole Maratovah Czarnecki Firstly, I was saying that I found her comment highly problematic. I even said straightly out, "Also, the Kosher Korner at UMBC (which is Non Messianic and has mainly Non-Messianic patrons, mostly those who go to the JSU/Hillel events headed up by a Reconstructionist) is closed beyond the Shavu'ot holiday (May 13-May 19, although Karaites and Messianics like me celebrate Shavu'ot on only the 19th). " I do not see what is neigative about saying that the JSU and Hillel care. Perhaps reading my comments in context would help. Secondly, while we're on the subject and since you brought it up, I am not the only one who has had issues with Jason (I will, out of respect for his or her, not say who. If he or she would like to mention who he or she even is, he or she may do so.). Having a clergyman or clergywoman who is intolerant of those who are not Talmudic is a real issue. After all, UMBC is supposed to be diverse and welcoming. Thirdly, I disclosed that I was Messianic only because I never wanted to be accused of being an infiltrator and proselytizer. I see that my honesty upfront was a problem, and that there are certain people with whom I cannot be honest lest I be slandered.
Emily Katz Boling No because I knew exactly what you were insinuating by specifically mentioning Hillel and JSU and I also gave you and explanation of why it wasn't open. ANd ok so you'll spare saying the persons name out of embarrassment but you'll say the rabbi's name...See More
Nicole Maratovah Czarnecki You took the comment right out of context again. She said that Non-Orthodox Jews don't care about Shavu'ot, and I was giving examples to counter her statement. So, you again slandered me. So much for holding about UMBC JSU and Hillel as good examples--at least to people like you--which was my mistake.

And to message me on my public-figure Facebook page when I blocked you. How dare you! I want nothing to do with you, and I made that I want nothing to do with you quite clear. Besides, people like you are part of why UMBC JSU/Hillel involvement and Jewish communal life in general at UMBC is declinining. People who try to walk in Tanakh can and should not stand those who deliberately have walked off of the derech-Yehovah v'Tanakh, and persecute those who do walk b'haderech-Yehovah v'Tanakh. People are quickly figuring out that people like you, like Jason, and like others are those kinds of people who do all kinds of chullil-Yehovah b'HaShem-Yehovah--thus breaking the third of the Aseret HaD'varim in particular.

You clearly didn't learn from when Becca persecuted me. You'll learn this time: I am not a doormat; I am not one about who you may speak lashon-hara, and I am one who is not coming back to UMBC JSU/Hillel or even the Kosher Korner--after all, I'd hate to run into you there.

My mistake for ever speaking any lashon-tov about UMBC JSU/Hillel or even the Kosher Korner--after all, you and your ilk do nothing but twist what I say into lashon-hara, every bit for which you deserve to be called out. I also guarantee that if you keep treating me and others as you have treated me and them (and I rightly group you in with certain people), you will drive people all the more away from the UMBC JSU/Hillel and Kosher Korner to the point at which there'll no longer be an UMBC JSU/Hillel and Kosher Korner. After all, people won't want to try to derive benefit from them if all they'll get is Hell for doing so.

Reposted Entries With Disclaimer; And Not Hate Speech Or Anything Else But Standing Up To a Bully

Besides, as I said, Emily contacted me on my public page and commented regarding my public tweets. Her name will be known; to respond to her using Tanakh is not hate speech, and she will not hurt me and (as I'm sure that she has) others and get away with it--especially since she has a name which means "kohan tzedek", and I guarantee you that she is ironically not. She will not violate my FirstNinth, and Fourteenth Amendment Rights to stand up  to her; and she clearly needs lessons in both Tanakh and the Constitution, so I'm going to repost the entries with the original links to Tanakh pirkei and the constitutional amendments (and the relevant articles of the Fourteetnth Amendment) with my emphasis:

  • "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; orabridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."I dealt with her on the original post itself several times, and she and whoever is supporting her didn't like that. Guess what; you're part of the government of UMBC JSU and Hillel, whether de facto or de jure, and you will get called out if you bully someone by perverting his or her lashon tov about UMBC JSU/Hillel into lashon hara. UMBC JSU/Hillel is an organization at UMBC, a public/government school; and it has the Fourteenth Amendment, which encompasses the Bill of Rights, apply to it. The Fourteenth Amendment thus applies to the government/public-school organization government that UMBC/JSU Hillel has.
  • "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." She may not quash my First Amendment Rights of criticizing her in light of her perversion of my lashon tov and in a religious context as hate speech or personal attacks on her or our shared ethnicity. As I said and demonstarted (including with a link to Ezekiel 48), she is a so-called "Katz" who is of "the Levites [who] went astray " and did not do tzedek when she twisted my lashon tov into lashon hara. As a Jew (and one who is a Levite) myself, anyway, I have the right and even a mitzvah to correct another Jew (let alone another Levite) if he or she (in this case, she) has gone astray (even if, and though, she ranks above me). 
  • "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws....The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article." Again, UMBC JSU/Hillel is an organization at UMBC, a public/government school; and it has the Fourteenth Amendment, which encompasses the Bill of Rights, apply to itThe Fourteenth Amendment thus applies to the government/public-school organization government that UMBC/JSU Hillel has.
I, thus, have a legal case against both Emily and anyone else who reported the original entries as hate speech, and against Facebook for taking it as hate speech under the Constitution and various case-law laws. For example, "freedom of speech does not protect “free thought for those who agree with us, but freedom for the thought that we hate.” U.S. v. Schwimmer, 279 U.S.644, 49 S. Ct. 448, 73 L. Ed. 889 (1929)." Also, "the Supreme Court has identified several kinds of expression that the government may regulate to varying degrees without running afoul of the Constitution, including...stu-dent speech.... The degree to which the government may regulate a particular kind of expression depends on the nature of the speech, the context in which the speech is made, and its likely impact upon any listeners." Tinker clearly reads, "It can hardly be argued that either students or teachers shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.

So, Emily, anyone who joined her in falsely reporting my response to her as hate speech, and Facebook could all be easily sued; especially since she first bullied me, then reported my response on my own blog which is protected under the Constitution and various case laws as hate speech. However, Messianic Jews are not to sue anybody; so I will (luckily for Emily) treated her as she deserves and sue her, let alone anyone who joined her or Facebook.

I will, nonetheless, repost the entries--and that is that.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Analysis and Last Word After Krystal Keith Releases Her New Single

I actually started this analysis as comments on this YouTube video--of a version of a song which I hardly enjoy anymore, since I prefer the classic version now! I can hardly stomach this version; which, by the way and if one does not account for duplicates, has only 665,316 views at this time (11:00 PM EST on April 28, 2013). So, here's the analysis:

Some people might just think that she can't sing. What TK "Warriors" (and isn't it sad that they're not Jesus Warriors sad?) have a problem with is anyone criticizing their idol in any way shape, form, fashion, circumstance, and manner. That Krystal Keith cannot sing is a sentiment with which I disagree--and by the way, I was in my elementary, middle, and high school choirs. However, there was definitely too much Usheresqueness going on, on Krystal's part in the song to which I linked, 

Besides, both Toby and Krystal are jerks (and I've dealt with Krystal before and heard horror stories about Toby Keith). My problem is more with their personalities and their senses of self importance. My problem also continues to be Krystal's facade of her confidence in the length of her music career. I've blogged about this before (and, for this, have had the distinct honor of being blocked by both Mrs. Sandubrae and her worldly brother, by the way), and my continuing problem can be summed up as follows. 

She's: 1) using her dad's nom de celebree ("Keith") instead of her own name. 2) on her dad's record label (and her dad is also her producer). 3) let her dad write songs for her first album (should it actually ever become a worth-buying album, anyway). 4) released "Daddy, Dance With Me" as her first single--and which she wrote for her wedding. 5) touring with her dad. 

In light of all this and other factors  I suggested that she may not want to do all that and may want to make her own name. Did I get Hell for it! I was accused of being a Dixie Chicks fan by her and her crazy fan Denise Denis. Then she later complained in an article, "“I’m a completely different artist than he is, and I definitely want to have my own voice. I just want people to be at least open to listening to me with an open mind, and not just tagging me as soon as they hear my name.”"

So, I disagree with anyone who states that she can't sing. However, I will give you that she may as well pick up another job if you think that she should. After all, at least she is smart enough to know that she's probably not going to be in the music business for long--she has a degree in Communications with a Business emphasis from the University of Oklahoma; not in Music Business like Brad Paisley. So, I'll give her that she's smart enough to know that her music career will be short.

Therefore, months later, I recounted, "I got criticized for saying for how she's sabotaging her own music career by using her dad's stage name ("Keith"), being on her dad's record label, etc.. Then what do I see later? Herself promoting her debut single as a "father-daughter song" (There she goes again!) and, before that, complaining that she's her "own artist" in an interview that I read online. While I disagree that she isn't a good singer, I agree that she is just "Toby's daughter"."

By the way, I have no interest in listening to her first--perhaps (if one counts "Mockingbird") second--single. I will not give Krystal Keith one more view, penny, or other form of credence--and looking at her Facebook page and Twitter account to look at how many followers she has was giving her credence enough.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And He Or She Is Only Self Harming....

Unpublished again. Why? Because lie after lie is contained in here:

"Nicole, my intention is not to hurt your feelings, nor am I a bully. I am trying to hopefully help you see what others see of you. Unfortunately most people follow you because your videos are like a car accident; no one wants to look but you can't turn away. Not the way to become "famous". When you cannot think of an intelligent response you resort to name calling and lying. Not very mature or God like. Again, you have lied by omission by publicly sharing only your part of our conversation and omitting my comments. Who's the controlling bully now, Nicole?! Soooo I suppose this comment will not make it either. "

I have had quite a few people follow me because they've felt that I have had something to contribute. I don't know who this shame to Perry Hall, Maryland is; but I hope that someone else stops him or her from trying to hurt me and hurting others really soon--before he or she ultimately further hurts only him or her self.

Monday, March 25, 2013

"Perry Hall" the Bully Strikes Again

If only "Perry Hall" (the coward) would reveal his or her name, or have his or her IP address (or addresses) blocked.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

If I Can Do the Following, Good...

  1. Not have time to be silent about vainglorious people--especially influential vaingloriers-- who use the banner of the Gospel and Christianity as a cover to do whatever they want. This means, for example, if I can help make the Krystal Keiths of this world one-hit wonders (if even those) and help others who truly deserve the spotlight get the spotlight, then good for me.
  2. Speak out as a family member. Not all of my family wants to keep every one of our individual and collective secrets.
  3. Make people (like the one from Sydney [See below.]) think that I'm crazy,.
  4. Helps Jews like myself come back to our identities and believe or continue to believe in Jesus (Yeshua).
I could go on, but you get the point. I believe in tikun-ha'olam.

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