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Showing posts with label food. Show all posts

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Morning Antics, Including Dog-Safe Foods & A Provided Clean-Up Opportunity

While "Auntie Michelle" and "Mom-Mom" attend church, the pagan 😉 decides to stay home (The long story short is that "Momma" tends not to feel welcome at churches, and Reilly and Camille have gotten used to me staying home on Sundays—which I used to use to catch up on sleep, and now use to have some time to myself while I'm home with Ri and Cam.). As usual, the "greeting committee" came upstairs to jump on my bed and greet me before I had to go downstairs to watch the house and the just-headed-downstairs greeting committee. In between greeting time and heading-downstairs time, the girls began their morning antics.

With a once-again-blocked-hamper, I had to temporarily pile my should-be-in-the-hamper clothes on the floor. With the opportunity that the laundry pile provided, Reilly took the opportunity to chew, play tug-of-war with, and give to Camille a pair of underwear 🤦🙄😊. To be fair, though, the tug-of-war did get me laughing. After that, Reilly decided to lay by my under-the-bed mattress for belly rubs as Camille chewed her new-found not-supposed-to-be-a-toy chewtoy. Then I got them read to go downstairs—after all, I had to get my shoes on without stepping on Reilly!

After I came downstairs and Cam licked my feet like she hadn't just seen me a few minutes ago, I made myself a breakfast sandwich with hard-boiled eggs which briefly dropped on the floor—and with the Cutco knife dropping with it off of the plate. Since a few hard-boilekd egg pieces dropped, I let Reilly and Camille clean up those hard-boiled egg pieces—after I removed the Cutco knife! I also let Reilly lick the crumbs off of my plate, and I would have let Cam have some had I been able to convince her to go get some crumbs despite that Ri attempted to block her from getting any crumbs—Cam just walked away and let Reilly lick the plate clean.

By the way, bread is not dangerous for dogs; I toasted the cheese first and am pretty sure that Reilly didn't get any cheese, and Reilly and Camille got some of the hard-boiled egg for which they'd been watchingly begging me.