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Showing posts with label emigration. Show all posts

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Condemnation Of An 8-Year-Old Nora Whom Did Not Choose Her Family Or Her Family's Crimes

The amount of cruelty that is in the comments section of my share of the "Hindustan Times" article re Nora (whose last name I will not use due to its despicable connotations) is unbelievable. Why should an eight-year-old child be condemned for what her father did? Also, as I said, perhaps refugees that were informants could've prevented deaths like this. How many more innocent children will have to die, especially if no refugee who has any relevant information can come forward?

For example, another eight-year-old girl may have her life in the balance but for a refugee whom could speak up for her, such as a young Yazidi girl—whom would be currently stereotyped as a Muslim and an equivalent of "Jihadi Jane"—or a Chaldean Christian man—who might be libeled as a "Palestinian" Muslim who's doing taqiyya (the Mohammedan/"Muslim" form of deception practiced by Orthodox Mohammedans/"radical Muslims", "Islamic extremists", etc.).

Perhaps even a man among the Jadid al-Islam (Mohammedan Anusim) who could be a refugee may be an informant regarding the insidiousness of Iran, and may prevent something that Iran could be planning—for example, what if the Iranians who attacked the Saudi ship may have eight-year-old girls whom they will attempt to barter as sex slaves in order for other terrorists to keep quiet? You never know what sociopathic and narcissistic terrorists plan or could plan; and we may never know if something would (God forbid) happen unless we have refugees whom are informants, will we?

The xenophobes, Muslimophobes (notice that I didn't say "Islamophobes"), and simplistic dread mongers can keep their divisive hate and intellectual dishonesty to themselves—either that, or (while they're spreading their bigotry) they can advocate kicking out people like Mosab Yousef (the "son of Hamas") and eight-year-old girls whom have been rescued from Orthodox Mohammedan traffickers, and they can also advocate doing the un-Christian and un-American thing of punishing children for the sins of their fathers.

As for me, I won't punish the eight-year-old girls whom were born of terrorists, captured by human traffickers, and otherwise forced to live hard lives because of what their fathers did—and I'll hope that more innocent refugees (like Yazidi girls whom testify before Congress) and repentant refugees (like Mosab Yousef) come forward.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fleeing Like My Great-Great-Grandparents Chernetski Did?

"I never seen nor did anyone mention anything special brought from Poland.  A friend from Sugar Notch, Mrs. Bertha Wawrzyn, visited Poland every few years to see her family and would visit the family while there.  All she ever brought back were photos that she took of the Polish Czarnecki's (see earlier comments).
"There was very little discussion of the Polish life and family.  Usually, when there was, it was a brief mention of the farm that was left behind.  There did not seem to be any regrets about leaving for a better life.  After all , they settled among Polish, Slavic, Hungarian, Lithuanian, and Ukrainian people just like themselves.  Similar language, similar customs, similar faces, houses, churches, etc.  But life was much better than on the farm.  They were quite happy in America and much better off.  The motherland, Poland, was far off and just a memory, not to be forgotten but no regrets for leaving either.
"Periodically a church pastor would run a heritage trip back to Poland for a group.  Very few of those who immigrated would return.  Occasionally someone "in the family" in America would join a relative for the return trip, Usually meeting the Polish or Slovak relatives for the first time and occasionally maintaining a letter writing relationship afterwards.  This DID NOT happen in our family.
"There was not very much correspondence with the Polish family.  Only an infrequent letter.  There were no exchanges other than through the Polish Church which would have clothing drives and send clothes to Poland in general, but not to specific family members.  Bertha's photos which came after the trips were the only contact until they asked for the deed to be changed in the mid 1960's.There was no special items from Poland that were kept by the family that I know of.  They came with little and acquired everything they had in America.  Over the years all traces of Poland disappeared.  They were now AMERICANS and wanted to be known as such.  The Polish heritage was maintained through Church and their friends in the community..."

Julian and Alexandria left everything—including s'forim Torah—behind when they emigrated. Of course, Granduncle Tony (z"l) either did not know—much less suspect—that we are Jewish or was in denial of it at even that time—eventually, even in-denial Jack Czarnecki begrudged, "If we had any Jewish blood, I don't know about it."

Now comes the question as to whether I will have to flee to Canada or somewhere else if God doesn't stop Trump and if an aliyah g'dolah can't overwhelm Netanyahu and the Haredim. Meanwhile, what if Trump would invade Canada like ****** invaded Holland, Slovakia (split in between Czechoslovakia and Hungary), and other countries?

Either way, I will either try to flee if God does not stop Trump or die trying to flee, even if that means that I'd have to hide somewhere within the U.S. and I'd ended up being caught and kidnapped by Trump's cronies as the Gestapo caught and kidnapped Anne Frank's and other families. \

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Why I Signed Up For (And I'm Not Being Paid Or Otherwise Compensated For This Blog Entry)

In short, I'm:

  1. "[D]isgustingly Jewish", as a blocked-and-reported Twitter called many of us #NeverTrump people. To Trump and Trumpite zealots, being Jewish is disgusting—and I am among the Jews whom have persecuted by Trumpite zealots. I, reporter Julia Ioffe, and others are clearly not welcome in Trump's America.
  2. A person with Cerebral Palsy and OCD/Anxiety, Depression, ADD, and IBS—and a "physically fit German American" who "can think of a place for [me]" (as a Trumpite threatened me on Twitter) and Donald Trump himself as he persecuted Serge Kovaleski made clear that Americans with disabilities will not be considered Americans in Trump's America.
  3. Likely to, as a Jewish-American with Cerebral Palsy and other conditions, be forcibly stripped of my native American citizenship—just as Jews born in Germany and the rest of Nazi-occupied Europe were stripped of their American citizenship—and put in a murder camp unless I flee the United States of Donald Trump—and if anyone has to worry about FEMA camps actually being used maliciously, one would have to worry about FEMA camps becoming camps used for malicious purposes instead of shelter from disasters if Donald Trump does become POTUS.
  4. Not looking forward to becoming an alteh moid—I even tried Plenty Of Fish at the recommendation of a friend whom found her own bashert there, and it didn't work.
  5. Not wanting to resort to being a trophy wife—I even tried getting friends to send around a dating résumé around, and most of them were reluctant and even hostile about doing it.
  6. Maybe even likely to have better romantic prospects in Canada in any case—whether works out for me or doesn't work out for me—especially if Trump becomes POTUS.
  7. Maybe even likely to have better luck making aliyah from Canada than from the United States.
Besides, I have Foczko and other kevorim mishpacha in Canada; so, I wouldn't be completely foreign to Canada.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

אני עושה עליה, בעזרת יהוה....

It means, "I do aliyah, Yehovah willing!" To make a long story short, I have been going through a difficult time right now and was having temptations of self harm again. Yehovah (ברוך הוא.) must've heard my cries. I didn't solicit the opportunity to make aliyah, although I've desired to do so if Yehovah ever wills that I should do. But, lo and behold, someone (I won't say who for right now.) asked me if I'm Israeli, etc. and wanted to make aliyah. So, again, Yehovah must've heard my cries.

I told my contact frankly that:

  1. I'm a Patrilineal Jew.
  2. I'm a Messianic Jew.
  3. The חרדים (the so-called "יהודים אורתודוקסים" and "חסידים") would want to rid of me quickly.
He or she understands my concerns; and believe me when I say that I am not considering (let alone jumping at) this opportunity lightly, and:
  1. I'm not content with being one who is "“settled” in New York and New Jersey."
  2. I take ספר ירמיהו וכל תנ''ך seriously. That includes פרקים ירמיהו 8 ו 16.
  3. Since Jews who "saw themselves as “settled” in New York and New Jersey" have chosen death rather than life (See פרק ירמיהו 8.) and those of us who live (Jewish and gentile) are all headed to Israel at some point, anyway (See פרק ירמיהו 16.), I might as well go as early as possible and while I can choose life rather than death.
  4. I've already had discouragement. When I told two family members that I have a contact who offered to help me, one disbelieved me and said that I'd end up right in the sex trade if I trusted my contact.
So, I'll be doing תפילות, צומות, ותעניות, and asking others to do the same with and for me.  I'll also be retaking up רוזטה סטון בעברית (Using גוגל and קונקורדנציה סטרונג does not suffice.). I'll also be looking at הספרים ומילון מ'כיתה העברית שלי.

Besides, I need a תחלה חדשה, and this might be it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Travel Distance For the Fockos...

I should've included the travel distance for the Fockos:

  1. Bavaria to Diosgyor, a total of six days and 16 hours to walk-- unlikely
  2. Diosgyor to Kosice, 19 hours, 14 minutes-- more likely to walk. Frantisek Gyorgy Foczko (Frank George Fosko) was born in Diosgyor on October 5, 1888. His birth could've been because...
  3. Hidvegardo is where Johanna Hanzokova Foczkova's family orginated as well as originating in Diosgyor and Miskolc.
  4. Hidvegardo to Kosice, eight hours and 35 minutes
  5. Kosice to Zlata Idka, five hours and 11 minutes. Remember that there were no cars and hardly (if any) similar types of transportation in the centuries before the 18th Century. If there were, they were for the rich and the royalty.
  6. Zlata Idka into Poland, first stop being Kielce; two days and fifteen minutes. Remember that our branch converted around the 1700s. The first Focko noted so far is in 1735. The other branch or branches decided not to be Anusim, thus fleeing then-Aranyida and Kassa, Hungary for Jewish-tolerant Poland.
  7. Kielce to Radom, 15 hours and 40 minutes. Finally we come to...
  8. Radom to Warsaw, 21 hours and 12 minutes
If you don't believe me, you may search "Focko" or "Foczko" in Poland on JewishGen. By the way, Anusim married fellow Anusim; so the Hanzoks, Filczaks, Rusnaks (which is a given), Molnars (another given), Novaks, etc. were all-- unless otherwise noted or shown-- Jewish and Anusim. Anusim knew and/or sought out each other, and stuck together as well as their Lo Anusi (openly-Jewish) counterparts. Besides, what was the clime of Hungary like in the 17th and other centuries for Jews? Bad and just as pogromic and Inquisitory as Spain. For example:

"In the late 17th century, the Hapsburgs captured Hungary and anti-Semitism grew, along with expulsions of Jews from the cities. Despite the anti-Jewish feelings, migration from Poland and Moravia to Hungary continued and, in 1735, about 11,600 Jews lived in Hungary. 

"The situation for Jews worsened during the reign of Maria Theresa (1740-80). Jews were forced to pay "toleration taxes" and were subject to persecution."

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Or Did the Fockos Get "Focko" Forced on Them? Given Travel Distance...

Genealoj probably has the more likely theory (and Kevin is a Levi):

In some countries, such as the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Jews were forced to take surnames with a German appearance, and they usually could not choose them. These arbitrary family names have no relationship whatsoever with either the trade or craft, nor the physical description, nor the geographic origin of the person so named. We have already quoted SCHWARZ, WEISS, GROSS, KLEIN, and ROTH. But there are also a long series of names formed with two German roots such as MORGENSTERN, MORGENSTEIN, APFELBAUM, BIRNBAUM, ROSENBERG, ROSENBLUM, ROSENBAUM, WEINBAUM, WEINBERG..... Note that the spelling of these names varies considerably, especially when they transited through Poland or Russia."

So, the theory that the Fockos who did not become Anusim left Slovakia for Poland stands.

So Did the Fockos Actually Emigrate From Poland? And Even From Khazaria All the Way Back From Germany?

As I told Kevin, we could've been part of the Great Jewish Migration to Khazaria per the baron named Focko.  By the way, I seriously don't think that Kevin would care if I publish the two conversations, since I started them and looked at the JewishGen records myself:

We need to figure out exactly how the Polish Fockos (Foczkos) are connected. But as far as I can tell, they broke off to Poland and considered us (since we were Anusim) defectors who could stay in Aranyida (since we were meshumadim and, in their eyes, koferim) for all they cared.
 ·  · See Friendship · 14 hours ago near Baltimore · 

    • Kevin Fosko When do you think they migrated? If we find Jewish Focko/Foczkos in Kassa they could be related. The Hungarian Census of landowners of 1715 lists one Rusnyak and no Focko/Foczkos. But others who did not own land would not have been counted.
      6 hours ago · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki Or perhaps they emigrated from Poland. Maybe they got kicked out and moved south after converting, and the Diosgyor thing is due to the Hanzoks. Then again, a Fosko did end up in Hungary, so that the Jewish (that is, the Non-Anusi-- non-convert) Fockso moved to Poland to retain Judaism probably holds.
      14 minutes ago via  · 

    • Nicole Czarnecki And the land thing's a point taken, too. You know, as I said, the Slovakian Fockos may've been kicked out of Poland for converting; but they could've been part of the migration when Khazaria fell, too. Maybe they were Jews who came from Germany into Khazaria (since there was a German baron named Focko, according to Wikipedia, and not much is known of him), and then came to Poland with those fleeing to Khazaria.
      10 minutes ago via  ·