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Showing posts with label gifts. Show all posts

Friday, December 29, 2017

I'm Not Exactly Happy To Have To Make The Following Request, As...

I don't want to come off as desperate. Nonetheless, the request is this: please look into at least buying one of my books, as that would be a real belated Hanukkah, current Christmas, and/or early birthday gift for me. I did the following for a reason, after all:

  1. Take the opportunity to publish at least one with Hadassa WordPress when Elena Djima unexpectedly reached out to me to offer that pleasantly-surprisingly opportunity, since I'd been a "Times Of Israel" blogger.
  2. Published books via Kindle Direct Publishing
  3. Used part of my SSI benefits to set up giveaways and Amazon ads for my books
  4. Begin working on new books on which I'm still working.
If you think that I'm thrilled that I still have to be on SSI benefits (which I actually even protested having to be on in the first place) and have God-sent opportunities seeming to go ultimately nowhere for me, you have got to be kidding me (and almost 11 years later, I still call my having to be on SSI benefits "socialist", and this is despite my Cerebral Palsy, mental illnesses, and IBS—and I was hoping that the opportunity to be an author to partly get me off of the SSI benefits would materialize more quickly, not to mention that I haven't had the royalty check from Amazon cashed yet partly because of having to deal with the Social Security office on that. Besides, slightly under $112 over eight months is paltry.).

By the way, I'm giving away another copy of one of my books and may begin working on another book soon. As I said, I'm serious about wanting to become a full-time author partly to get off of SSI benefits—and as I've said, not to ultimately end up in a menial job because all that I'm viewed as is my disabilities, thank you very much—and thank you for considering my request.

PS Happy Belated Hanukkah, Merry Chistmas, and Happy New Year.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Weird Toy That "Momma" Saw While She Browsed Online, And Moving Camille Upstairs Because...

According to Camille's "Mimi", Camille's safety was at risk—Camille messed with Reiser and got "grrr"ed—cranky Reilly (partly again due to Momma) let her know that she was not having any morning shenanigans. Camille came back downstairs by the time that "Auntie Nicole" came downstairs, though.

As for the weird much as "Momma" can see that Barkshop is having fun with it, it seems weird unless a dog owner's suitor or significant other is proposing something and bought it for both the owner to be creatively surprised and the puppy to have something afterwards—or perhaps for the puppy to find the ring or whatever else it is for the owner*. The same goes for the "Molly's Mistletoe" toy: weird, since mistletoe carries a romantic significance, and especially likely to confuse the not-so-smart puppy.

*Maybe that wouldn't be a bad gift from someone whom'd have Reilly find a ring for "Momma".

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Maybe I'm Trying To Justify Myself Here, But...

So what? For:

  1. , Michelle has a boyfriend; I don't have one. So why not buy myself a few items--some of which are free (excepting the worth-it shipping costs) and promoting charity; others of which are both life investments and going 5% toward charity; and two of which are life investments (one for university spirit , and one for religious reasons)?
  2. , it's my SSI Money. Besides, given Reason #1, I'm making life investments with them. Also, why can't I have First Amendment Rights (e.g., the kippah and tallit) if people on welfare can be TVs, cars, blingy jewelry, and X-Box sets--among other things?
  3. , I just gave Michelle a bit of it to use for her campus card.
  4. , I bought a kippah (which I've needed, anyway; since I don't know what Jason would do if he caught me wearing one of the JSU-provided ones, and wearing kippot is a Biblical option for women) and an American-Israeli flag pin (to replace the one that I lost)--and both of which are the 5%-charity items (since JewishSource partnered with the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, and the haredim considered the IFCJ trief ). I also bought a Messianic tallit--again, a life investment.
  5. , I plan on--G-d willing--wearing the kippah and tallit at least at Shabbat at UMBC and wherever else, and New Heritage Church and wherever else--if not daily--for the rest of my life. I also plan on wearing the American-Israeli flag pin daily for the rest of my life.
  6. , Look at the picture and its caption below. Right now, I am wearing five of the free charity items that I've worn daily since I got them--and you can't see the American flag pin that I'm wearing (with will become Dubru's when--G-d willing--I get the other pin), but I'm wearing it. One item I sadly lost (the glass keychain--it fell off and broke), and the bracelet that I first got is now a keychain--since I can no longer wear it, since it was falling apart.
  7. , speaking of Dubru the University Spirit Teddy Bear, I actually held him during the debate to keep my anxiety--e.g., over my IBS and peeing myself during the long debate--down; and he's currently sitting on my pillow. I--G-d willing--may also pass him down to any children and grandchildren who I have.
  8. I considered and searched a long time for a worthy tallit--G-d led me to a Messianic one.
I could go on, but you get the point.

Guatemalan bracelet, "Home Is Where Your Pet Is" bracelet, grass-woven bracelet, "Live, Laugh, Love" ring--which could fit only on middle finger--, American flag pin--all of which come from the GreaterGood Network. On my person, but not shown: the American flag pin and the keychain, which is on my purse on my said person.

I guess that part of the reason that I'm feeling guilt, too, is that I know that Mom could flip--Jewish guilt, although Mom (as far as we know) is a gentile (or mostly gentile, anyway)! Also, Dad did never give me but $40 for the past four or so birthdays--so, consider the kippah, pin, and tallit (since he claims to be a Messianic Jew, and I'm Jewish through him), and Dubru his birthday presents to me (and treats to myself, since--among the other reasons that I gave--I don't have a boyfriend and I'm making life investments, anyway).   

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What I Want For My 22nd Birthday, Including If I Can't Those DNA Tests From (And For) the Family

I want the Rapture to come. Can you imagine a tearless, painless, sufferless, burdenless world? There's a gift for the world-- or at least the Church in the world. But because of the Rapture, many of the world will come to see what they could've had if they had been only in the world; and salvation in any form at that point will be a gift-- whether they'll have to face being left behind, losing a loved one and having to know that he or she went to be with Jesus (Yeshua), or even being murdered by the Antichrist (Ha'Ish Asher Lo L'Mashiach) and calling out HaShem-Mashiach in his or her last moments.