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Showing posts with label memories. Show all posts

Monday, November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017 Card From Reilly and Camille

PS Flash ended up being too much. However, "Mimi" liked this picture of Camille, and "Auntie Nicole" got the "eyes...aglow" idea from it. Also, Cam really did try to steal Ri's treats and had to go into her crate until Reilly's separate photo was taken, and she got an extra treat for getting into her crate as "Auntie Nicole" asked her to do while Reilly got an extra treat for finally cooperating with "Momma".

Thursday, October 12, 2017

More of Reilly's New Eardoo, And Incidental Notes

By the way, isn't this picture reminiscent of two other pictures (among other pictures)?

Image may contain: one or more people and dog
Image may contain: one or more people and dogImage may contain: dog

No automatic alt text available.

Also by the way:

  1. ¡Feliz Día de Cristobal Colón 525o de ¨Mamᨠy Reily Rosalita á tí y tus familias y amigos!
  2. "Momma" hates to think that she at least partly may have caused Reilly's otitis externa, and Reilly has to be as frustrated with "Momma" as "Momma" is with not getting clear answers about a certain subject.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Two Memorable Photoshoots With Reilly And Camille

Collage 1: Reilly was very relaxed after a belly rub. Camille, meanwhile, just wanted to nap.

Collage 2: "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" took these photos of "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" with Reilly and Camille. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The (Maybe-Not-So-Much) Anticipated(?) Part Of the Promised Post: How Reilly Resembles "Momma"

One time, "Momma" had been looking at pictures of a family member, and an infamous one at that. Still, "Momma" couldn't help but crack up when Reilly (at least as "Momma" saw after she'd just looked at the pictures) resembled the family member. To be fair, puppies do end up resembling their owners overtime, and the infamous family member bears (or, at least when he was younger, bore) resemblance to Reilly's "Pop-Pop" and "Great-Granddad" (and that's how "Momma", incidentally and as she's mentioned elsewhere, figured out that "Danilovich" was not just a patronymic in that relative's case).

In Reilly's case, then, whether resembling "Momma" physically's good is a subjective call. Meanwhile, here's at least some of how else Reilly resembles "Momma" (or at least "Momma" thinks, and barring factors such as "Momma"'s OCD/Anxiety):

  1. She knows what she wants and why she wants it when she wants it.
  2. She's loyal and jealous.
  3. She's stubborn and Type A in many ways.
  4. She can actually put up with quite a bit, although she's not always the most-patient type!
  5. She's a foodie!
  6. She has her breaking points and doesn't always react well when she reaches them!
  7. She's empathetic (As for "Momma". she tries to be an empath!).
  8. She can be defensive, whether rightly or wrongly!
However, she as an extrovert does balance out her introverted "Momma"; and she also balances out introverted Camille.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Last Quick-Break-In-The-Promised-Post Cycle, Part Two

Long story short (as far as "Momma" recalls, anyway, since a couple of days have passed since the incident): never cross Reilly in terms of beef-liver-jerky treats unless you want to risk being bitten, targeted for growling, etc.. Trying to steal Camille's chance at getting groomed with the electric toothbrush, Reilly jumped back up on "Mom-Mom"'s lap and would not take "No" for an answer. Finally, "Auntie Michelle" had to roll over Reilly, since even moving her away from Camille and "Mom-Mom" did not work.

"Where's the beef?" At that point, it was where Reilly couldn't get it—and her attempts at stealing Camille's treat ended up like Walter Mondale's campaign, which was a losing attempt, although Reilly certainly had no support of any human female equivalents. In that case, there would've been a special place in Hell for "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole", "Mom-Mom", and "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" had they not helped Camille (Granted that Madeline Albright wasn't speaking of canines like Reilly and Camille, though.).

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Last Quick-Break-In-The-Promised-Post Cycle, Part One

On Wednesday, the last day of May 2017, the special anniversary that occurred was the third anniversary of a week since Reilly had been home:

Image may contain: one or more people and dog

Image may contain: indoor

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Image may contain: dog

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On Saturday, meanwhile, the second anniversary of Camille's homecoming will occur.

Correction (June 10, 2017): Camille came home on June 6th—oh well; she still came home on a Saturday (Excuse "Auntie Nicole" for having an ADD-, etc.-addled brain and two years in between Cam's homecoming to remember!).

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wait Until Hanukkah & Christmas, and What Reilly & "Momma" Want For Christmas

Even though Reilly was overwhelmed on Thanksgiving, the jury is out on Hanukkah and Christmas. For the past two Hanukkot and Christmases, she did well (😢—"Momma"'s baby's growing. She'll be three human years—and 32.3 dog years—exactly three months after Christmas, and she'll always be "Momma"'s puppy—and a puppy's always a puppy, whether a baby puppy or an adult puppy. 😢—"Momma"'s tearing up again.).

"Momma"'s not exactly sure if Reilly was okay with the nerot shel Hanukkah, though she did well overall. However, she merely tolerated the Hanukkah and Christmas cards for the first ones.

"Momma" made the card using Powerpoint.

"Mom-Mom" took this photo.

Reilly was grinchy about regular pictures on Christmas Eve, too.

As far as Christmas, Reilly liked the treats and toys—and she was heartbreakingly heartbroken and sad when "Momma" had to throw her donut-shaped toy—which was one of her favorite toys—away ("Donut has to go bye-bye". Poor Reilly was whimpering and whining in a gentle and "Please don't throw 'Donut' away" way. Incidentally, "Donut" was replaced with a squeaky-wheel toy named "Speedy".).

Reilly will then want the same kind of gifts for this Hanukkah and Christmas—e.g., treats, toys, family presence. As for "Momma", she wants a God-given gift for herself and Reilly—and Reilly would certainly be a gift in turn, though whether "Momma" would be may be questionable.

PS As "Auntie Nicole" was typing this, she gasped and dropped her mouse because she thought that she saw a bug crawling on her phone—and Camille looked at "Auntie Nicole" with a "What's going on?" and an "Are you okay"? expression.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

With The Overwhelmed Reilly Calming Down...

Thanksgiving went much more smoothly—and since she had to be put in her crate during her human family's Thanksgiving dinner, anyway, she (as "Mom-Mom" and "Auntie Michelle" reported) calmed down in her crate (her little space).

Overall, Thanksgiving wasn't too shabby; and it even included Reilly's and Camille's reactions to "A Christmas Story".

Overwhelmed On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was going peacefully until the oven gave off a tiny smell of smoke from being cleaned. The sequence:

  1. "Mom-Mom" thought that Reilly saw and sniffed something outside.
  2. "Momma" then thought that Reilly wanted to play with "Mom-Mom".
  3. Then "Momma" figured out that Reilly was afraid of the smokey smell—"Mom-Mom" agreed with "Momma".
  4. "Auntie Michelle" had to take Reilly upstairs—and off of "Momma"'s lap—for a few moments—though not before Camille gave Reilly a kiss and comforted her.
  5. "Auntie Nicole" held Camille on her lap until "Mimi" came back.
  6. "Mom-Mom" gave Reilly a calming treat and tried to comfort her.
  7. Nothing but massages from "Auntie Michelle" have worked for Reilly—even being on "Momma"'s lap and anti-anxiety music haven't worked.
  8. Camille is wondering what's happening.
  9. "Auntie Michelle" now is rocking Reilly like one would rock a human baby—and actually holding Reilly over one arm is working best, and "as Auntie Michelle" is taking Reilly upstairs to fully calm her.
  10. Camille is looking to the hallway and turning to look at "Mom-Mom" to try to figure out what's up with Reilly, and "Mom-Mom" is reassuring Camille that "[Reilly's] okay."

Thanksgiving So Far

Thanksgiving Eve was something for Reilly and Camille. Today will be something as well, although it's been quiet so far—so far:

Camille is not exactly keen on pictures, since she has learned from Reilly.

Window watchers

"Mom-Mom" had to get Reilly to look at the camera.

Playful Can nibbles "Mom-Mom"'s hand.