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Showing posts with label socialites. Show all posts

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Have No Problem Blogging About People Except When I've Promised Not To...

Public figures, even if they're "private citizens", are automatic blog subjects. Whether former or present public figures; whether in institutions (such as churches, schools, town halls), the media, or elsewhere, they're getting blogged about if need be. If a private citizen were no-name Joe Schmo or Jane Schmane, then he or she would be most likely or almost-entirely (if not entirely) left alone. For example, a family member of a public figure is off limits unless he or she has made him or her self a public figure in any way, shape, or form.

This means that, for example,   the Huntsman daughters and Meghan McCain, both having made themselves public figures and socialites, are certainly not off limits.. So far, I've seen nothing with the Huntsman daughters or Meghan McCain that merits blog-worthy and expose criticism. I don't always agree with or condone them, but they've done nothing that I see as blog worthy-- although I must say that I agree with the point made by some astute Huffington Post readers that Meghan McCain probably criticized Callista Bisek Gingrich because she knows what having a mother who did some of the same as Mrs. Gingrich is like

I did note, however, “John McCain was also ailing. He was a POW come back from Vietnam and had a wife who refused to be there for her husband and let him be there for her in her pain. I speak as a disabled person who'd give to even share in someone's pain with him.” I also noted, "John McCain's now-ex wife could not honestly appreciate her husband coming back from being a POW. She had to find a reason to bitter. Newt, on the other hand, had no understand
­able reason. At least McCain also genuinely repented. I can't, being born disabled, even get anyone to share in my pain; and McCain would've put his POW ailments aside or into helping Carol McCain had she not been so bitter and refusing to share in pain."

I think that Meghan McCain gets how her dad was slighted by the then-Mrs. Carol McCain. As I said re Meghan McCain, "I've seen nothing with the Huntsman daughters or Meghan McCain that merits blog-worthy and expose criticism;" though this case for Meghan McCain-- because of Huffington Post readers merits a positive critique of Meghan McCain and how understanding and wise she is when the situation regards adultery and hypocrisy. 

In conclusion, you see how I was willing to talk about Meghan McCain, as well as even church- and school-based (among other institutional) public figures. Small- and big-time public figures be aware-- if you need to get blogged about, for good or bad, you're getting blogged about. The only exception is if I've promised not to talk about you for whatever reason.