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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This is Delegate Steve DeBoy (D)'s Cousin Nicole Writing..

I'm not just criticizing CNN, MSNBC, etc. for the fun of it. I come from a predominately-Jewish-Democrat & Irish-Catholic-Democrat, now somewhat-mixed Far-Left and Far-Right family with some leaning right, left, and right and left (that is, in the middle). I used to watch CNN until February 1, 2003 (about the or maybe even the last time that I watched it-- at least consistently).

I'm from liberal Baltoannapolis (Baltimore-Annapolis Metro Area). I have a meshuga twin who idolizes Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) and Ex-Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK). I am the granddaughter of one of three now-former IRS Agents who served tax papers to Nixon-- John "Jack" Czarnecki, who's a Democrat and whose mother was a Clinton Democrat (and the Polish-Slovakian gentile Catholic who my Crypto-Jewish great-great-grandmother Alexandria Czarnecki hated). I am a cousin of Maryland State Delegate Steve DeBoy (D), from the illustrious and darned-right-Democrat Farrell-DeBoy line (who include actors Paul and P.J. DeBoy). I am also a second cousin of a Far-Left Jewish Taoist. I am furthermore a niece and the goddaughter of a consultant for and adviser to Governor Martin O'Malley.

So, I am not a Far-Right ideologue who's merely shilling for FOX News-- I've lived being on the Left (somewhat, anyway, since my mom shifted to the Right by the time that I was born; but I pointed to quite a bit of the rest of my family and my family history, anyway), and I've lived watching unfair-and-unbalanced news.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

"A Traitor Is A Still a Traitor" Continued

So a friend and I were talking about Nana Allen being a Sefardi'ah Yehudi'ah (which I've seen too much evidence of to think that she's just a Catolica Espanola y Irelandesa), and we got to talking about the Rusnaks et. al. again:

[Friend] Because that was the tendency of our forefathers covering what was our roots... I'm sorry about your Ta(Dad)
58 minutes ago ·

  • Nicole Czarnecki
    I am, too. He is missing such a rich part of our history. Meanwhile; one memory that'll always stick out to me: I was learning about the Shoah and
    said something in a moment of OCD/Anxiety panic. To attempt to assuage my fear and quiet me..., my dad deliberately drew a swastika on a piece of paper just
    to throw the paper in the fireplace. Little did I know:

    1) he has OCD/Anxiety.

    2) Great-Grandma Gaydos is lucky that she died in 1992. Had I known that
    the supposedly-sweet woman who died when I was two was a traitor back to her relatives in Europe.... and especially if she were still alive (She'd be
    104 this year; and she could've lived into her 90s and 100s if she'd wanted to); I'd've told her one or another thing. I didn't realize that Dad was
    that angry at Great-Grandma.. though I sure don't blame him. And I think that Great-Granddad may've been trying to get back at his wife, too, when he
    said that "We're Russian." Meanwhile; Great-Granddad's mom was a Uszinsky; and Great-Grandma's dad was of the Kosice, Slovakia Rusnaks (who've include Zionist Conference member Yoshua Rusnak), and her mom of Anusi Foskos (long story) and Hanzoks (Hanssaks) (who became Anusim perhaps later than I'd originally thought. They didn't flee Hungary until the Middle 1800s for Slovakia-- which was a relatively-more pro-Jewish part of Austria Hungary back then; and there are still Hanzoks in Hungary-- beats me why.)....

  • [Friend] you really have a rich history... And i know THE LORD preserved the Hanzoks in Hungary... And the Belskie are from Hungary, no? Have you seen the movie Defiance?
    36 minutes ago ·
  • Nicole Czarnecki
    I know of no relation to the Belskies that I have, but I know that the
    Foczkos fled from Hungary by 1776. The first baptism records for them are from Slovakia from 1776-- were they Catholic originally and not Anusim, the
    records would've to Slovakia from Hungary. They didn't.

    Also, "Maria" and variants thereof were actually surprisingly common in Ashkenazic Jewish communities in Eastern Europe; but Aunt Mary was named for both her grandmothers (and Great-Great-Grandma Alexandria Andrulewicz
    Czarnecki would've been sick to know that her son Antoni had a granddaughter named for his "shiksa" wife-- she HATED her!), and the Foczkos (Foskos) have few "Marias", etc. among them. Great-Grandma was named "Marysia" for her grandmother Marysia "Maria" Novakova Rusnakova, by the way.

    Maria Novakova Rusnakova was part of the first Novak and Rusnak Anusim--
    and that's part of what made Great-Grandma's betrayal of the Rusnaks during the Shoah sicker! Grandma and Grandaunt Mary Ann still try to pass off that the Rusnaks wrote her to ask for money when they were really asking for
    help! But they're not 12 and 7 anymore!

    They can admit what their beloved mom did! They know that I'm not stupid or
    ignorant of Great-Grandma's stopping to write to them; and she lost the opportunity to preach the Gospel, if nothing else, because she refused to
    help them! I myself'd've said, "Screw FDR and Isolationist Policy." But she basically said that'd she'd rather screw justice and the name of Jesus-- and you can only imagine how they further saw us as Anusi-masked traitors, and Self-Hating-Jewish pogromists and crusaders who would give our relatives
    even up to the Nazis!

    Meanwhile, a Rusnak who did survive-- Tibor Geza-- became Roman Catholic (probably to be an Anusi in America), went to Ohio, never talked to us, and had himself cremated when he died in 2006. I found out all this through family research and other things, by the way.

  • By the way, Janet; that times were different then doesn't matter. I'll always be braver than you (I think, or at least until you can admit that your and Dad's beloved Grandma Gaydos was a coward and true koferah el Yeshua v'Aminu). And I wonder what September 22, 1992 at the Judgement was like for Great-Grandma.