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Showing posts with label New Year's Day. Show all posts
Showing posts with label New Year's Day. Show all posts

Monday, January 1, 2018

Paw'd Lang Syne: a Really-Sweet Gesture That Reilly Made For "Momma"

When "Momma" once again couldn't get back to sleep due to certain matters on her mind (with the related anxiety partly making her nauseous as she types)², Reilly tried to help "Momma" by putting her paw onto her wrist¹. Reilly's effort to help "Momma" start off 2018 well at least somewhat worked. Nonetheless, "Momma" couldn't get back to sleep and Reilly needed to go downstairs to "go potty", anyway.

¹ Reilly has been empathetic about this whole as well.
² Incidentally, a quick note regarding a certain someone and which is deliberadamente en español para quién es el parte interesado especialmente: "Mamᨠsospecha que el parte interesado específico al menos en ocasión no puede dormir a noche porque de un cierto asunto tampoco, de cuál ella posiblemente tiene intuiciones como una persona en general y como la "Mamᨠde Reily. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Not Off To A Good Start For the Year—And Part Of That Had To Do With Camille!

While Reilly didn't bark at last night's fireworks, she had no problem beginning 2017 by barking when she wasn't supposed to bark—at least some things never change, and Reilly barking even while "Momma" is waking up for the day is one of the things that's stayed the same. Reilly also ate "nasties" as usual, though she was nowhere near being as defiant as Camille was when she and Camille were on a little walk in the backyard—in fact, Camille had to be pulled away from "nasties" quite a few times!

Meanwhile, Camille chewed through her toy monkey (Guess who plans to do a destuffing tomorrow? By the way, most—if not all—of the destuffed toys have held up quite well.)—and she seems devote part of her insistent nature to on chewing everything through which she chew! She also used that insistence to—as "Auntie Nicole" recalls—lead in the barking during a window-watching session  and try to block "Auntie Nicole" from giving Reilly scritches at one point (after the window session during which Reilly had to be rolled over!).

Reilly and Camille will undoubtedly keep 2017 interesting—and Reilly and "Momma" wish everyone an interesting(-in-a-good-way) and a happy 2017!

Reilly chews her toy monkey on Chrismukkah Day.

Don't let this brat fool you—she tries to get away with whatever being cute might give her a pass to do.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

"Momma"'s New Year's Resolutions To Reilly (God Willing)

While "Momma" grants that even Kirk Douglas doesn't have tomorrow unless God wills that he does, "Momma" makes these resolutions to Reilly—and assuming that she's even alive by January, "Momma" will try to fulfill (if Yehovah wills) the resolutions to try to:

  1. Not fail Reilly
  2. Find whoever Reilly's "Daddy" is for Reilly—whether he is who "Momma" thinks (or at least hopes that he is) or she has to settle for whom she can get
  3. Somehow get out of the U.S. or die trying if Trump gets his way
  4. Be a better "Auntie" to Camille for Reilly's and Camille's sakes

יהי רצון יהוה לעשות הרצון שלו.

PS After "Momma" got offline after checking some things (including the status of her hopefully-soon-to-be-published second book), "Momma" saw a resemblance to her—and thus to Reilly's "Pop-Pop", and thus Kirk Douglas—in Reilly—"Momma" was both amused and unamused.