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Showing posts with label equality. Show all posts

Friday, August 26, 2016

National Dog Day, Women's Equality Day, And Two Canine Girls Whom Bless Their Human Family

Without women and dogs—let alone the two canine girls known as "Reilly Rosalita" and "Camille Dominique"—men would have no helpmates, counterbalances, or best friends. After all, for example (with examples of the examples):

  1. While dogs are "man's best friend[s]," for men to be without human best friends was not good.
  2. Some of the best dogs have been female dogs, and some of the best dog breeders have been women—one case in point is that Reilly was bred by Joyce Fleming.
  3. Dogs can be counterbalances to their humans and help make their humans better people, and many women whom are the women behind their men have canine best friends to help them be strong womenboth for their men and in general. On the perhaps-unsurprising flip side, meanwhile, quite a few wives and husbands actually end up preferring to be around their dogs more than, respectively, their husbands and their wives.
  4. Dogs can protect women and children from abusive men. Who knows, by the way, whether Derek McCune wasn't actually abusing his son—since he abused the well-intentioned dog to death? Another example of a protective dog is a member's female Husky, meanwhile.
In the meantime, Reilly and Camille wish everybody a happy Fluffy Friday, National Dog Day, and Women's Equality Day.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

"[A]ll Men Are Created Equal[ly]"? Or Are They Created Equitably?

By the way, if you want an example of a group who think that all should be equal:

The haredi press raised further concerns that many of the immigrants would refuse to undergo a conversion process or that the procedure would be conducted by institutions and courts which do not meet the strict standard, and that as a result their children will create mixed marriages later on.

Note "strict standard" and a dread of "mixed marriages". Also consider that Thomas Jefferson considered Blacks, e.g., to be "as incapable as children". So much for "equally":
:  in an equal or uniform manner :  evenly equally
:  to an equal degree equally
 by young and old>
Try "equitably" instead:

:  having or exhibiting equity :  dealing fairly and equally with all concernedequitable
 settlement of the dispute>
:  existing or valid in equity as distinguished from law equitable defense>
After all, the Haredim would have to treat Non-Haredi Jews as fellow Jews who were created b'tzelem Elohim v'm'Yisra'el; and Thomas Jefferson would have had to treat Blacks as fellow humans who were created b'tzelem Elohim. Since they wanted equality, though, they could make only those who fit their standards to be considered as their compatriots.