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Showing posts with label Maltipoos. Show all posts

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Onions, Doorbells, and Foodies

Reilly even tried to block "Momma" by giving her kisses when she figured that she might be recording her!

This isn't to mention, as "Momma" may have mentioned before, that Reilly reminded Joyce (Reilly's breeder) that it was time for her to eat one of her afternoon meals (at 4:00 PM) as "Momma" was going home after meeting Reilly (which was on May 3, 2014; so, she needed more to eat back then)!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Good Job, Reilly & Camille! And Cam, You Don't Have To Worry About Ri Taking "Santa Ducky" From You

Camille has been a comfort to especially "Mimi" during the difficult time in which she, "Auntie Nicole", and "Mom-Mom" are mourning the passing of "Great Mom-Mom", as has been Reilly to everyone relatively equally (though "Auntie Michelle" is taking the passing the hardest. As for  "Mom-Mom", she got the special treatment of having Reilly wanting to comfort her so much on the night of the passing, that she refused to leave "Mom-Mom"'s side and was very close to biting "Auntie Michelle" when "Auntie Michelle" tried to take her "potty" before "night nights" time.).

This isn't to mention that they behaved very well and went into their crates when "Mom-Mom" et. al. left to go to "Great Mom-Mom"'s funeral and celebration of life, and they greeted the mourners eagerly when they got home. Nonetheless, they did devote some attention to their own matters: namely, Reilly focused on stealing all of the affection from Camille, and Camille focused on guarding "Santa Ducky" (a Christmas gift and a new favorite toy of hers) to the point of giving Reilly looks of suspicion even when Reilly was all the way on the couch and she was on the chair—and after she growled at Reilly last night just for being within the vicinity of her and "Santa Ducky" (Cam, don't worry about Ri taking "Santa Ducky" from you!).

Update: Here are a few photos of Cam with "Santa Ducky" and one photo of poor Ri getting suspicious eyes from her (Cam already had a suspicious mind!).