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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The (For A Lack Of A Better Term) Danilovich Shtick That I Tried To Explain To One Guy...

"Shtick" is a censor for a profane English word in this case, by the way. Anyway...

I did read that two of his sons' middle names are "Anthony" and "Andrew". I'm not sure where they come from, although my father's grandfather was "Anthony John" Czerniecki, a grandson of "Antoni" and "Katarzyna" nee Daniłowiczówna Czerniecki. His mother was an Andrulewiczówna (originally Andrulevič[i]us, variants of which include "Andrews") and she had relatives named "Anthony" as well. Maybe that has something to do with it(?), given that the Danilovich-Andrulevich branches at least on my side, etc. stayed connected. Also, there was an Anton Danilovich in Kalvarija.
As I told Tammy, this is the kind of history that one just cannot make up. We're a Suwałki Gubernia branch (and Łomza Gubernia was within its vicinity), although we all came from Dunilavičy (That's where the last name comes from.). "Antoni" and "Katarzyna" ended up in Lipsk, which was actually once part of Minsk Gubernia. There were also Czerneckis/Chernetskys/etc. in Chavusy. I just don't know the exact connection. Besides, we're of the Crypto-Jewish branches.
I should add, too, that the naming patterns are eeire. e.g., Kirk Douglas, Michael Kirk Douglas, Dylan Michael Douglas; John Gregory Czarnecki (d. 2013), Gregory Czarnecki (took "Matthew" as a middle name), and I was going to be "John Gregory"(!) and my sister "Matthew Xavier"(! Mom's father was Francis Xavier.), and my cousin is Gregory John, whose dad is Gary John (Again, this is the kind of history that one just cannot make up.
Also, once of the Andrulewitz branches had Kasis (probably from Casis/Qissis; not "spit" or "Kazys", although one Kasis did change his name to "Kazys"). By the way, we do have Sephardic heritage somehow (Maybe that explains the naming patterns.).
PS The Andrulevicuses were originally from Stakliškės, and all of Great-Granddad's branches (Andrulewicz, &c.; Danilowicz, etc.; Czerniecki, &c.; and Margiewicz [originally Morgovich], etc.) did stay connected in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We stayed Crypto Jews after we became so during the pogroms and became estranged from much of the family.

As I've said before, I can't make this up...

My since-deceased paternal grandfather with his in-law daughter at her wedding in 2004. He was a great-grandson of "Katarzyna" (née Daniłowiczów) Czerniecka, whose father was Avraham "Wojciech" Daniłowicz (Incidentally, finding his Hebrew/Yiddish name took a while, though the JewishGen Given Names Index helped. Also, "Avraham" is pretty easy to easy to figure once you figure why Pop-Pop's uncles John Felix and Joseph were called "Jankie [Felix]" and "Susi [Joseph]", and how you even spell those diminutives in the first place.)

Add caption

Pop-Pop's obituary picture.

My father on July 24, 2013 (The Rusnaks are descendants of Julia [née Foczková] and Andrew Rusnak. Their granddaughter Joan is my paternal grandmother.). 

My father and his wife on March 6, 2013.

Image result for kirk douglas
He was born shortly before Great-Granduncle Joe was, by the way.

Here's one that I found of my father on Google.

And his namesake, my cousin Greg (Well, my grandfather's, too; since my grandfather's name was Gregory.).

By the way, "greg czarnecki elk ridge" is one of the results that came up. Is there something that I need to know (e.g., a move? A job? Just like the Czarneckis, or at least the Daniloviches, to hide things.).

PS That photo in the to-be obituary....scariest "shtick" I've seen. That could be (or could've been) an age-progression photo of my dad. 

I've explained, I think (all while I've ground my teeth, having unfortunately inherited a bad habit from my father).