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Friday, October 21, 2016

"Momma" Gets Acute Reillyitis When...

Reilly barks like a banshee or even a klipeh. Even this morning (and as "Momma" types), Reilly has been barking ceaselessly—and her friend which is known as the spray bottle was utilized multiple times—not to mention that Camille was sprayed, too.

Of course, working-from-home-today "Mom-Mom" was of no helphad she rolled over Reilly and asked "Who rules?" like a friend of "Grandaunt Frannie" taught "Momma" while they were visiting her, Reilly would've stopped barking. As "Momma" has written:

"This is also another reminder of why "Momma" needs a "Daddy" for Reilly as both "Momma" and "Reilly" get older—besides, an as-possible-as-able man would be able to have authority over Reilly than 5'1.75"-and-afflicted-with-CP-and-Scoliosis "Momma". Granted that, for example, the main person who inspired "Momma" to write about Reilly got frustrated when "Momma" once complained about her state in her life—as he understandably viewed "Momma"'s complaining as being a pity-party schtick, as most other people view it because they don't get how hard it is for "Momma"."

Seriously, the sooner that God sends "Momma" a helpmate and Reilly a "Daddy", the better.
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