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Monday, October 24, 2016

Somewhat Offbeat: The One-Year Birthday Girl & More About Naming

The sister of a certain Camille just turned one years old on October 20th, meaning that she's a "bark mitzvah"! At least in Gregorian terms, she's a "bark mitzvah"—since one human year for Maltipoos equals 15 dog years—and she was an actual "bark mitzvah" in between 9-10 months—11.3-12.5 years, though one could count whatever's between 10-11 months for 12.5-13.8 years.

Like her cousin and her sister, Shelby tends to not like the camera when she is tired.

As for naming (though, by the way and as far as I know, Shelby won't get a Hebrew name), I'd already talked naming any human sibling that Reilly ever has. I will now talk about what I'd never name pets:

  1. "Donald", unless the "Donald" or "Donnie" or "Don" in question is not named for Donald Trump or similar Donalds. ("Bannon", "Kellyanne", and "Katrina" are no-go names in certain cases, too.)
  2. Any person whom is known or thought to not want a pet named for him or her
  3. Decedents whose names aren't worth carrying on. 
  4. As in Case 1, a name of any living person whose name is not worth continuing in either his/her lifetime or lifetimes after that
  5. Crude names (no matter how funny some of them might be)
  6. Other mean names—e.g., a cat that a neighbor bought was originally named "Lump Of Coal", as in "I guess it's better than a lump of coal." "Lump" or "Lumpy" might be mean as well, though "Coal" would be okay for a black cat or any other black pet (as a neighborhood couple named of their pets)
  7. Charged names—e.g., "Dixie", which someone wanted to name his or her pet until that idea was kiboshed
  8. Derogatory names—as charged names are bad enough
In other words, use common sense when you name a pet!
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