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Thursday, January 19, 2017

For "Momma", While Reilly As a "Dogter" Is Somebody To Love...

She can be a brat—a lovable brat, and nonetheless a brat—and she even ate some of "Mom-Mom"'s parsley plant (or at least some of the dirt in the pot), stole a treat from Camille, and barked inappropriately instead of set a example for her cousin (from whom she stole a treat, anyway!).

Especially when she eats "nasties" like parsley, she flares up "Momma"'s OCD/Anxietywhich is already increased because of "Momma" trying to figure out how she & Reilly will survive of Donald Trump ends up becoming POTUS.

(Anything can happen: he's not inaugurated yet, and he's apparently taking the first two days of his presidency off—and "Momma" and Reilly need a miracle. "Momma" has a hard-enough time taking care of Reilly for how much she can—she doesn't need to end up another victim of Donald Trump, and that Sergei Kovaleski was a victim of Trump and his ableism is quite enough.).

Believe "Momma", by the way, when she tells you that puppy owners—and other pet owners—do consider their furmily—and other famimals*—when they vote ("Momma" also didn't vote for Clinton, and Reilly is apuplitical.).

As for Reilly's turning a month older...2.83 years don't always make a puppy more obedient—although at least Reilly's baby-puppy-like instead of completely-adult-puppy-like, or even senior-puppy-like.

* "Famimals" is, of course, "family" and "animals".
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