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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Mostly Offbeat: A Bright Spot In "Momma"'s Day

When "Mom-Mom" was driving "Momma" to meet another relative for lunch, "Momma" had mentioned that she remembers when she went there with "Mom-Mom" and "Pop-Pop" separately—not, despite "Mom-Mom"'s misunderstanding of what "Momma" meant, together at any one time. When "Momma" clarified what she meant, "Mom-Mom" mentioned two different people with whom they had been separate times at the restaurant (though "Momma"—and, thus, "Mom-Mom"— actually confused the names of the restaurant at which they had been and the one to which "Momma" was going).

One of the people who "Mom-Mom" mentioned was one whom "Momma" hadn't her mention in a long time—maybe that's a sign for "Momma" and Reilly for which "Momma" wasn't even looking.
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