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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

More "Peedy" Mishaps And A Stubborn Cam!

As if Reilly's "peedying" in "Momma"'s bed wasn't enough, Reilly refused to "find a potty spot" when "Momma" took her to "peedy". Not only that, but she would've chased a butterfly to eat if "Momma" had let her chase it—and having licked her lips from eating "nasties" and watching that butterfly, Reilly was ready to consider that butterfly a snack!

As for Camille, she refused to even let "Auntie Nicole" get her harness and leash on her. She also chose to growl at her when she tried to reach into her crate to get her and get her stuff onto her, and she growled at her again when she took over grooming for "Mom-Mom" and had to roll her over on her belly!

As for Reilly in terms of grooming, in contrast, Reilly was a relative angel for "Momma" and got one treat for finally coming onto the couch and another for letting "Momma" groom her. Reilly also didn't leave a hashtag mark on "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" like Camille did:

Blue filter and circle for clarity. Original caption: "Hashtag: #YepCamsscratchesreallylooklikethat "
Cam desperately wanted the last part of the second treat for her, and at least "Auntie Nicole" was able to get one quick swipe at her with the electric toothbrush!

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