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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hearing Reilly Drink Some Water This Morning

For Reilly to drink water is significant, given that Reilly doesn't drink as much water as she should (Maybe Reilly somehow picked up on "Momma"'s lack of drinking enough water—to be fair to herself, though, "Momma" should mention that she often avoids a lot of water to prevent IBS flareups.).

When "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" heard somebody drinking water, then, she turned around to see who was drinking around. She saw that Camille was (and still is) napping on the chair behind her (and Reilly is now napping on the couch in an adjacently-across-from-Camille position).

Meanwhile, "Momma" is preparing to have to take Reilly "peedy" soon (and may have to tell Reilly—as she sometimes has to tell her—to "hurry up and find a peedy spot [because she has] to go peedy") and drink (besides maybe a little bit of coffee) a little bit of water (and notwithstanding that many say that those like "Momma" give in to the counterproductive paradox of avoiding water while drinking caffeinated beverages, let her just say that caffeine helps keep her as homeostatic as she can be—besides, she had to literally have caffeine in her IV drip as she recovered from ITB Pump surgery, since she couldn't hold down even water for the first four days of recovery!).

By the way, Camille just moved from the chair to the couch, and she's napping to the left of Reilly and watching "Auntie Nicole" as "Auntie Nicole" finishes this blog entry. As for Reilly, she just rolled over onto her back and is anticipating a belly rub from "Momma".
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