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Friday, August 11, 2017

At Least Before Reilly's And Camille's Naptime...

Both of them actually cooperated (to at least some extent) in getting ready for naptime. Reilly actually found a "potty spot" when "Momma" took her outside after she rang the bell, and Camille (to whom "to at least some extent" actually applies) voluntary got into her crate (instead of letting "Auntie Nicole" get her stuff on her to take her "[to go] potty", though).

Of course, mazel usually—as the saying goes—doesn't strike twice in a day. After all, Reilly had to insist on not "find[ing] a potty spot" when "Momma" took her outside for the second time. At least Camille let "Auntie Nicole" get her harness and leash on her, and she "[found] a potty spot".
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