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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Somewhat Offbeat: Patient And Understanding Reilly, Whom Teaches "Momma" A Lot About Patience While She Waits For An Answer

How Reilly does that is in quite a few ways, many of which are quite the opposite of each other and thus create a paradox to each other. For example:

  1. She waits once again as "Momma"'s back in that cycle due to waiting for an answer being part of what keeps her up at night.
  2. She waits as "Momma" reads at night and has to take care of a few things before reading at night.
  3. She is very patient as "Momma" tries to get comfortable at night and often tosses and turns.
  4. She sits at the door to wait to go downstairs in the morning when "Momma" tells her to sit before she opens the door.
  5. She reminds "Momma" about patience when she barks to go downstairs and "Momma" has to patiently deal with her barking.
  6. She jumps down off the bed and reminds "Momma" about patience when she has to tell her "Wait." or "Get back up on the bed.", or anything else that reminds to be patient.
  7. She pulls "Momma" when she needs to go outside and reminds Momma to deal patiently as she to say "Wait", "No pull", or anything else to reminds her to wait and not pull her.
  8. She does try to follow "Momma" back inside when "Momma" asks her to follow her and reminds her who leads.
  9. She also often waits by the gate at night and generally follows "Momma" upstairs after she shows her what to do when she wants to go upstairs.  
  10. Right now as "Momma" types, by the way, she's reminding her to deal with her barking patiently. 
Meanwhile, "Momma" has been very longsuffering for an answer for at least Reilly's sake if not her sake, though she's not always patient about it. Especially as often continues to find gray hairs (and she found three or four alone on Thursday morning), quite a few that are probably related to the stress that albe-lovable Reilly can cause, she seems to only be getting older more quickly and needing an answer. Besides, neither she nor Reilly will be young forever (and 28 does feel old, and Reilly will be four in a month and almost three weeks for now! That's how much time passes!).
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