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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Somewhat Offbeat: Getting Reilly's Stinkeye Last Night, And Rightly So

While Reilly has been patient with "Momma", she's also indicated that she wants her to wrap up more quickly at night and just "go night nights" instead of letting waiting for an answer keep her up late into the night. She's indicated such by giving "Momma" stinkeyes multiple times, and last night was no different.

"Momma" understood¹ why she got the stinkeye and even told Reilly that she would not be as patient with her if she were Reilly and Reilly were "Momma". She's lucky that Reilly can't (or at least wouldn't) give her ha'ayin hara (or is that what she's giving her?!).

¹¡Ahora, si solo una cierta persona comprendería y daría la una repuesta a ¨Mamᨠpara los bienes de ella y Reily! ¨Mamᨠnecesita un esposo para ella y un ¨Papí¨ para Reily, y por la tanto una or otra repuesta del cierta persona.
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