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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

How Did Reilly And Camille Celebrate The Eagles' Win? And An Incidental Note

In an answer to a family friend's question: No, Reilly and Camille did not celebrate "by dancing on their hind legs". Reilly had been watching the game, though, although (as far as "Momma" knows) she didn't know what was happening.

Incidentally, both Reilly and Camille know "How long can you stand?", and Camille does have an easier time standing than Reilly. Neither have gotten "Turn around," however; so, neither can dance. Nonetheless and as one may recall with or without the picture, Camille was dressed up like a dancing circus poodle on Halloween:

As for Reilly, she doesn't like dancing—at least with "Momma", anyway! (But she does let "Momma" hold one of her paws and sing the chorus of "Cinderella"¹ when "Momma" wants to dance with her—and ends up getting verklempt like she is now.).

¹Of course, the lyrics don't include, "Oh please; Momma, please?" If only Reilly did have someone besides a "Momma" with whom to dance.

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