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Sunday, December 18, 2016

"I Could've Danced All Night"...And Gotten Severely Bitten

"Momma" told "Mom-Mom" that Reilly doesn't like "dancing"—holding her front paws while she stands on her back paws and singing "I Could've Danced All Night" is a sure way to get bitten. Each of the times, in order of each time:

  1. Reilly tried to bite "Momma"'s right hand.
  2. Reilly bared her teeth, hissed, and gave "Momma" an angry look.
  3. Reilly was getting ready to growl and bite.
  4. Reilly did at least nibble "Momma"'s hand when "Momma" moved her hand around playfully and sang the only part of "I Could've Danced" that she knows.
  5. After asking Reilly if she wanted to "dance" and singing "Here we go...", Reilly jumped out of "Momma"'s arms on went to "Mom-Mom" in the kitchen.
"Mom-Mom" still assures "Momma" that Reilly likes when she "dances" to "I Could've Danced" with "Mom-Mom".

By the way, "Momma" saw this all-too-memorable and -relatable cartoon yesterday:

How "Momma" wishes that God her a helpmate and give Reilly a "Daddy" for Christmas!
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