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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Somewhat Offbeat: Why Reilly's "Momma" Didn't Go Across Morgan State University

Reilly will be 2.75 years old on Christmas—"Momma" can't believe it 🙂😢! Time passes and is short in the first place, and "Momma" tries to spend as much time as she can spend with Reilly—and often, CP, OCD/Anxiety, etc. are part of what takes a drain on "Momma" and cuts into "Momma"'s time with Reilly—which is also part of why "Momma" is working on becoming a full-time author and refusing to go to a "jobs training" program for people with disabilities all the way in Baltimore, let alone across from Morgan State University! 

First of all, "Momma" and Reilly live in Howard County—some parts of which have their own issues, anyway; and "Momma" can't drive—so, of course, "Momma" would have to stay on the program's facility 24-5. Second of all, "Momma" can't guarantee that she'd even make it home on Fridays and Saturdays—since someone else would have to drive her, she can't guarantee that she'd find (or at least not burden) someone—besides, she'd be:

  1.  in Baltimore City*
  2. across from Morgan State University**
  3. in a city where certain elements don't like Jews and people with disabilities***
  4. in a facility where some copycat may imitate that Japanese man whom malthanized 19 people with disabilities
Besides, does "Momma" really want to have Reilly worry that she'll never come back from Baltimore, much less after five days in a dangerous area of Baltimore? As a Jew whom has disabilities and owns an adult puppy ("dog"), "Momma" thinks about all of thatand she is certainly not oblivious or naȉve just because she has disabilities (including mental illnesses)—contrary to subconcious and deliberate misconceptions, people with disabilities are neither a monolithic group nor subhuman tools whom are means to ends.

Thus, "Momma" refuses to—so to speak—be thrown to wolves—she also refuses to buy the ableist argument that people with disabilities shouldn't have pets. Besides, she looks for jobs on LinkedIn and other sites, and continues to write as she spends time with the domestic canines known as "Reilly Rosalita" and "Camille Dominique".

Reilly snuggling with "Froggie".

*Thus, in a city where riots happened in 2015 and where opportunists could turn protests in riots

*Which has a crime-riddled history, even as recently as last month (Google "Morgan State crime rate", and check Google's new section as well)
** And "Momma" has made clear that she is a Jewish "Momma" with disabilities whom tries her best to be a good "Momma" to her "bark mitzvah"
***And the SPLC Hate Map gives that "Momma" and others have at least seven groups whom hate them in the Baltimore Area alone
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