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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Failing Reilly Again, The Idea Of a Service Puppy That Reilly Did Not Like, And Reilly's Own Stuffed Toy

  1. Self explanatory
  2. When "Momma" brought up the idea of a service puppy ("service dog") to Reilly to ask her what she thought, she did not like that. In fact, she even looked incredibly heartbroken. "Momma" had to keep trying to assure her that she would never replace her, that she was sorry that she broke her heart, etc.. Even explaining that a service puppy might help her take her "potty" and maybe even on walks someday did not help (and "Mom-Mom" went as far as suggesting "that ['Momma''s getting a service puppy] might be the end of her" when "Momma" brought it up to her later!).
  3. Since a service puppy named Atlas recently met a "real life" Pluto, "Momma" was inspired to try to get Reilly her own stuffed toy as opposed to just another toy. Of course, "Mom-Mom" and "Auntie Michelle" thought that the idea was mean, though Reilly does have her own toy that "Momma" will be able to keep in her room and away from Camille (since Camille would chew right through it!).
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