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Thursday, March 16, 2017

How Did Reilly And Camille Mark The Publication Of The New Book About Them?

How else did they mark the publication but by running outside when they weren't supposed to be in the backyard, eating nasties, and having to be bribed with treatsDe-ja-(Malti)poo!


  1. "Momma" knows that puppies really can't mark publications of books like that (or can they? At least Reilly did seem to understand "Momma" when "Momma" talked about how people read about her and Camille. Pets, and other animals, do have uncanny abilities to at least sometimes understand what humans think that they can't understand).
  2. Speaking of de-ja-(Malti)poo...a certain furball was curled up on a family-room chair and is now staring down and waiting for "Momma" in a "dogterly"-equivalent way to how "Momma" is waiting for the other person to whom Reilly is also supposed to be a "dogter". Maybe if "Momma" and Reilly have Jirish luck by St. Patrick's Day and/or one of Reilly's birthdays (be the birthday her Hebrew birthday or her Gregorian one....yehi ratzon Yehovah la'asot ratzono). ✡☘
At least Reilly and "Momma" have consistency in their lives...though it's not all good consistency.
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