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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bark, Bite, Kick, Nose An Arm...aka, How Reilly Physically Expresses What She Thinks And Wants

For example:

  1. Barking: ranges from, e.g., "Hi" to "What is that?", to "I hate your guts [e.g., one of the neighbor's notorious-noisemaking cars]".
  2. Biting, non-play biting: ranges from, e.g., jealousy to dominance, to "**** off"—e.g., Reilly bit "Momma"'s hand when she was trying to bite Camille out of jealousy yesterday
  3. Kicking: Expressing displeasure from being rolled over when she barks inappropriately (as she kicked "Auntie Michelle" today when "Auntie Michelle" had to roll her over. She also kicks when she does not want one to stop a belly rub.
  4. Nosing one's arm, headbutting, etc.: wanting attention and/or trying to block or otherwise prevent someone from giving Camille or another puppy attention (as Reilly moved "Momma"'s arm out of Cam's reach when "Auntie Nicole" reached over to pet Cam). 
Reilly is definitely a spoiled brat (by God and humans alike). 🙂
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