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Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Few Examples Of How Reilly Is One Spoiled Puppy, And In Contrast To Other Puppies

She has human loved ones whom:
  1. Get her toys and treats for even occasions that one would not expect—she even got made-for-puppies hamantaschen in lieu of a hamantaschen-like toy and at "Momma"'s behest—in other words, Reilly gets gifts even for occasions for which "Momma" doesn't get them!
  2. Talk about what a special puppy and lifesaver she is—for example, she has a "Momma" whom devotes a significant chunk of her blog to writing about her and admits what a ****-up of a "Momma" that she can be. As far as "Momma" knows, many—if not most—puppy parents actually won't do that—that is, they'll just fall back on "Be the person that your dog think that you are" instead of say "You might as well admit to even your undyingly-devoted dog what a ****-up you are."
  3. Talk about her on a significant level on Facebook, even try to get the word out about her in their writings, and even try to relate seemingly-not-related-to-her subjects—such as the death of her fellow canine Bodza—to her.
  4. Have spoiled her doubly when they've given her belly rubs, scritches, etc. on multiple occasions. For example, Reilly has had her head and belly rubbed at the same time (sometimes with one person giving a belly rub while the other gives her scritches on the head), paws massaged by at least one human while Camille has cleaned out her ears ("Spa treatment" indeed, as "Auntie Michelle" puts it!), and belly rubbed when she's been asked to move—and how many other puppies would be allowed even once to exploit that loophole of moving by rolling over for a belly rub, thus technically moving?
  5. Consider her in their life-changing aspirations and decisions—including a certain one that "Momma" has had for a while in terms of another person in both her life and in Reilly's life.
Many—if not most—puppy parents and puppies' other human loved ones who can do at least something for their canine family members don't even try to do all of that—whether they're poor or rich, with or without disabilities, single or not single, or anything else and/or anything in between on the gamut of human facets. For instance, many puppies' capable-enough human loved ones—in contrast to what Reilly's human loved ones do:
  1. Constantly underspoil their puppies or even abuse (including neglect) them. On the other hand, some—such as Paris Hilton and David Best—extremely (and selfishly) overspoil their puppies—such as Mr. Amazing the Pomeranian, à la famille de Hilton with a purchase price of $13,000; and Elvis Best with a "bark mitzvah" party worth $10,000.
  2. Consider their canine family members either "just dogs" or more worth being treated like humans than humans, thus finding no reasonable place on the gamut of treatment of pets and other animals. In other words, they see their furmily as either background objects or idols, and they have no idea of how to be healthily involved to be in pets' lives.
  3. Detrimentally underinvolve or overinvolve their pets in their lives.
No puppy parent or other puppies' loved ones will be perfect—allpuppies' loved ones willl underspoil or overspoil, take for granted or become a little too obsessed with, and/or underconsider or overconsider their canine loved one to some extent from time to time. Still, one can find a healthy and reasonable way to dote on her or his "dogter" or "granddogter", fur niece or fur nephew ("neph-woof"; or for a kitty, "nephmew"?), or other canine family member or friend.
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