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Thursday, March 2, 2017


All too similarly to Sunday, today was another day for "Momma" to attempt roll over a barky—and this time, squirmy—Reilly and deal as much with Reilly's jealously as "Auntie Michelle" did after she came home from work and spent time with her own "dogter", as Reilly even took over and blocked her lap to prevent Camille from sitting on it. Reilly also got a particularly-disgusting piece of bathroom trash—which "Momma" will not mention by name—after the aide who comes over every day to help "Momma" get out and walk (at, as "Momma" has mentioned, "Mom-Mom"'s insistence 😳🙄) accidentally left the bathroom door open before she left for the day—and Camille also got some of what Reilly got after Reilly brought it out of the bathroom with her and "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" caught that Reilly had it!

Needlessly to say, "Momma"'s OCD/Anxiety flared up for quite a while after that.
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