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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Two Instances Of Biting Tonight, Why the Flag Day Card Will Be Belated, &c.

  1. Camille bit "Mom-Mom" during her grooming, and "Mom-Mom" had to withhold Camille's treat until Camille agreed to not bite and to cooperate in getting her bag legs brushed. "Turning on the pathetic" with a puppy-eyed face sans whimpering did not work, notwithstanding Cam's wordless attempt to break "Mom-Mom"'s resolve.
  2. Reilly also bit "Mom-Mom", though that's she was getting her grooming treat and wanted to make sure that Camille couldn't get it before "Mom-Mom" tried to groom her again.
  3. For the Flag Day card (besides, albe unintentionally on "Momma"'s part, to note the somber events of today), "Momma" has to delay the Flag Day to fix both herself up and Reilly up ("Der mensch trakht un Got lakht"—though "Momma" is sure that God wasn't laughing in this case.).
By the way, "Momma" doesn't write for nothing (God gave her an opportunity and put people in her life to inspire her to write—she would appreciate if people at least start buying the books about Reilly more, and she's certainly not giving away—she wants to, e.g., make enough to provide for Reilly herself more¹.

¹Besides (though perhaps this is "Momma"'s wishful thinking), maybe "Momma"'s becoming at least a famous-enough author will get a certain person to look more at being in her and Reilly's lives.
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