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Monday, January 27, 2014

My Own Answer To "What Does the Douglas Family Say About Natalie Wood?"

I look at my blog search results quite often, and I saw a result that reminded me of one of those ugly truths—I come from a family who has no problems in covering up the truth, and that unfortunately extends to Kirk Douglas' side of the family (Yes; I am somehow related to him—the Danilowiczes of Krasne, Poland and Chavusy, Belarus are related in some way, and I didn't exactly figure that out by choice. I figured that out when someone asked me if my being a Danilowicz meant that I'm related to Issur Danielovich, and I said "No" because I either didn't see or didn't think about those pictures that, for example, give our distinctive chin away—and it is not a Czarnecki chin, after all.).

I can't speak for the Douglas side of the family; although, as far as I understand, they have never confessed to what happened. As for my side, I'm guessing that that's part of why I was not told that I am Jewish, let alone a Danilowicz who is related to the Chavusy Danieloviches. I grant that the relationship is (as far as I know) very distant, but it's there.

The story that we were given for years is that we're Polish Lithuanians related to Stefan Czarniecki (although the way that they couched it led me to understand that Great-Grandma Czarnecki is Lithuanian). Then when I found out that we're Jewish, that's when I got a print out from Pop-Pop about Stefan Czarniecki. At that point, I was not fooled by Pop-Pop's attempt. He even later changed his story to, "If we had any Jewish blood, I don't know about it."

That's how at least some Daniloviches do it, I guess—that is, we are damned skilled at covering things up and/or denying them. In our minds, for example, never mind that Tony Czarnecki, Sr. came from the Ashkenazi Jewish Andrulevicus family from Stakliskes, and the very same Andrulevicus family who made up their distinct surname. Never mind that the Andrulevicus-Morgoviciute branch left when Shmuil Morgovich died of tuberculosis, and that the story of Alexandria Andrulewicz Czarnecki's 1882 birthdate really does check out. Never mind that Alexandria listed her in-law mother as "Katarzyna Czerniezka" (though her name really wasn't "Katarzyna"), even though Alexandria and her husband were not talking to or maintaining a writing relationship with the family.

Also never mind any other facts. That's again how Daniloviches do it, apparently. That's how "Katarzyna"'s relative Andrulewicz-born relative (cousin or niece) Alexandria Alice did it. That's how her husband Julian Czernecki did it. That's how their son Tony did it, his son Jack did it, and their cousin Mia did it—and she called me a "fucking psycho" when I mentioned the facts (sorry, Mia; you're only Jack's cousin—I'm his granddaughter! Try living with that! By the way, I'm personally glad that we're Jewish; and you have to worry only that God didn't give you a better cousin—I have to worry that God didn't give me a better Jewish granddad, and that the good has to come with the bad in this case. Unencumbered until the "fucking psycho" came into the picture, you never had to worry about your past and the real story behind it—from what I remember, you weren't even really told about it).

That's how Daniloviches do it, I guess, as I said—we don't let facts get in the way; or if we do care about facts, we get called "fucking psycho[es]" and every other name that our family members can think to call us. After all, what's lying on a naturalization record, for example? No big deal, except that we could've gotten deported to a country that only a few of us were born in—then again, maybe Julian was willing to jeopardize to life of his Poland-born son Tony and his other (United States-born) children to go back to Poland. Maybe, like his in-law brother and sister (Ignacy and Feliksa Zdancewiczowna Andrulewicz), he was more than willing to go back to about-to-be Soviet Poland instead of live in the "Treif Medina"! He did donate to a "Free Poland" fund, and Ignacy and Feliksa left small-town Cedar Rapids to go back to Poland—though their sons, Julian's nephews, Wencil, Anthony, and Wladyslaw all came back to America.

We're so willing to hide and/or deny matters and the facts surrounding them (whether the matters involve Natalie Wood's rape—on the Douglas side of the family—or the fact that we're Jews who believe in waiting to make aliyah until Mashiach comes and not living in any "treif medina" in the meanwhile—on the Andrulewicz-Czernecki side of the family), and we're willing to jeporadize others to do so.

Meanwhile, Julian died in 1922 and Alexandria died in 1936. Both died in the United States, and their children who survived to the Mid 1960s got a letter asking for the deed to the Czernecki Family Farm to be changed. As for Ignacy and Feliksa, they died and are buried in Poland. Whether or not they regretted their decision, I don't know. I also don't know what happened to their children Joe, Walter, and Mary, and I've found no records indicating that they ever came back to the United States. As for Wladyslaw, he died at the U.S. Consulate in Poland; but he may have just been over in then-newly-freed Poland for a visit—so, I can't say whether or not he eventually bought into the old bubbe meise that Jews are supposed to stay in the Diaspora until Mashiach comes (Incidentally and ironically, Ketubot 111a of the Talmud that the Andrulevicuses cherised as both Anusim and as openly-Jewish Jews states that Jews who die in the Diaspora will not be resurrected unless they are worthy to roll to Israel.).

On the Douglas side, Kirk Douglas never worked with Natalie Wood again because she didn't want to work with him. Kirk's victim, nonetheless, never got justice, and she drowned at the age of 43. Kirk, meanwhile, is long past being able to be prosecuted, and he's somehow lived to be 97 years old—not unlike his cousins John and Stanley Czarnecki could have, even though the two made it only to 83 and 81 years of age (although longevity may have been an Andrulewicz trait in their cases—after all, their uncle Ignacy made it to 81 years of age as well. Then again, Ignacy and Alexandria were somehow Daniloviches by blood as well—as far as I can tell, grandchildren; since there were quite a few "Alexandria Alice"s born from 1880-1910 within that family, and Ashkenazi naming custom dictates one to name a child after a decedent in the decedent's honor and the interest of not confusing the Angel of Death!).

As for Mia and I, we're still not talking—again, facts got in the way for Mia!

In conclusion, I can't reiterate enough that that's how Daniloviches apparently do it—we either hide and/or deny the facts, or we get persecuted for discovering and/or admitting them and facing them.

PS Why would somebody ever lie about rape? Not that people don't; but for Natalie Wood to not want to work with Kirk Douglas and having her sister say that some macher did rape her is fairly significant. Also, as you may get by now, Kirk Douglas comes from a family who's not afraid to lie and jeopardize others in doing so. By the way, my older blog entries read that I don't think that I am related to Kirk Douglas—and that was when I just thought that "Danielovich" was a patronymic, not his original family name. I came across those entries when I was trying to find the link to this one post in which Natalie Wood's rape is mentioned and Kirk Douglas' name is blacked out.

By the way, when it does come out that Kirk Douglas raped Natalie Wood, you're going to hear me apologize on behalf of the Danilovich family—I've apologized on behalf of my side of the family; I can apologize on behalf of Kirk Douglas' side, and I'd like to clear the Danilovich family name of any wrong that the Danilovich families have done while I can.

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