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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Small Puppies, Big Accidents

That Reilly might have OCD/Anxiety is rough enough on "Momma", especially since "Momma" has OCD/Anxiety that flares up on days like yesterday and today. To hear that "Mimi" accidentally kicked Camille under the chin flares up "Auntie Nicole"'s own OCD/Anxiety, and to hear "Mimi" describe it as her "accidentally kick[ing] Cam in the throat" really flares up "Auntie Nicole"'s OCD/Anxiety!

When "Mimi" described what actually happened, "Auntie Nicole" felt a little more relieved. Nonetheless, she's still worried about Camille's throat in the long term, despite that Camille seems fine so far. Besides, "Mimi"/"Auntie Michelle" could've simply described what happened in the first place as that:

  1. Camille (who's a small adult puppy whom tends to blend in with the kitchen floor, anyway) was behind her when she was getting Reilly a treat.
  2. She either lifted her foot up or moved it back to walk backward.
  3. Her heel landed under Camille's chin.
  4. Camille understandably (as "Auntie Nicole" heard) squealed. 
"Mimi" obviously apologized to Camille, all while worried "Auntie Nicole" kept wanting to make sure that Cam is okay.

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