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Monday, September 30, 2013

From a While Ago, But...

I had read that "Rabbi" Ovadia Yosef is in the hospital and seriously ill, likely to the point of death if his age and condition are considered. In that same article, I read that he had made the remark that Holocaust victims are reincarnated sinners who weren't punished enough the first time. Meanwhile, "Rebbe" Schneerson had made similar comments during his lifetime—that is, he stated that that Anti Zionists were like a gangrene to Israel that needed to be treated.

Clear enemies of their own people (and examples of why Yeshua warns us not to clear clergymen "rabbis"), "Rabbi" Yosef and "Rebbe" Schneerson should have at least reviewed Tanakh. Abilene clearly did, and reached the obvious conclusion: Anti Semitism sometimes just happens! Even though one Messianic community was spared in Bulgaria, Messianic Jews like Sister Edith Stein were not. Even though Zionists escaped the Holocaust, not all Zionists did—and many would have made aliyah if they could have. For example, Vilmosz Rusznak had three children—Yehoshua, Shabbati, and Fredi—with whom he could not just leave Kassa, Hungary—the worst part being, of course, that Mary Rusnak Gaydos (who I still have a hard time forgiving) knew that (and she should have understood—she had four to five young children herself [Tina was born in 1943, and the correspondence had to have begun when Iwan was murdered.]). Anusim weren't spared, either—Jozsef Foczko is an example of this (with his death date unlisted, his burial date in 1941 when then-Czechoslovakian Aranyidka was occupied, and Lo-Anusi relatives in the Lodz ghetto—do I look stupid? And if the correspondence wasn't with the Rusznaks, it was with the Foczkos—again, do I look stupid? And money for what, and from a worse-off country?).

Again, Anti Semitism sometimes just happens—and no Jew is to blame for Anti Semitism that doesn't spare even Messianic, Zionist, and Anusi Jews.

Abilene, Texas arrived from on "The Nicole Factor: Holocaust" by searching for holocaust shadrach meshach.
13:02:04 -- 3 minutes ago

I Dedicate This To the Foczkos, Etc. Who Were Never Properly Mourned, And...

That includes those of us who went through becoming Anusim and going through the Shoah (such as little Joszef Foczko of blessed memory). "El Male Rachamim" is a prayer that is recited in memory of the deceased in the Ashkenazi Jewish community. Shlomo Katz HaKohen sang this version.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm Going To Get Into Trouble For Republishing A Shiva Notice, And...

In Great-Grandma's words, "I want to talk about it." I am not repeating the family patterns again. Some Czerneckis may cover anything up, not talk about certain matters, etc.. So, let me begin by republishing of the shiva notice by saying the following:

My cousins are not wanting us to talk about my aunt's suicide attempt. They also held her back from confronting my dad and his parents. Is that Dad lied when he said that Aunt Mary wanted to see him and her parents possible? Yes. However, Great-Grandma (as Aunt Mary herself told me, and as she herself witnessed when Great-Grandma told her and Uncle Gary to leave the room so that she could talk to Pop, Great-Grandma) was not adverse to confronting Pop-Pop before she died; so, I could believe that Aunt Mary wanted to see her brother and parents, and confront them.

We Czerneckis don't talk about that stuff according to family pattern; and my cousins are repeating the family pattern. Also, one of them is mad that they went to talk to his dad (my ex uncle) about something regarding my aunt. Understandable, but then let your mom give them Hell, K. (and you know which one you are).

I do not know how she is, by the way. All I know is that she's in "rehab"--whatever that actually means, now that I think about it. It could be rehab and recovery; it could be an institution (like Mom suggested); it could be God knows what else. Besides, I'd like to see the suicide note and know what I did to affect her to try to commit suicide--I know that I had a part in it. Did I talk about the family issues too much? Or not enough?

Regardless of what Mom says, I know that I had something to do with it. Like I said, "Did I talk about the family issues too much? Or not enough?" Either way, I'm just glad that I ended up sitting shiva for her when I did. When I couldn't reach her and she completely cut everyone off (and I thought that she was cutting just me off for no reason or something), I sat shiva for an hour symbolically. Little did I know that it would end up meaning something.

She doesn't even know that I did, that I sat shiva, though--or if she does, maybe that's what drove her to do it. I'd like to know, and I was of course angry that she cut me off without telling me why. How was I supposed to know what was going on? Also, do you think that, that I broke down on Monday partly over your mother's suicide attempt is fair, K. and K.? You're not the only ones grieving.

Shiva Notice For Aunt and Ashkenazi Levite Republished

HURSDAY, MAY 23, 2013

Shiva Notice For Aunt and Ashkenazi Levite

Mary Joan Miskell nee Czarnecki, born May 14, 1962 (the 18th Gregorian Anniversary of the founding of her homeland). Born among the Jewish Diasporan community and in Glen Burnie, Maryland, Mrs. Miskell was the daughter of John "Jack" and Joan (nee Gajdos) Czarnecki. Through Joan's maternal grandmother's family (the Foczkos, among the Jewish Diasporan and Crypto-Jewish communities in Poland, Slovakian Hungary, and the United States), Mary (who was named in part for her Levitical grandmother, Marysia "Mary" Gaydos nee Rusnak, a daughter of Juliana "Julia" Rusnak nee Foczkova) was a Matrilineal Levite.

Born into a Crypto-Jewish Roman Catholic family, Mrs. Miskell left Roman Catholicism after her son Ryan (by whom she has been predeceased since May 10, 1991) died. She was unaware that she was a Jewish Christian until the 2000s, and remained in Jesus even after finding out that she was Jewish. She even sent two of her surviving children to a private Christian college.

Last known to have resided in Leesburg, Virginia, she was considered as though she was deceased on May 20, 2013 (Sivan 9-10, 5773; Shavu'ot 5773). Due to circumstances concerning her up to Shavu'ot 5773, whether she was even still physically alive was unable to be established. Because of the circumstances, she is considered deceased for the time being and sorely missed.

Besides her son Ryan, among those who preceded her in passing into the World To Come are her beloved paternal grandmother, Mary Theresa Czarnecki nee Trudnak (the daughter of Mihaly "Michael Trudniak" and Anna Amalia [nee Munkova; Hanna Amal'yah bat-Sz'mu'el-ben-Shlomo] Trudnyak]). Among those who mourn the loss of her are her niece Nicole Czarnecki of Baltimore, Maryland.

Shiva will be sat and "Kaddish" recited in a Messianic style at the home of Nicole Czarnecki on May 25 (Sivan 15). Pray for the Czarnecki and related families at this difficult time.
Mary with her grandmother Mary Trudnak Czarnecki on Easter 1962 or 1963.
Mary Joan Czarnecki Miskell (Miriam Yohanna HaLevit bat-Yohanahn v'Yohanna), z'l (May 14, 1962 - considered May 20, 2013).
 Nicole Czarnecki    

Friday, September 27, 2013

Physical Therapy, Rome Versus the United States, and Disabled People Like Me

I figured out something, and what I figured out hurts--if it didn't hurt, I'd either be able to not take things so personally (which, according to Patricia Evans, I shouldn't be doing, anyway--that is, I shouldn't just let things roll off of my back or send messages that I can tolerate that kind of thing) or I'd be tolerating that kind of behavior! While I'm not a hero, anyway,  I'm not a hero even among my "friends" (actual or not) and family because they probably don't like strong disabled people who have a chance to stand for something, know what we stand for, and why we stand as we stand.

Deny as they will, they'd like to see me squared away in a convent or asylum (Maybe that's even part of why some don't like Geraldo Rivera). Maybe, as much as to think that they're mad at Geraldo for keeping those like me out of places like Willowbrook hurts, that's it. If I and other disabled people were their stereotypically-controllable, compliant types, they'd like that!

Furthermore, for the ones who are also getting physical therapy, that they don't want their mind working while their bodies are working is not my fault. Besides, part of why Rome lasted longer than the US is lasting is that every forum was one for civic and social engagement--people cared and talked about issues. Granted that they didn't have physical-therapy centers like we do, but they sure had other public-utilized forums--including private businesses--in and at which people would talk with people.

Also, as the old saying goes, the mind gets working (or at least should get working) when the body does. Even further, many people are in physical therapy because they have preventable conditions which they bring on themselves or pre-existing conditions which they exacerbate by not talking. After all, apathy, bottling up of feelings, or whatever else not talking brings about can bring one down. Great-Grandma Czarnecki learned this the hard way, and she finally broke down after 73-93 years (She got married when she was 20 years old, and something at home must have affected her to be attracted to someone as abusive as Great-Granddad ended up being to her.).

Since Great-Grandma Czarnecki broke down and told Aunt Mary, "No, no; it's okay--I want to talk about it!", perhaps my family, "friends", and fellow physical-therapy patients ought to let me talk and start talking themselves--either that, or they can fall down and let whatever else fall right down with them. Besides, they ought to look no further than the once-great-and-now-late Rome and the increasingly-apathetic United States to see how well shutting up, putting on the fake smiles, and leaving everything at the door of the physical-therapy businesses is working.

What I'm Learning from My Social Work 240 Lecture

: Even as I saw said yesterday on Twitter (or do I have to cite that to prove that I'm not a liar? :-P), "intellectual property" is crap. The concept of "intellectual property" says, "F**k you, G-d. We don't care that nothing is new or that everything belongs to you."

"When you're plagiarizing, you're kidnapping someone's ideas," as the lecture states. Yes, you're actually robbing G-d. Again, everything belongs to Him in the end.  Ann Stuart really caused the problems. The Copyright Act of 1708-1710 really caused problems. It basically said, "F**k Solomon." Furthermore, the Copyright Act of 1708-1710 said, "F**k G-d. I don't care that G-d said that nothing is new & everything belongs to Him."

So, as to whether Ann Stuart was a Christian Queen's quite questionable. She didn't trust G-d enough to say, "You'll take care of stealers." Reading for the MLA/APA?Kate Turabian/Ann Stuart zealots, by the way:,%20Psalm%2024:1&version=NKJV

(Or is a link not enough? :-P).

But like they care: In this lecture, she talks about "too many direct quotes" and blog sources. So much for nothing new under the sun and that there are still people to trust (and using discernment to figure out who to trust), huh? By the way, if you use this, I'll sue you and your mother's sister's paternal brother's cousin's maternal sister's mother to whom you passed on these ideas for plagiarism :-P (as has been said, so much for the free exchange of ideas, huh?).

I Can and Do Learn Quite A Bit From My Audience. For Example...

  1. I actually first learned and thought about that Toby Keith is, in any case, an adulterer from my audience. Whether or not there is an actual Nicole Smith involved, Toby Keith is still a cheater--period.
  2. There are other people searching for whether "Czarnecki" ("Charnetski") is Jewish.
  3. A "shadchan" is what one typically calls a "yenta".
  4. I have actually made an impact in more ways than I thought that I could just on Blogger alone.
By the way, I hope that you've learned that I actually do pay attention to what my audience thinks and reads.

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