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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Dentastick? "Momma" Culpa. Bird Feathers? Culpa Canina.

One can understand why "Momma" mistook Reilly's half of a dentastick for a "nasty", although she later apologized to Reilly for mistakenly trying to take her dentastick—and no wonder that Reilly clenched the dentastick in her jaw and kep turning her head away from "Momma"!

Reilly also clenched her jaw when she somehow left two cardinal feathers down to their rachises and quills—and "Auntie Michelle" has no clue how Reilly got the bird feathers! By the way, "Momma" and "Auntie Michelle" are fairly certain that Reilly tried to eat only bird feathers that she found by the birdfeeder and not any actual birds.

PS Besides not letting any puppy—especially any small-breed puppy—eat feathers, follow other safety precautions (including not letting your puppy eat any other "nasties") to let your puppy live long and prosper¹—no matter whether he or she is in his or her pre-adult, adult, or senior years.

By the way, it really wasn't that long ago when Reilly celebrated Hanukkah 5776, is it? (She hates "Momma" when "Momma" makes her wear her tallit v'kippahor anything elsev'ima lah ohevet b'kal mikreh.)

¹Via Diana Ketchen
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