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Showing posts with label AFP. Show all posts

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The AFP and Self-Hating YNet Threaten Ashkenazi Jews Again

With this article, I break down lie after lie, after lie:

"Jews of European origin are a mix of ancestries, with many hailing from tribes in the Caucasus who converted to Judaism and created an empire that lasted half a millennium, according to a gene study."

As Kevin Alan Brook and several studies state, Ashkenazic Jews are Israelites who are descended from other Israelite Diasporans--such as (especially in the case of Central and Eastern Ashkenazi Jews) Sephardi and Western Ashkenazi Israelites (Leave Southeastern Europe--e.g., the Balkans--alone for a minute. Balkan Jews, for instance, are often considered to be Sephardim.).

"According to the so-called Rhineland Hypothesis, Ashkenazim descended from Jews who progressively fled Palestine after the Muslim conquest of 638 AD.

"They settled in southern Europe and then, in the late Middle Ages, about 50,000 of them moved from the Rhineland in Germany into eastern Europe, according to the hypothesis...."

We, as YNet omitted, also fled--for instance--the Pseudo-Christian, Anti-Semitic hotbed of the Justinian Byzantine Empire. We were also in Germany, and even Rome and Greece, before the Middle Ages. So, we couldn't have just arbitrarily settled in Germany and then picked up to move on.

"It would mean that the population of Eastern European Jews leapt from 50,000 in the 15th century to around eight million at the start of the 20th century."

It probably did. But how many Jews were murdered and killed due--e.g.--the Inquisition, the Bubonic Plague (e.g., Asher aben Turiel), abortion (which Talmud Bavli brazenly allows), and (on all sides) alleged or actual apostasy (And don't think that murderous groups like Yad L'Achim didn't exist back then.)?

"That birth rate would have been 10 times greater than that of the local non-Jewish population. And it would have occurred despite economic hardship, disease, wars and pogroms that ravaged Jewish communities."

See the above analysis. Also, the most-obvious counterside to Anti-Messianic murderers would be the Pseudo-Messianic murderers--and their names get thrown around enough (as if Anti-Messianic groups never have committed murder); so you can just Google terms such as "Jewish converts to Christianity", and find plenty of names which are used to intolerantly and disingenuously blanket all Messianic Jews.  

"Seeking new light in the argument, a study published in the British journal Genome Biology and Evolution, compares the genomes of 1,287 unrelated individuals who hail from eight Jewish and 74 non-Jewish populations..."

The study was clearly biased from the get-go. A better study would have had, e.g., 1,312 individuals with 41 Jewish communities and 41 gentile communities involved (74+8=82; 82*16=1,312; 82/2 = 41. On the other hand, 1, 287/82=~15.7.). The study would have, thus, been balanced among Jew and gentile.

"Among European Jews, Elhaik found ancestral signatures that pointed clearly to the Caucasus and also, but to a smaller degree, the Middle East.
The results, said Elhaik, give sound backing for the rival theory – the "Khazarian Hypothesis."..."

Geneticist Elhaik "trawled through this small mountain of data in search of single changes in the DNA code that are linked to a group's geographical origins". He clearly didn't do his homework, and he's looking to be the next Arthur Koestler (who admitted to making up the most-prominent strain of the Anti-Semitic "Khazar Hypothesis") or the next Shlomo Sand.

""Yiddish, the language of Central and Eastern European Jews, began as a Slavic language" before being reclassified as High German, he notes."

Here's another example of Geneticist Elhaik not doing his homework. Yiddish (lit., "Jewish") is a Hebraic and Aramaic language that borrowed Germanic, Slavic, Khazarate, and other words and grammar structures. For example (and this is one point on which I question Kevin Alan Brook), "yarmukle" is not a Turkish word--"yarmukle" is a Yiddishization of "yira malka" ("awe of the King" in Aramaic").

I could give you the whole megillah, but you get the point (This means that you get the point even though I didn't cover every lie by the AFP and YNet.). Meanwhile, incidentally, I wonder (perhaps a little conspiratorially) if isn't trying to push the "Khazar hypothesis" by saying that I'm 99% Eastern European and 1% "of uncertain ethnicity"--then again, their technology is in Beta mode; although they questionably link: 
  • Greece (which is part of Mediterranean Europe) 
  • Southeastern (Balkan--not Magyar, Slavic [e.g., Polish, Slovakian], Ruso [e.g., Russian, Ukrainian]) Europe
  • Non-existent "Belgarus" 
with Eastern (Magyar, Slavic, and Ruso) Europe (though, to be fair, the Russians really are their own people; since Russia is technically a subcontinent at the least, and its own continent at the greatest--just like the Middle East is really its own continent, and the same could be argued for India [if not the rest of South Asia with India]. Incidentally, one could argue the same for the United Kingdom or even lone, in-the-middle-of-the-ocean Iceland). By the way, the one existent Belgarus is in Iran--which is far from Eastern Europe.

Incidentally, "Andrulewicz" comes exclusively from Lithuania (and if you don't believe me, look up "Andrulewicz" and variants thereof on Jewish--you'll find that we began by sticking together in Stakliškės, even though we moved to Poland Proper, Ukraine, and the United States; and "Monka" is exclusively Ashkenazic Jewish in Poland. So, I know that (with other factors considered as well) I've got to be a heck of a lot more Jewish than is saying. Then again (in other words, perhaps making the last statements not incidental), Geneticist Elhaik is probably (at best) using the same (hopefully-just-flawed) methods as

The AFP and YNet ought to be ashamed for sloppy, Anti-Semitic and Self-Hating, Arthur Koestler- and Shlomo Sand-like "journalism"--and (along with and Geneticist Elhaik) putting Ashkenazic Jews like me in a bad position.

By the way--along with being murdered and killed--many Jews were not counted as Jews because we were Patrilineal Jews, and/or Anusim and/or Messianic Jews (and not counting us as Jews was and is akin to murdering us and/or killing us).