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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Peeing In The Bed And Getting "Momma" Into Trouble!

Leave to Reilly's misbehavior to ruin a day which had a bright spot, as the (albe-lovable) brat "peedied" in "Momma"'s bed and "Momma" found out by somehow getting wet feet when she got under her blankets! "Momma"—of course—got blamed and had to change her sheets, despite that "Auntie Michelle" should've taken out Reilly again when Reilly didn't "peedy" the first time—and despite "Auntie Michelle"'s excuse of having to get to bed early—leave 5'-5'1.75" "Momma" with Cerebral Palsy and Scoliosis to have to either take Reilly out and risk her and Reilly's lives, or have Reilly end up "peedying" in "Momma"'s bed!

At least "Mom-Mom" doesn't trust "Auntie Michelle" to Reilly to "go potty" at nighttime anymore—"Momma" nonetheless needs a helpmate for herself and a "Daddy" for Reilly, partly since "Momma"'s not wanting to have to depend on "Mom-Mom"'s (with-strings-attached) assistance and "Auntie Michelle"'s (ultimate lack of) assistance in the long term!
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