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Showing posts with label people with disabilities. Show all posts

Sunday, December 9, 2018

#SentimentalSunday & Somewhat Offbeat: What "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" Loves About Walks & Other Thoughts

"Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" loves when she gets to see and meet friends of Reilly and Camille as well as tell Reilly and Camille that she got to see their friends and let them sniff her hands when they greet her at the gate. Not too long ago, for example, she finally met one of Reilly's and Camille's elusive friends known as "Solo", and she of course told Reilly and Camille that she finally met him and let them sniff her hand to confirm that she met Solo. In that instance as well, by the way, she let them confirm that she had seen other friends of theirs, including Shelby.

She also gets to meet potential future friends of theirs as well as well as let those potential future friends sniff her hands—and of course let their current friends sniff their hands! Of course (as she has, as she recalls having, blogged about before), she also runs into friends and acquaintances of theirs whom can get ambivalent and think—as she can tell—thoughts like, "She's been around that jealous Reilly" or "She gave scritches to Reilly—does this mean that Reilly's around and going to come of the blue to give me a hard time?"

After all, Reilly has developed a reputation among her compatriots (or should "Momma" say "com-pup-triots?) as a jealous type!

At least Reilly has the hope of (כ״י״י) seeing (or at least sniffing the scents of) both human, canine, and other friends quite often as well as, for instance being able to get scritches and thoughts toward her and prayers on her behalf when she's enduring hard times. "Momma" doesn't often have that partly because she can't get out as much—let alone to be able to walk Reilly herself, or at least have someone help her care for and be a better "Momma" to Reilly and not give her a hard time about (as she's explained to Reilly) being "not as fast or strong as" others and being not as good of a "Momma" as she could be because of her Cerebral Palsy, Depression, etc..

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A Special Card From Reilly (and "Momma")

As a puppy with White Shaker Syndrome and a Maltese underbite as well as a "Momma" with Cerebral Palsy and other conditions, Reilly thanks Former President & First Lady Bush 41 (ז״ל) especially for signing the Americans With Disabilities Act into law!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

#MaltipooMonday: "Auntie Nicole" Fell, And...

She scared Camille as she accidentally lunged forward at her and then caused what "Mom-Mom" described as what must've been "an earthquake" to her. So, she literally had unintentional insult added to her injury, which occurred right as she turned to the right and hit the area between her hip and her upper leg (or maybe it was, as "Mom-Mom" told her, her hip—she can't exactly tell what that area's called. Either way, she fell enough to cause an apparent "earthquake" throughout the family room and leave a bruise where she fell.).

Then culminated the next part in the whole incident. That part included "Auntie Nicole" having left Camille scared as well as "Momma" having scared Reilly, Reilly wanting to go outside because of how scared she was, Camille having to pee to the point at which she could be said to have literally had the pee scared of her, "Auntie Nicole" having to put Camille on her lap while she still was harnessed and leashed because she would've run away otherwise, and the same "Auntie Nicole" sitting her furniece on her lap to explain to her that she was just walking toward her to give her a kiss on the head and not trying to hurt her.

Meanwhile, both Camille (who was shaking as she sat on "Auntie Nicole"'s lap as "Auntie Nicole" was trying to comfort her and explain what happened) and Reilly (who avoided "Momma" for quite a while) took some time to be convinced that they were not going to be lunged at by "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma".

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Re the Apparently-Abusive and -Otherwise-Evil Pet Owners: For God's Love, Really...

If you see an abandoned and/or otherwise abused, or deceased pet, consider that he or she could be or could've been be lost (e.g., escaped from a backyard and with concerned owners looking for him or her) or stolen. Please have him or checked for a microchip and/or a collar, and/or otherwise try to locate his or her potential owners. e.g., A couple in Pennsylvania was wrongly accused of abandoning their four-year-old Shitzu by putting him in a crate and having him freeze to death. In the Facebook post re that matter, one of the couples' neighbors said that they recognized his "I LOVE LONG WALKS" collar and were "devastated".

Same with other apparently-neglected/abused pets: the owner(s) might have disabilities (including invisible illnesses) and be unable to care for the pets, all while (s)he gets or they get demonized instead of have somebody to help him/her/them care for them. Please for God's love, don't bar those of us with disabilities like Depression, OCD/Anxiety (which can bring about hoarding), ADD, and Cerebral Palsy (all of which I have) from owning pets. Don't especially the "Adopt; Don't Shop" types demonize people with disabilities enough, and notwithstanding that our medical providerse.g., my physiatrist at the timerecommend that I don't adoptand my physiatrist had her reasons for doing so. By the way, she is now a researcher at NIH—and where are you "Adopt; Don't Shop" types in life?—and I mean besides sitting behind your computers, marching on the streets, and/or doing something else at God knows where to spread more ableism, assuming that everyone can and/or should adopt (and not that you've ever really considered us people; but hey.)

Also, you "Adopt; Don't Shop" types of course demonize legitimate breeders by conflating them with puppy millers partly or even entirely because of your ableism—and you "Adopt; Don't Shop" types who are also people with disabilities are hypocrites and obviously self-hating PWDs—and I know that PWDs, let alone "Adopt; Don't Shop" types whom are PWDs, are not immune to ableism especially since society has tried to ingrain it into us since the time that the first person who had a somehow-noticable disability existed, and you're still supposed to try to fight both ableism and intra-ableism instead of buy into it.

Speaking of buying and adopting instead of shopping, maybe you "Adopt; Don't Shop" types should—if you cantry to adopt attitudes that involve critical thinking, compassion, and empathy—none of which anybody can buy, since critical thinking is an acquired skill and values such as compassion and empathy are learned (not to mention that, e.g., especially quite a few rich and famous "Adopt; Don't Shop" types don't have those values in the first place, anyway—no matter how much they fake that they do, particularly when it comes to us PWDs and the other less fortunate among us.)

PS Having Reilly (See below.) has saved me from having my life taken by Depression—and were Reilly not in my life, I would've died from starvation due to oversleeping (since I naturally wouldn't have been awake and thus able to eat)—and Reilly is one of the reasons that I am alive in the first place.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Originally On Quora: If I Had A Child With Diplegic Spastia...

Truth be told, I’d honestly not hold my breath and expect his or her father to stay or otherwise not abuse him or her especially because he or she has DSCP. I’m honestly surprised at the previous answers, as I honestly expected to see the same ableist and when-push-actually-comes-to-shove—with the answerers, though, I’m not holding my breath, as saying that you wouldn’t be ableist is a lot different than actually having a child with any disability—let alone DSCP—and seeing if you mean that you won’t be ableist.
With 28 years of DSCP after a neonatal stroke due to premature birth, I am not trying to be funny or ugly—though plenty of people in my life have ugily tried to amuse themselves at my expense.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Originally On LinkedIn With Some Edits Here: No Shoes...That's a Problem, With Or Without Feet

"I have no shoes, and I'd complain about that. Then I saw a man with no feet."
That apparently-wise piece of advice angers me to no end. As I posted when I saw that proverb surface again, it was in the form of a comment on a Facebook picture that illustrated an equally-unwise piece of advice: basically, shut up and don't complain about what you don't have, especially since quite a few have less than you. I therefore finally voiced my take on Facebook, since I as a person with mental illnesses and other conditions have had enough of the "no shoes" proverb:
This is beyond short sighted, and here's what I stated about it on my personal Facebook timeline:"As a person with disabilities, I can tell you that there are 😲 invisible disabilities, including MS, Lupus, and 😨 mental illnesses. Also, some people with visible physical disabilities can 😱walk to some extent 🤯 (I know; right? 🙄)

"PS The man who has no shoes...may end up with no feet because he doesn't have shoes."Also, the man may have no shoes because he may, for all that anyone knows, just may have Schizophrenia that is severe enough to the point at which he cannot work to have money for buying shoes; and somewhere along the line, he became convinced that his Schizophrenia and thus inability to work is not as debilitating as, for example, losing feet due to a childhood disease or being born without feet. Someone might have told him:

"'Be thankful for what you have. Perspective is everything. You can walk. Just walk to a homeless shelter for God's sake and let them help you...'"

"This despite that a homeless shelter once told him, 'We don't accept Schizophrenics like you.'

"By the way, he can't afford medication that will help him manage his Schizophrenia and be able to hold a job.

"PS Using people with visible physical disabilities to diminish people with invisible disabilities, and vice versa, is ableist: we are not pawns for able-bodied and non-illness-afflicted people to try to get their foolish arguments across.

~The page creator and moderator"
Also by the way, why (for instance) do you think that the Nazis forced their victims to either give up their shoes or wear ones that hurt their feet? To teach them a proverb? Or perhaps cause them to (for example) have infected feet that would cause them to have sepsis and/or gangrene. 
Think before you consider a piece of advice to be wise, let alone timelessly wise just because it's been given for millennia in some or another form. While you think, remember those whom apparently-wise-although-foolish advice especially affected: remember those such as Holocaust victims whom lost their feet and could never walk again (let alone have livelihoods and start new lives) even if they did survive, and non-surviving Holocaust victims (z"l) whom died due to infected feet that became infected when their either wore shoes that caused their feet to blister or didn't have shoes at all. Also remember those with invisible illnesses whom were murdered in the T4 Program (such as my distant cousin Magdalena Rusznak, z"l, whom was murdered because she had Schizophrenia, although she was also Anti-Semitically murdered) and those with invisible illnesses such as PTSD that caused them to have agoraphobia wherever they could find to live (and thus had no chances to have livelihoods and start new lives).

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Every Day Seems To Be Yom Teru'ah For Reilly 😒😏....

So, today is no different—expect for that today is Yom Teru'ah, and Reilly barked even as "Momma" typed a few seconds ago because she heard a loud knock at door (and Reilly's stubborn cousin joined her in the barking). At least one tool tends to work to curb Reilly's inappropriate barking—the muzzle, which "Momma" refound recently and of which Reilly takes seriously the threat to have to wear for a while.

Of course, the muzzle is apparently cruel—so's the possibility of "Momma"" dying due to a bark-affected myoclonus flareup, though "Mom-Mom" and "Auntie Michelle" don't seem to care about that! Paradoxically, then, the same Reilly who has helped keep "Momma" alive could end up killing her and have "Mom-Mom" as well as "Auntie Michelle" be totally fine with that!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Woof Wednesday: A Long Story Short Re Human Colds & Coughs, and Human & Canine Coping

"Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" has been feeling worse than usual, as she's explained to Reilly and Camille, and Reilly and Camille could tell even if she hadn't told them. For example, they've seen her walking more slowly because her C.P.-affected-as-is balance hasn't been as good as it can be, and Reilly heard with cold-exacerbated-brain-fogged  "Momma" recently tell her "Excuse me" and then apologize to her once she realized that she didn't have to move after all.

Meanwhile, Reilly's been as understanding and empathetic as she can be. However, she's also been a little more disobedient in terms of barking because she knows that "Momma" can't, for instance, get her away from the window as quickly as she normally could. In any case, though, she's been good overall.

She's also had to accept that "Momma" is being a little more careful re kisses and the "No nostrils" rule while she's recovering from a cold. Camille's also had to accept that "Auntie Nicole"'s being more careful and definitely enforcing the "No nostrils" rule with her more. After all, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" doesn't want to risk even a remote risk of dying due to cold-compromised immunity.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Quick #MaltipooMonday From Night-Owl "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole": Sleepy Puppies & Their Weird Human Family, Queen Songs, And Treats

By the way, forgive the video quality—and the weird "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole"—although to be fair to herself, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" must remind everybody that her Cerebral Palsy makes the videos shaky when the camera is in her hands!

Also, yes, by the way, "Who Wants To Live Forever" was like a lullaby to them (that is, Reilly and Camille)!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Commentary: A Few Reminders That Charles Krauthammer's Death Brings

  1. Death doesn't discriminate. In the case of Dr. Charles Krauthammer (ז׳ל), death did not care that he was a psychiatrist and a prominent commentator. It also did not care that he'd endured quite enough in his life, being (as, as I should know that, each Jew is at least once in his or her lifetime) a victim of Anti Semitism and of an accident that left him with Quadriplegia during his college days and thereafter for the rest of his 68 years.
  2. Like death itself, disabilities and illnesses will not discriminate. Quadriplegia did not care that Charles Krauthammer had significant aspirations and quite a life ahead of him, and Abdominal Cancer did not spare the same Dr. Krauthammer whom Quadriplegia had already afflicted—and by the way, I as a person with Spastic-Diplegic Cerebral Palsy can at least somewhat imagine how frightening lying on a deathbed due to cancer must've been to a person whom already had paralysis below the neck and became increasingly paralyzed as cancer weakened him (and I'd be surprised if it wasn't frightening at times).
  3. Death, disabilities, and illnesses don't care how old anybody is, and only Yehovah (ב׳ﬣ) knows why people like Dr. Krauthammer didn't get even 70 years, let alone 80 by any reason of any kind of strength—since physical strength isn't the only kind of strength that can help a person reach at least 70-80 years, and even as much as 120 years.
  4. Only Yehovah (ב׳ﬣ) knows why He foreordained that people like Dr. Krauthammer didn't and won't get 70 years, much less why some people won't live even too long after they are born, if they're even born at all. Only Yehovah (ב׳ﬣ) also knows why He foreordained that some people would go through suffering after suffering after being born, if they weren't foreordained to be miscarried or stillborn in the first place, and many people who have gone through suffering after suffering throughout history did wish that they themselves had never been born or lived too long after their births—and Job and the prophet Jeremiah were among those people, and I'm sure that Dr. Krauthammer (who was as human as everyone else) was among those people at one or another point in his life (as I've been quite a few times in my own life given my own circumstances).
  5. There unfortunately are evil people whom are rejoicing in the death of Dr. Krauthammer, as there are always evil people rejoicing in others' heartbreaking deaths. Some of these people are probably also rejoicing as Senator McCain is dying of the kind of cancer which afflicts him, and some of them have likely even rejoiced in loved ones' deaths. These kinds of people have no regard for others' lives, much less any humble regard for their own, or else they would acknowledge that they as much as anyone else will have their own moments in which they have to face Yehovah and account for how they lived their lives.
  6. When the news cycle moves on from Dr. Krauthammer's death, his loved ones aren't going to move on with it. Especially given that he endured having Abdominal Cancer that metastasized and certainly exacerbated his Quadriplegia in his final days, his loved ones' mourning may well go beyond the shloshim  (30-day) and the overall avelut (year of mourning) periods in which the news cycle will appear to have left them behind.  After all, any family members, friends, and others who've lost a beloved person don't measure or schedule their grief or mourning by how much news coverage or how many days in the news cycle that their beloved one's death gets, even after the newspapers, television networks, and online news pages seem to forget that the decedent in question even existed.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

#WoofWednesday & a Belated #TuesdayTroubles: No More Treats With A Few Exceptions For A While, Barky Reilly, Etc..

  1. Reilly and Camille currently need their weights watched. Each of them gained about a pound, so their vet wants them to lose some weight. This means that for "Momma"'s/"Auntie Nicole"'s part, she won't be giving either of them treats except for after they "peedy" and/or "pooty" as well as for when Reilly needs a dentastick to clean her teeth. Reilly, though, will be getting broken-in-half dentasticks whenever she gets dentasticks.
  2. "Momnma"/"Auntie Nicole" is working on obedience-without-treats training. Reilly seems to be more acquiescent to, for example, not getting a treat every time that she does tricks or gets in her crate. Camille on the other hand has met the possibility of the reward alternative quite a few times: a certain friend of hers known as the spraybottle, which "Auntie Nicole" had to threaten to use when, for example, she went upstairs without permission and refused to come down without a treat.
  3. Myclonus flareup + spilled oatmeal with milk on the floor = effects of Reilly's and Camille's inappropriate barking, about which "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" was far from happy. She was also far from happy when, for instance, Reilly refused to follow her on multiple instances of the "Follow me" (and variant) commands (By the way, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole"—forgive the language—got absolutely pissed when "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" said that she did not care about the myoclonus flareups when she mentioned them, albe that "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" did apologize when "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" corrected her.
  4. Not a Tuesday trouble: Reilly and Camille again had an impromptu playdate with Shelby, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" heard, and Camille even gave Reilly a few "She's my sister; let me play with her!" pawslaps despite that Reilly was being held back anyway because of her vaccine at the vet's and because she was throwing up from eating "nasties"! Shelby wasn't so afraid to play with Camille after that, as she gets a little afraid of jealous Reilly!
  5. Reilly still has to wear the bark collar at present.
  6.  Not a Tuesday trouble: "Momma" is (Yehovah willing) posting an early Flag Day card later today since she is working the polls on Flag Day (and the next day) for Early Voting. (Reilly won't like that, though, since "Momma" won't be home ☹️.). By the way, she isn't sure if she'll give Reilly a treat for allowing her to take pictures yet, though she may give her a low-calorie treat.
  7. Speaking of #TuesdayTroubles, maybe "Momma" should be include #WednesdayWorries and #WaitingWednesday hashtags since she's still waiting for a certain answer for her and Reilly's sakes—and dangerously slipping (meaning slipping) into extreme night-owl and failing-Reilly territory (i.e., sometimes going "night nights" with an albe-patient Reilly as late as 2:00 to 3:00 AM) again for that reason (among other reasons), as well as getting more gray hairs due to it (and other reasons)—¡pobrecita Reilicita!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Commentary: I Haven't Delayed Getting Back Into Writing. Something's Delayed Me, And That Something Is That...

The sheer combination of—among other factors—the energy drain and other problems (including exacerbations of my Cerebral Palsy and IBS) that my mental illnesses cause me (and I'm even feeling nausea and anxiety over an OCD/Anxiety-effected thought as I type), discouragement because few to no people seem to be really buying my books (and am I really supposed to feel encouraged when few to none will read what I write?), and confusion and frustration regarding personal matters which affect my medical conditions to be exacerbated have really assailed me—not to mention that (as much as I love Reilly and Camille) Reilly's and Camille's inappropriate barking affect my focus to be taken away

Thus, feeling energized to write is hard. Feeling encouraged to write is hard. Finding the time and space to write is hard. Therefore, to get back into writing is hard.

What else can I say, then?

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Somewhat Offbeat: When OCD Can Be Broken Down To "Oh, Chocolate Death!" If "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" Is Not Careful

"Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" has posted about this before, so this is obviously nothing new. Still, even doing as minimal as baking a chocolate pie (which, despite her CP, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" can at least relatively do) gets "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" to have her OCD/Anxiety flare up. What especially makes her OCD/Anxiety flare up all the more is when Reilly and/or Camille can be found in the kitchen at the same time as the worried human mother and aunt in question. Worsening matters all the more so is when "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" doesn't let her focus and/or keep Reilly and/or Camille out of the kitchen, especially when one or both of them will scour for whatever can be eaten (notwithstanding its edibility).

One can guess, then, what happened tonight. If he or she can't guess, "Auntie Nicole" will give a hint: copious amounts of half-size paper towels and sprays of Mrs. Meyer*s® Clean Day later, cleaning and double checking, and having to scold Camille for trying to scour for anything spilled and cleaner on the floor, "Auntie Nicole" at least cleaned up (hopefully) thoroughly enough (Reilly was upstairs, for which "Momma" is thankful enough, meanwhile). The OCD/Anxiety flare up and unhappiness with the fact that "Mimi" didn't let her focus and keep Camille out of the kitchen is continuing, nonetheless. Meanwhile, a concurrent ADD flareup just began at least a few seconds ago and was affected by the OCD/Anxiety flareup.

If only "Momma" and Reilly had someone else to help them out and frankly weren't still stuck with not-exactly-as-supportive-as-they-could-be "Mom-Mom" and "Auntie Michelle"—despite how much "Auntie Nicole" would miss her furniece and Reilly might miss her cousin—and keeping Reilly away from chocolate, raw eggs, and flour among other puppy-unfriendly ingredients is a significant part of helping "Momma" and Reilly!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

#WoofWednesday: More Of "Momma"'/"Auntie Nicole"'s Lifesavers

Meanwhile, Reilly's apparent equivalent of hadibrot harishonah v'shlishit (as she jealously sat on "Mom-Mom"'s lap):

"You shall have no other dogs before me, for I, Reilly the dog, am a jealous dog, visiting the slights of others upon the fur children of those whom provoke me to jealously, but showing affection to thousands, those whom love me and give in to my demands for scritches and belly rubs."

(PS 10 pictures for all of the 10 Dibrot! "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" did not expect that!)

PS "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" removed the videos, forgetting that they included private jokes until now.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Somewhat To Mostly Offbeat: "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" Means When She Says That...

Reilly and Camille are a main reason why she is alive right now—and, to the chagrin of many, she has said this before. She wonders what would happen to especially Reilly if something ever happened to her, and something almost did happen to her before she got Reilly—she overslept to the point at which she could have died due to starvation due to oversleeping because of a Depression flareup had the flareup become worse than it already had been.

As she's also mentioned before, she missed much of Reilly's first year because of her Depression flareup—not to mention "Auntie Michelle"'s Depression-exacerbating insistence that her apparent "experience" was more important than her reading, talking to pet owners in the neighborhood, &c.. Luckily, Reilly did—as all pre-adult puppies do—need 16-20 hours of sleep per day, and at least "Auntie Michelle" would bring up Reilly to see her in the mornings—so, she got to spend more time with her than she would and could have spent otherwise.Nonetheless, she swore to take a hands-off approach and not help  Miss "Experience" at all once Camille came home, since Miss "Experience" insisted that she knew better than her. She ended up capitulating, anyway, and became a helpful-enough "Auntie Nicole".

She also tried becoming a better "Momma". Then in January of 2016, she began to experience a really-rough time that has gone on in an up-and-down way for more than two years now—and an event that relates to that happened in May and really affected confusion in her that is still affecting her to have draining Depression, OCD/Anxiety, ADD, and other flareups that affect her to too often be—among other things—a bad "Momma" to patient-anyway-though-quite-often-understandably-frustrated Reilly. Meanwhile, Reilly has often reminded her to stay alive when she has reached really-low points and entertained not-so-good thoughts. She also has taught her patience while, for example, she awaits a certain answer for both of their sakes.

So people can keep feeling chagrin when "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" states that she would be dead right now were Reilly and Camille in her life, even though—as has been observed by at least a few people—facts never base themselves on anyone's feelings—including feelings of chagrin.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Somewhat To Mostly Offbeat: One Thing That Can Really Frustrate "Momma" Is That....

She has to whittle more-complex matters down to simple explanations that don't begin to cover the matters. For example:

  1. "I'm not as strong as Mom-Mom and Auntie Michelle" doesn't begin to fully explain Cerebral Palsy.
  2. "My bladder and my colon are acting funny" doesn't begin to explain IBS flareups.
  3. Even "I'm having an OCD flareup" doesn't explain OCD/Anxiety, which "Momma" has tried to explain to Reilly as best as one can explain OCD/Anxiety to puppies of any age.
  4. "Some people are just not very nice" doesn't exactly help differentiate between, for example, ableists and the the kind of people that may put up yet another barrier between "Momma" and "Momma"'s and Reilly's actual and potential friends—including everybody whom reads about and would want to about Reilly.
That can make being the best-possible "Momma" to Reilly much harder than it already is—how can "Momma" be a good "Momma" when she can't explain why the world is "a very-bad world"? "Momma"'s not always a good "Momma" as is, anyway!

PS Reilly was understandably mad when someone woke her up to take a picture before they went "night nights" here.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

#WhenIWas15 (And That Was A Long Time Ago!)...

I wanted to be a lawyer and/or commentator-analyst on Fox News. Only the "lawyer" and "Fox News" parts have changed. I still want to be a commentator-analyst, though I'd be a commentator-analyst at anywhere where somebody would see if I'm a voice worth hearing, and I'm also working on becoming an author.

Granted that "anywhere" obviously does not mean anywhere where bigotries and other unjustifiable hatreds prevail. Among the bigotries and other hatreds that would get me to turn down a job offer from any place:

  1. Real Sexism—e.g., While being against abortion is not sexist, blaming a woman for becoming pregnant due to being raped and/or being raped in the first place is sexist.
  2. Racism and ethnocentrism, especially Anti Semitism—I am Jewish and a fourth- and fifth-generation pogrom survivor; and many of my ancestors and other relatives became Anusim to survive both pogroms and other Anti Semitism.
  3. Xenophobia—I don't need, e.g., to hear any assumptions that refugees are simply here to commit crimes or that DACA kids can get to the back of the line just like their parents. After all, my father's paternal grandfather was an equivalent of a DACA kid, and 11 days from now will be the centennial anniversary of when he came here. He didn't even remember anyone whom he saw in family pictures that a family friend would bring back, and he had been deceased for some time when our side of the family handed the deed to the family farm back to a side in then-Soviet Poland. We didn't need anyone's Anti Semitism or xenophobia then, and immigrants of today and their descendants don't need xenophobia now.
  4. Ageism—I don't need, e.g., any canards about Millennials. 
  5. Heterophobia—I don't need any canards about especially religious heterosexuals like myself. For example, to assume that all religious heterosexuals think that LGBTQ people are just a bunch headed-to-eternal-doom debauchees is heterophobic. So's assuming that all religious heterosexuals think that LGBTQ people choose to be LGBTQ.
  6. Real Anti-LGBTQ discrimination—e.g., While being against same-sex marriage is not bigoted, assuming that every LGTBQ person would want to be in any given same-sex relationship is. 
  7. Ableism—this one doesn't need any explanation
By the way, I didn't know that I am Jewish when I was 15; and I certainly didn't know that I'm a descendant of illegal immigrants, including the 1908 equivalent of a DACA kid. Now that I know that I'm a Jew and a descendant of a DACA-kid equivalent, I really want to be a commentator-analyst and an author to speak up for B'nei Anusim and others like me, DACA kids, and others. Also by the way, my DACA-kid equivalent great-grandfather turned 15 a century ago next October. and he had no choice as to what he wanted to be—he was only allowed to go as far as eighth grade before he ended up working the coal mines in the only country that he'd ever really known, and still a country that had Anti-Semitic and other bigotries.