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Showing posts with label photos. Show all posts

Friday, May 25, 2018

#FluffyFriday: Wedding-Card- and Patriotic-Season Haircuts

To say that nobody was taking pictures without some noncooperation or the promise of treats is needless.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

An Armed Forces Week Card From Reilly And Camille

PS "Momma" and Reilly particularly wish the Air Force a good day on this Air Force Day during Armed Forces Week--and they have a bit of a special affinity for the Air Force, with the Marines and Army coming in at a close second :-). 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

#SurpriseSaturday: "Smile!"

Reilly has surprised "Momma" before, and she again surprised "Momma" when she begrudgingly let her take these pictures as the phone was in front of her.

The pictures have been Blogger enlarged here, by the way.

P.S.: Si Yejova quiere, ¨Mamá¨/¨Tita Nicolasa¨ hará una tarjeta tardía para Cinco de Mayo mañana—y ya ella tomó las fotos para la tarjeta (Su Depresión y otras condiciones medicales no siempre permitirle el lujo o la energía hacer tarjetas con Reily y Camila—o hasta escribir de Reily y Camila, estando una ¨Mamᨠpara Reily, etc..).

Thursday, May 3, 2018

#ThrowbackThursday: The Picture That Reilly Let "Momma" Take Last Night To Celebrate A Special Anniversary Today

Reilly also let "Momma" put the following caption for it when she sent it to Joyce, from whom she got Reillyⁱ—and she understood what she saying, like most puppies can understand what their human parents are saying:

"Hi, Joyce! Thank you for letting me meet Momma four years ago!"

Image may contain: indoor

 By the way, "Momma" recommends Ole Field Farm and made this recommendation on her own.