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Showing posts with label friends. Show all posts

Thursday, August 16, 2018

#ThrowbackThursday: "Reilly And The Squirrel Bone"

 Not that Camille doesn't have a penchant for "nasties", though hair, dirt, dust, grass, "bunny beans", and even "nasties" such as squirrel bones(! ) are frequent treats for Reilly in spite of the fact that Reilly knows better! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Monday, August 13, 2018

Since "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" Is Lefthanded, Anyway...

#MondayMotivation, #MaltipooMonday, and #MemoryMonday: The Bedhead Whom Helps "Momma" Keep Going

Especially last night (and may this be a good sign for HaChodesh Elul), Reilly patiently allowed "Momma" to wrap up and then take these cute pictures of her:

"Momma" is amazed that Reilly even stayed in that position for that long. As for over the weekend overall:

Of course, Reilly didn't allow too many pictures without belly rubs and scritches:

She also even ended up letting pictures with Cam in them be taken:

(Awww, Ribrat...and with her ear touching Cam's paw in the picture!)

(And may Ri be able to share chodashim haba'im with "Momma" and someone else.)

A Card For Rosh Chodesh Elul From Reilly

Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Bit Of A Belated Card For the EST and CST Time Zones. Anyway...

And "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" wasn't lazy about making the card, either 😜.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

#TimeTravelTuesday...To Only Yesterday. Still...

Who can deny how cute a puppy who is enjoying belly rubs in pure bliss is? Also, who can deny how cute that belly-rub-enjoying and blissful puppy is when she's enjoying belly rubs from her "Mimi"?

Even better is when the pictures are enlarged:

C(ute collage-maker C)amille loves "belly wubs"!

Monday, August 6, 2018

Somewhat Offbeat: What Having A Cold Has Made "Momma" Remind Herself

For example:
  1. She's not to going to be young forever; and Reilly won't be calendar-wise young, either—although she'll always be young, even when she's a senior puppy.
  2. She needs to make more of an effort to be a better "Momma" to Reilly, and she needs to nonetheless be fair to herself even when others aren't fair to her—lucky (or rather, in many ways, unlucky) them to simply be able to try minimize and dismiss (and thus lack empathy and quite a bit of understanding of suffering, including in regard to) what often gets in the way of her functioning at her minimal best as a person at all, let alone as a good "Momma" to Reilly.
  3. She needs to be a better "Momma" partly by trying to spend more time with Reilly.
  4. She needs to learn to be better at being as patient¹ and calm as she can be, including with Reilly.
¹Including re waiting for a certain answer.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Woof Wednesday: A Long Story Short Re Human Colds & Coughs, and Human & Canine Coping

"Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" has been feeling worse than usual, as she's explained to Reilly and Camille, and Reilly and Camille could tell even if she hadn't told them. For example, they've seen her walking more slowly because her C.P.-affected-as-is balance hasn't been as good as it can be, and Reilly heard with cold-exacerbated-brain-fogged  "Momma" recently tell her "Excuse me" and then apologize to her once she realized that she didn't have to move after all.

Meanwhile, Reilly's been as understanding and empathetic as she can be. However, she's also been a little more disobedient in terms of barking because she knows that "Momma" can't, for instance, get her away from the window as quickly as she normally could. In any case, though, she's been good overall.

She's also had to accept that "Momma" is being a little more careful re kisses and the "No nostrils" rule while she's recovering from a cold. Camille's also had to accept that "Auntie Nicole"'s being more careful and definitely enforcing the "No nostrils" rule with her more. After all, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" doesn't want to risk even a remote risk of dying due to cold-compromised immunity.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Camille Finally Got "Roll Over" So Far. By The Way...

Also by the way: since Camille isn't in the card, here's a video of her walking to get a treat from "Auntie Nicole" on July 7th for #TimeTravelTuesday.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Progress, Progress, Progress. Of Course...

"Auntie Nicole" had to gently hold down Camille as she was lying down, as her other method—which was trying to her in a "Roll over for a belly rub position"—did not work. At least she is making progress, as she got her to follow the treat with her nose and roll partially on her back.

Reilly, on the other hand, still is being stubborn and also needs to be gently held down next time that "Momma" tries to teach her "Roll over".

By the way, the hold-down method works like this for "Auntie Nicole"/Momma": she has to gently to put her hand on Camille's and Reilly's rumps and/or tail sets to keep them from sitting up once they're in the lying-down positions, so that they're forced to follow the treats with their noses and not try to get up to get the treats.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

How Hard Is "Roll Over"? Better Question: How Hardheaded Are Reilly and Camille?

To say the least, Camille is very and particularly hardheaded. She gave "Auntie Nicole" scratches and threw fits for trying to teach her "Roll over", too! Even worsely is that she has the support of "Mimi", even despite that she would deliberately sit back up when she was told to "[s]tay lying down and follow the treat with [her] nose." Contrary to what "Mimi" alleged, she wasn't even trying to follow the treat with her nose at any point, either (and like "Auntie Nicole" didn't watch two separate videos on how to teach her "Roll over". 🙄)!

As for "Momma"'s (albe-lovable) brat, she is hardheaded as well. However, she didn't throw fits like Camille did. Nonetheless, she did the same "Sit up when she tells me to stay lying down" schtick. She even added her own touch to it: refuse to come—and sometimes even run away (especially after she'd see Camille being stubborn and thus not getting the treat right away)—and, if she came, would do the defiant sitting-up routine and beg for the treat.

After two days of this (though not two days in a row), "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma" might have to figure out another way to teach Camille and Reilly "Roll over", since they (literally and figuratively) won't roll over. 

Saturday, July 28, 2018

שבת ט'ו באב שלום וט'ו באב שמח! : AKA, Another Card From Reilly

PS Reilly very patiently waited for the treat—and especially because she was so patient, she probably would've that something else to be peanut butter...or yogurt...or pumpkin...or any of the other millions of treats that hi ohevet! By the way, Tu B'Av actually begins tomorrow, since the New Moon was sighted on the 14th of July.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

#TimeTravelTuesday (By the Way, Reilly Was Younger At the Time Than "Momma" Remembered That She Was)



So occurred the event that led to a #dogshaming photo. Incidentally, "Momma" couldn't help but tear up thinking about the albe-defiant gesture that Reilly made—especially since so much time has passed and "Momma"'s puppy has long been an adult puppy now (though she'll always be "Momma"'s baby puppy—and this "Momma" types with tears on her cheeks, as she thinks about how time passes over four years later. She also couldn't help but laugh as she thinks about how cute Reilly was and still is.).

As she shared last night:

Thursday, July 19, 2018

#ThrowbackThursday: A Surprise Visit From "The Tall Guy"

"Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" already mentioned the visit before. Nonetheless, here are all of the pictures from it that she took on her regular camera (as opposed to her phone camera) this time: