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Monday, August 14, 2017

Mostly Offbeat: "Momma"'s Change Of Mind On A Certain Subject For Her And Reilly's Sakes

After "Momma" just had a panic attack that included chest pain which felt like heart-attack chest pain, she changed her mind re a certain subject: she will continue to write about a helpmate for herself and a "Daddy" for Reilly when to do so is appropriate after all. Besides, e.g., trying to carry Reilly over to say "Hi" and "Night nights" was hard enough when she almost fell and even harder when "Auntie Michelle" accused her of "dramatization" when she panicked about almost falling.

Besides, as "Momma" has written, she thinks that her possible helpmate and Reilly's "Daddy" would be way more supportive of her than "Auntie Michelle" and "Mom-Mom" have been.
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