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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Long Story Short, &c.: e.g., "Momma" Got Blamed For What Reilly Did

Never mind that, for example:

  1. "Momma" explicitly told Reilly to stay while she was going to get something outside, and Reilly decided to be a trickster and burst out the door.
  2. "Momma" has Cerebral Palsy and can't be as fast or strong as "Momma", "Auntie Michelle", or "Momma"'s possible helpmate and Reilly's possible "Daddy"¹—and that Reilly takes advantage of that fact, despite that she doesn't quite understand that "Momma" has C.P. and Scoliosis with a ~5"1.75 height (Last she heard, she's actually ~5"0 now—getting older and shrinking already).
  3. Reilly explicitly disobeyed orders to, for example, stop eating birdseed and get out of "Mom-Mom"'s garden.
"Mom-Mom", of course, doesn't believe that sometimes puppies are at fault—and "Momma"'s 27 and still got into trouble like a seven-year-old child. 🙄

Meanwhile, "Momma" told "Auntie Michelle" one more disadvantage of debarking Reilly: that she would no longer have her unique barks, such as when she plays with "Mom-Mom" or greets the aide that comes over every day to help "Momma" get out and walk (at "Mom-Mom"'s insistence—just in general, having an aide at 27 years old is quite embarrassing for "Momma").

¹ Incidental note to him: Por favor a menos que Díos quiere de otra manera, no renuncie a mí y Reily— espereme y Reily—no haya dejado a tí.

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