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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Somewhat Offbeat: God Willing....

"Momma" may reveal who she thinks may eventually be her helpmate and Reilly's "Daddy" soon. She's given hints in the past¹ and already told Reilly multiple times. Besides—for example—after having to once again get Reilly's harness and leash on her to eventually get her muzzle on her, "Momma" knows that she needs to deal openly with the subject of many of her blog entries for over a year for her, Reilly's, and others'—including and especially "Momma"'s possible helpmate's and Reilly's possible "Daddy"'s—sakes.


  1. Reilly's going to have her 3.5-Gregorian-year birthday in a month and a day from now. As for her Hebrew half-year birthday, that's coming up on September 14th at sundown (Elul 23. She was born on 2 Adar 23 or 24, 5774).
  2. "Momma" turned 27.5 Gregorian years old yesterday (August 23rd at sundown) and will be 27.5 Hebrew years old on September 16th at sundown (Elul 25th.  the Rabbinic Calendar gave her the best estimate for when Rosh HaShanah 5750 occurred, by the way).
  3. In other words, time passes with both Reilly and "Momma" getting only older.
¹Another hint, by the way:  
בעיר באזור בעיר האהבת אחים,  לא בעמק ורד בארץ של מרים
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