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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Weird Incident Re "Momma"'s Going To Check On Plants, And A Small And Long Postscript

When "Momma" was going to cover her plants with a towel last nightsince a frost advisory was to be in effect, and the plants were grown from citrus-fruit and apple seeds that she'd saved—Reilly freaked out when "Momma" changed her mind from having Reilly stay—since Reilly is prone to burst out the door—to having Reilly come with her. For whatever reason, Reilly would not come with "Momma"—in fact, she'd keep running from her! 

"Momma" finally decided to risk the plants to the frost—which she'll have to do tonight as well—and take Reilly upstairs to go "night nights"—Reilly must've been tired!

PS: With the Election and life in general closing in on "Momma" and Reilly, "Momma" wrote the following:

"While "Momma" has some ideas about whom Reisy's "Daddy" might be (or at least whom she hopes that he might be), she's not sure that she's currently—and she's more sure that she's currently notin a position to share her specific thoughts about that with anyone but God, Reisy (even though Reisy is a canine—specifically, an adult puppy known as a "dog"as opposed to a human), and a few other people. If anything, the case seems to be that whoever Reisy's "Daddy" is might have to tell "Momma"—especially if he's among those whom "Momma" thinks strongly might be Reisy's "Daddy"."

Here's a hint regarding whom "Momma" thinks that Reilly's "Daddy" might be at least down the road, if God wills: 

The guy's Hebrew name has two of the letters of God's Name—of course, multiple names in Hebrew have these two letters—and "Momma" is not giving away the letters, the combination of the letters, or the pronunciation of the letters in the name in question.

By the way, the time to at least give a hint came, since "Momma"—being a Jew with Cerebral Palsy and mental illnesses—does not know if she'll survive November 9th in any case, let alone if she'll survive and be able to get herself and Reilly to a safe place should they need to run. In full disclosure, Reilly did lick "Momma"'s hand both when "Momma" asked if Reilly likes Trump, but she gave "Momma" her paw when she asked if she likes Kasich and nosed her hand the next time! 

(Maybe Reilly feels pity for Trump like a belated senior kitten that "Momma" et. al. once had felt for a family member of "Momma"!) 

By the way, "Momma" does not like Clinton, either. 

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