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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

#WoofWednesday, Part One: Reilly And Halloween Costumes

That is all.

(The other two parts, Yehovah willing, will be posted as #ThrowbackThursday throwbacks to #WoofWednesday.).

With "Creative Shot" settings: wow; bienvenido a una observancia tardía del Día de Los Muertos.

And, yes, there are videos (titled "Reilly In On-Sale Halloween Costumes" and published on YouTube)—of which Reilly, not her "Mom-Mom" or "Momma"'s aide, is the focus (as "Momma" has to explain whenever cameraphobic "Mom-Mom" takes a picture or records a video of Reilly with her in it; and she doesn't think that the aide would mind, since Reilly is the focus.)

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