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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

#WoofWednesday Preview: Still Working On "Roll Over", Camille In Regards To Treats & "Nasties", Etc..

  1. Camille has essentially confirmed especially two matters: her preferred "roll over" location and her "I want it now!" attitude toward treats before she even sits or lays down, let alone rolls over!
  2. With Camille, it's the "Camille or dentastick" approach as a reversal of "carrot and stick": try to, for example, protect her from getting her dentastick stolen by Reilly, face her wrath when she growls at you like she could snap at and/or bite you at any moment—despite that you're holding the dentastick to keep Reilly from getting it!
  3. Even "Mom-Mom" is not safe from Cam's bad-itude: just minutes ago, Cam got herself into huge trouble for growling at "Mom-Mom" for trying to take "a little piece of tar" from her—and "Auntie Nicole" thought that Camille was growling at her cousin for trying to take a treat!
  4. As for when "Mom-Mom" found some on-sale Halloween costumes while she was shopping for her "granddogters", Camille was having none of that, either—she went right into her crate to hide!—whereas Reilly tolerated the costumes and even, albe begrudgingly, allowed herself to be photographed and videographed in costume! 

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