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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Mostly Offbeat: Still Being A Bad "Momma" To Reilly While Waiting For A Clear Answer Re A Certain Matter, Etc..

"Momma", so to speak, seems to have beaten a dead horse re a certain matter. Nonetheless, it involves a kind of heartbreak and confusion which "Momma" has not been able to get over for almost three years now, especially if there's a possibility that she may be right about whom a certain person is in regard both to her and to Reilly (and wanting an answer straight from the source isn't bad, is it?). Besides, she's already said that "the tall guy", for example, is simply a family friend and not at all whom she thinks is her helpmate and Reilly's "Daddy". Also besides, he also wants an "uncle" for Camille and to be a better "Auntie Nicole" to her.

She's pretty sure that especially other pet owners who have disabilities can relate to this, by the way. After all, for instance, don't they want to be able to do more that they can't do for their pets alone? Also for instance and incidentally, "Momma"'s pretty sure that other pet owners can relate to that she almost fell off of her stool when Reilly barked within the hour, and "Momma" (like other pet owners with disabilities would like to be around for their pets) would like to be around for and not killed by Reilly because she fell due to a myoclonus flareup
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