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Friday, December 30, 2016

More Easily Suitored Than Sought & Loved

Many guys—even good guys—claim that they wouldn't care if a prospect had disabilities, and then push comes to shove. Having Cerebral Palsy and mental illnesses, I can tell you exactly what I am—or at least potentially am—regardless of whether a guy could or could not handle it:

  1. A medical expense—e.g., I take three medications for OCD/Anxiety, Depression, and ADD. 
  2. A burden—e.g., What kind of guy wants to be bound by a woman whom can't drive?
  3. An embarrassment—e.g., What kind of guy wants to have to drive a woman to Baclofen Pump refill appointments; and what kind of guy wants to lose friends because of being a woman with Cerebral Palsy and mental illnesses?
I'm crying as I'm typing all of this, too, as I know the pain of being a woman with disabilities and a damned statistic unless some miracle saves me—e.g.:

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Reilly's Exceptional Vet Visit & A Clarification By "Momma"

Even though—according to "Mom-Mom"—Reilly "peed on the scale" when they weighed her, since she was "nervous" and hadn't "peedied" when "Momma" took her "potty" beforehand, she behaved very well for the vet. The vet even said that despite that "Reilly was mad at her", she was "'a dear'" and "'a special dog'"—in fact, she even "gave her 'kisses'" while she was getting her regular checkup and a booster shot. Meanwhile, as one should except, Camille provoked Reilly when Reilly and "Mom-Mom" came home—as for "Momma", she herself'd take Reilly to the vet if she could drive.

By the way, "Momma" does know that she seems to come off as desperate regarding a "Daddy" for Reilly and a helpmate for herself—and she nonetheless wants the best for Reilly and herself, such as having someone other than "Mom-Mom" to take Reilly to the vet. Besides, 26-year-old-and-only-getting-older "Momma" would be embarrassed to ever come along when "Mom-Mom"—her mother—takes 2.75-year-old-and-getting-older-as-well Reilly to the vet—at 26 and having disabilities (including mental illness), "Momma" feels like an inadequate "Momma" to Reilly and embarrassed enough, thanks.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What The Outsider Looking In On Debbie Reynolds' and Carrie Fisher's Deaths Knows For Sure

  • A strong mother-daughter bond like they had cannot withstand the death of the daughter without the mother's death soon thereafter.
  • Given Debbie Reynolds' and Carrie Fisher's mother-daughter bond, Debbie Reynolds' death certificate ought to read something like:
"Cause Of Death: Stroke
"Due to: Medical distress
"Due to: Mental and emotional distress
"Due to: Recent death of daughter
"Contributing factor: Compromised cerebral artery
"Contributing factor: Age of decedent"
  • Debbie Reynolds was 84 and lost her 60-year-old and only daughter, and firstborn child a day before. She also lost a colleague and frequent collaborator when she outlived her only daughter and firstborn child.
Meanwhile, keep Debbie Reynolds' and Carrie Fisher's loved ones and friends—including Todd Fisher, Billie Lourd, and Gary Fisher—and everyone else whom's particularly affected by Debbie Reynolds' and Carrie Fisher's deaths in your thoughts and prayers.

Reilly and "Momma" Stand With Gary Fisher

In regards to puppies and their owners, this is true—and even cases from as recently as the last 150 years (from the case of Frou-Frou Bishop to the case of Wiley Eisenstat).

Even puppies who behave badly by—for example—eating "nasties" (as Reilly ate "nasties" both tonight and last night) still love their owners—"Momma"s, "Daddy"s, etc.—at least as much as their owners love them.

By the way, freshly-trimmed Reilly did "peedy" the second time that "Auntie Michelle" took her outside tonight.

Meanwhile, Reilly needs her own equivalent of whom these two Maltipoos have—and, since she loves to meet new people, might want to meet who "Momma" thinks is that equivalent as soon as possible. Also, Reilly and Camille do similarly to the following when their "Mom-Mom" comes home from work:

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

With Few Exceptions, Reilly's Pre-"Night Nights" "Potty" Sessions Are...

A time for Reilly to eat "nasties", no matter what "Auntie Michelle" does to discipline her—e.g., taking Reilly inside after she eats a "nasty" instead of going "peedy" doesn't work. In fact, as "Momma" types, Reilly is ringing the bell either to try to "peedy" again or to go back to eat more "nasties"—and "Momma" is insisting that "Auntie Michelle" takes Reilly outside again, despite "[her] tendencies" (as "Auntie Michelle" put it. Right now, she is admonishing Reilly as she is about to take her outside again.).

("I knew it—get back in there..." As one can guess, Reilly ate "nasties" on her second time outside tonight.).

PS: If Reilly had a "Daddy" in her life, this—"Momma" guarantees—would not be happening, as Reilly would have a strong and commanding presence in her life—and one that would not, e.g., use "Momma"'s disability as a way to do whatever he wants and keep "Momma" waiting for him to take Reilly "potty" because he knows that she has a disability and depends on him to help her help Reilly out.

Monday, December 26, 2016

A Summary Of Chrismukkah At Reilly's 🙂, And No Miracle Of a "Daddy" For Reilly 🙁

The highlights are as follows:

  1. At About 1:23 AM On The Day After Christmas: The female canine equivalent of Clara's brother Fritz decided to growl at the female canine equivalent of Clara...over toy monkeys, and this despite (as one can see below) that "Fritz"—or rather, "Frizz"—stole Reilly's toy monkey and put both monkeys in her crate on Christmas Day!
  2. The First Night Of Hanukkah (December 24th): Camille "Frizz" Czarnecki also stole Reilly Czarnecki's toy dreidel at least once. Speaking of stealing, admittedly, two Czarnecki humans used one of the toy dreidels to play the dreidel game when the two Czarnecki canines went to bed—though does that count as stealing or just playing the dreidel game with a treif dreidel in terms of kosher-for-human-use dreidels? By the way, each Czarnecki human ended up with halb of the pot—of course, neither of the Czarnecki canines could have any gelt!
  3. Reilly ended up really liking her toy monkey—in fact (as one can also see below, and on Twitter), she's snuggling with her monkey (which "Auntie Michelle" gave her to snuggle before she and Camille went "night nights") as "Momma" types (and who can resist tweeting cute pictures of Reilly and Camille?).
  4. Reilly still doesn't have a "Daddy", and "Momma" still has no clue what Reilly's possible "Daddy" wants*. At least Reilly's happy and healthy—and able to have the toy monkey that Camille wanted to steal from her, although a toy monkey and a "Daddy" for her (who could help "Momma" keep her happy and healthy) are far different.

*Can't he at least give her an idea—and surely, the same God Whom helped "Momma" to find a spare box of Hanukkah candles, just as He helped the Maccabees find spare oil for the Menorah, can move Reilly's possible "Daddy" to at least contact "Momma", can't He?

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Chrismukkah From Reilly & "Momma"!

Meanwhile, Reilly didn't exactly take the photoshoots well:

  1. The card was worth the photoshoots, though.
  2. "Momma" owes Reilly a treat.
  3. Merry Chrismukkah to all (including Reilly's possible "Daddy", of course. PS "Momma" could certainly use more support in doing these photoshoots, as "Mom-Mom"'s and "Auntie Michelle"'s condemnations of them—including accusations that "Momma"'s "torturing" Reilly—are quite the opposite of support.).

Friday, December 23, 2016

Somewhat Offbeat: Asking God For One Thing Re Reilly's Possible "Daddy"

If God could move "Momma"'s possible helpmate & Reilly's possible "Daddy" to do something for Hanukkah & Christmas, it's that He'd move him to at least contact "Momma" to explain what he wants exactly or doesn't want exactly, and Reilly could certainly benefit from getting a "Daddy" this Hanukkah and Christmas—after all, Reilly certainly loves to meet new people and could certainly use a "Daddy" to help "Momma" manage herbesides, Reilly and "Momma" are only getting older.

Is that too much to ask? Is anything too hard for יהוה?

Thursday, December 22, 2016

My New Book And The Controversy That Is—Or At Least That Will Be—Behind It

In fact, I include the following in the introduction to both the Kindle edition and the regular one:

"On my blog and in other forums, I’ve written about this—and so, it’s nothing new. That is, I’ve discussed what my father’s maternal grandmother—Marysia Elizabeth “Mary” Rusnak Gaydos—and her father—András “Andrew Rusnak” Rusznak—did during the Sho’ah to family members back in Košice, Slovakia—which was still Kassa, Magyarország even in the 1930s and 1940s.

"I certainly did not wake up one day and think, “Oh; I’m going to accuse my great-grandmother of sending relatives to Auschwitz and make up a story around it.” That’s not even the kind of incident that I thought would’ve even happened in my family (which already had—and has—our own issues), though I shouldn’t have been (as my dad’s sister stated that she wasn’t) surprised—after all, a few red flags should’ve come up."

I also include part of the reason that I wrote the book in the final chapter:

"[H]istory repeats itself, and the bad parts of history really repeat themselves because of those whom:"1.     ignore or deny history
"2.     go out of their ways to defend what evils happen in history
"3.     even actively repeat it, or go out of their way to do worse than what happened the first time
 "I guarantee that some of these same relatives whom voted for Trump may also plan to leave the United States if the going gets tough and they don’t want to live with their choices—despite that they know that Trump illegitimately won by, for example, having Vladimir Putin and Julian Assange help him—and quite a few of them might even blame those of us whom weren’t able to get out."

I thus fully anticipate that some of my family will be angry and even ready to sue me—and those who'd consider suing would've had that idea before; so, I'm not giving them the idea to consider doing what they might consider doing, anyway—the higher good of learning from and teaching others to learn from history carries the risk of ligitational backlash.  

Nonetheless, I have a duty to remind my family and others of the following for the higher good:

That what was happening 80 years ago—when the Nuremburg Laws were enacted against Jews and almost every gentile group in Germany, and when my grandparents were born—is happening today is scary and not funny—and I don't think that my grandmother anticipated making it to 80 years old just to see Donald Trump become a Neo ****** and be at the kind of risk at which her family in Europe was, and the risk that all of us are at now.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Somewhat Offbeat: Still Trying To Figure Out What Reilly's Possible "Daddy" Wants & Almost Fainting Today

When "Momma" has to sort of lie to Reilly about what she's doing, that's not good. In fact, "Momma" felt dizzy and like fainting as she got on to check whether or not he checked her blog re Reilly—and confusion, heartbreak, etc. can cause one to want to faint, as Reilly has sensed for at least two regarding someone else whom's going through heartbreak.

Puppies—baby and adult puppies alike—can sense when someone's enduring pain, etc.—and Reilly really is an empath, and perhaps even an exceptional one, though Camille was also emphatically tired yesterday.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Reilly Can Sense When Someone's Going Through A Difficult Time...

Reilly has been more than patient with "Momma" and even listened as "Momma" made a confession to her—and she was tired last night, but not because of "Momma". This time, she was patient with and empathetic toward someone whom is going through his or her own extremely-difficult time—in addition to already dealing with, for example, "Momma"'s trying to figure out what who may be Reilly's "Daddy" wants.

As "Momma" and Reilly went upstairs early enough this time, "Momma" observed that Reilly was unusually tired after Camille said a non-reciprocated—in fact, a very-hostilely-rejected—"night nights" to Reilly—whom was jealous of Camille and wanted to say "Night nights" to "Auntie Michelle"—Reilly could sense the pain that this person who's enduring difficulties is feeling, and she really did to try to comfort that person when that person needed comfort and consolation.

PS Speaking of comfort and consolation, "Momma" is asking Yehovah, can Yehovah please send "Momma" her helpmate and Reilly's "Daddy" already—especially if he is who "Momma" thinks that he may be, and if "Momma" correctly guesses that he might want to be "Momma"'s helpmate and Reilly's "Daddy"? Is anything too hard for Yehovah—and "Momma" is not asking too much of Yehovah for herself and Reilly, is she? 😩

In any case, יהי רצון יהוה לעשות הרצונו.   

Monday, December 19, 2016

At Least Reilly Didn't Bite "Momma". Still...

Having to be on guard in light of how obsessed with dentasticks* Reilly is, is not fun—after all, "Momma" almost got bitten for trying to "dance" with Reilly. Nonetheless, "Momma" was able to get the extra dentastick out of Reilly's mouth after dealing with Reilly's growling, clutching of the dentastick tightly, and turning of her head away in order to turn the dentastick away from "Momma".

The lesson: next time that three dentasticks are frozen together, cut them either into two sets of 1.5 dentasticks or to separate each of the dentasticks from each other—that is, instead of trusting that Reilly will chew only one to two dentasticks.

* "Dentasticks" is being used generically for dental chews here. 

Regarding The "Snowflakes" At Oxford

Some or even many of these researchers are researching what they and/or loved ones have endured, and they are researching to understand more what happened to them & to help others. By the way, would Heat Street mock (for example) Holocaust survivors and the descendants of Holocaust survivors and victims whom needed counseling and/or to leave certain lectures?

Even imagine, for example, a doctoral student whom is attempting to finish the degree that she forcibly had to suspend do to the Nuremberg Laws. While she sits in a lecture about Anti Semitism throughout history, she sees a picture of her twin sister while the pictorial slideshow plays. Given that her sister was among the Mengle Twins whom were murdered, she has flashbacks to when she was one of the twins whom "Dr." Mengle exploited and her twin was murdered shortly thereafter.

Also imagine that she sees a picture of the crematoriums, and flashes back to when her parents were burned alive in the crematoriums (This really did happen to Elie Wiesel's father on January 29, 1945, per "Night": "They must've taken him away before dawn and carried him to the crematory. He may still have been breathing.").

If she is a "snowflake", perhaps she was a cold and icy one whom (figuratively) melted in her own tears (tears that would not come before, since she had held them back).

The Week-Until-Christmas-and-Hanukkah—And Week-Until-Reilly's-Month-Birthday—Countdown

"Momma" will not "dance" with Reilly, though—she doesn't want to get bitten!—after all, getting her face and/or hands bitten would not help her to spend as much time as possible with her.

No matter how cute Reilly is, she cannot get away with biting people! By the way, the Hanukkah card so far is the same one as last time—not much has changed, after all:

PS As "Momma" has written before (though maybe there'll be a Christmas and Hanukkah miracle):

""Momma" thought again of whom she thinks—or at least hopes—will be Reilly's "Daddy"—and she thinks of him everyday (even though thinking of him is part of what exhausts her, albe that thinking of him will be worth if he ends up being Reilly's "Daddy")."

Sunday, December 18, 2016

"I Could've Danced All Night"...And Gotten Severely Bitten

"Momma" told "Mom-Mom" that Reilly doesn't like "dancing"—holding her front paws while she stands on her back paws and singing "I Could've Danced All Night" is a sure way to get bitten. Each of the times, in order of each time:

  1. Reilly tried to bite "Momma"'s right hand.
  2. Reilly bared her teeth, hissed, and gave "Momma" an angry look.
  3. Reilly was getting ready to growl and bite.
  4. Reilly did at least nibble "Momma"'s hand when "Momma" moved her hand around playfully and sang the only part of "I Could've Danced" that she knows.
  5. After asking Reilly if she wanted to "dance" and singing "Here we go...", Reilly jumped out of "Momma"'s arms on went to "Mom-Mom" in the kitchen.
"Mom-Mom" still assures "Momma" that Reilly likes when she "dances" to "I Could've Danced" with "Mom-Mom".

By the way, "Momma" saw this all-too-memorable and -relatable cartoon yesterday:

How "Momma" wishes that God her a helpmate and give Reilly a "Daddy" for Christmas!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

As Reilly's "Momma" Has Written Before In Regard To Keeping Sane...

Two puppies—Reilly and Camille—help keep Reilly's "Momma" sane. Whether Camille's greeting "Auntie Nicole" in the mornings or Reilly's being patient Reilly as "Momma" copes with horrid heartbrokenness and tries to wait patiently for her helpmate and Reilly's "Daddy", Reilly and Camille have been the gifts that keep on giving—even in the simple moments, such as when Reilly's napping by "Momma" and getting scritches, Reilly and Camille give "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" a reason to live.

Friday, December 16, 2016

If You're Not A Coffee Drinker, A Greeting From Reilly's Cousin Might Be One Of Your Morning Perkups

Besides, Camille is very jumpy and affectionate—not to mention Reilly's match. In fact, right before this photo that "Auntie Nicole" took at night, Camille was even giving "Auntie Nicole" kisses, sitting on her lap, getting scritches, etc.. Thus, one can imagine how foot-licking, jumping-up-and-down, not-exactly-wanting-to-move-out-of-the-person's-way, and—of course—happy-to-see-especially-Reilly Camille is in the mornings—which sometimes makes getting to the Keurig® machine or the restroom hard for "Auntie Nicole".

By the way, Camille picked up Reilly's habit and tried to avoid the photo—and as "Auntie Nicole" recalls, Camille had to be bribed with a belly rub.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Over The Two Past Days Of the Winter Holidog Season...

Two "dogs"—adult puppies—have kept the Christmas and Hanukkah Season incredibly unboring. For example, the brat known as Camille defied "Auntie Nicole" by trying to stay out of her crate during naptime—since she knows that "Santa" is going to spoil her anyway:

Reilly enjoyed playing with the Fortune Cookies toy out of which Camille literally chewed the stuffing (with more on that later):

And Reilly also tolerated "Momma" once again as she wrapped up some online business and got to bed late, and let "Momma" flick up both ears for cute pictures:

Incidentally, "Momma" was exhausted and got herself and Reilly to bed much earlier than usual (That's what "Momma" gets for cutting off caffeine for the day too far from bedtime—and for relapsing into going "night nights" too late—at least Reilly got some more sleep last night.).

Reilly enjoyed belly rubs and scritches from "Mom-Mom" before bed, meanwhile:

And "Momma" thought again of whom she thinks—or at least hopes—will be Reilly's "Daddy"—and she thinks of him everyday (even though thinking of him is part of what exhausts her, albe that thinking of him will be worth if he ends up being Reilly's "Daddy"). Besides, for example and as Reilly demonstrated this morning, to have someone to roll over Reilly, ask her "Who rules?", and have her surrender to a belly rub would help—so would having someone whom could "get that puppy" (as "Mom-Mom" says) when Reilly playfully runs with a toy in her mouth.