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Saturday, December 28, 2013

More Of (Or At Least Again) Why Only Sephardic Anusim Get Recognized

 For example, as I saw on a friend's post, "Yeh..but morano refers to jews who had to practice in secret"

Was I, a bat-Anusim quick to respond!

"[F]irst of all, "Marrano" is a nasty and exclusivist term. It means "pig [eater]" or "swine [eater]", and was used to refer only to Jews who had to deal with the Spanish Inquisition. Second of all, the correct term is "Anusim"—which includes all Jews (Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi, Kaifenger, Lemba, etc.) who were forced physically, psychologically, or otherwise to pretend to convert to another religion. Third of all, "marrano" (as nasty as the term is, with the correct term being "Anusi" or "Anusit") can also apply to willing converts to other religions who nonetheless hid their Jewish ethnic identity. The term can also apply to their descendants, especially those descendants who are Anusim (Crypto, Secret, or Hidden Jews)."

Proposed Constitutional Amendment: [O]ne firearm...for the protection and defense, and welfare of the self and others"

A citizen or legal resident of the United States shall be required to have and be trained in the use of at least one firearm, which the citizen or legal resident shall have and be trained to use for the protection and defense, and welfare of the self and others.

As if others and I weren't already thinking about this (which we were, and even in promoting the ideas of amendments like this—and even using this kind of language), this case in Oregon made Switzerland's gun-requirement point very well to and for the United States. Besides, that Switzerland eventually mandated guns and got ahead of the Founders of the United States (whose traditions endure) and their successors (who carried on the traditions of the Founders), who made firearm ownership only a right and not a mandate, is sad and pathetic.

"First World Problems": Some Are Actually Legitimate Problems

What is behind closed doors, Domestic violence is not just a third-world problem

After a YouTube video on BuzzFeed's channel that would have been generally funny until Buzzfeed made fun of the last "first-world problem" (, a conversation started; and let me tell you, I had insight to give to that conversation—in fact, the latest episode of my being abused and misunderstood includes being told to "get over it" when I finally confronted my dad on my granddad's laudatory and otherwise-mostly-dishonest obituary (Let me tell you, being listed after my stepsisters, having two maternal relatives and a co-worker of Mom's talk about it, and having debated over who wrote the obituary hurts—especially when you figure out that no matter who wrote the obituary, your granddad let everyone know that his son's stepdaughters are more important than his own grandchildren.).

Then, while I was doing a Google search and browsing, I came across this "First World Problems" meme picture—and one that I've seen used in relation to domestic violence. Then I was reminded of the conversation on YouTube—and that's how this meme came about.
I'm amazed and stunned that DIY LOL would use a picture like this to both mock legitimate problems and satirize "first world problems" that could actually, believe me or not, be the final straws that break the camels' backs for some. Then again, maybe I couldn't raise domestic-violence (e.g., emotional-abuse) awareness if they didn't do so.

Friday, December 27, 2013

I See That...

Mr. Covel's true colors are finally showing. Someone stated, "The establishment is against bringing in guns, yet the great Toby Keith is quoted in promoting concealed carry. I guess whatever sounds good with the people is what he is after." Toby Keith is definitely a "for me, but not for thee" kind of guy.

When I saw the article, I could not help but jump in to comment on his restaurant's Facebook page. I had it with him and his daughter making trouble for me (and she's probably still pretending to be different people doing different searches and/or directly frequenting my blog. I have 28 pages worth of her having done that from October 20-November 17, 2013—and in a 29-page document of evidence against her. At the end of the document, I just wrote, "Collection of evidence concluded on November 17, 2013—decision made November 19, 2013 at 10:07:09 PM. Endless pages would be in document if continuation of evidence collection occurred—the attempts at intimidation from Mrs. Sandubrae are ongoing on an almost-daily or even a daily basis."

(Meanwhile, UMPG Publishing is still holding a claim against my fair-use cover of "Should've Been a Cowboy.").

I can at least see that not only does "he probably [get] this all around [N]orman"—the hometown of his which he bought or something, since "he owns most of [it]"—but also that he "gets this" everywhere else. Indeed, Mr. Covel, what comes around goes around—as the converse to the old saying goes—, and it is going around. "He who sows iniquity will reap sorrow, [a]nd the rod of his anger will fail." (Proverbs 22:8) Whatever Mr. Covel's upset at God and/or others about, he's sure not helping himself with what he's doing about it in his anger. "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap." (Galatians 6:7)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"The Night Before Christmas" and Reflections on Years Past

I was going to have to do this sometime. As I said, I apologize for getting teary eyed. Honestly to God, one of the few good memories that I can take away from having to deal with Dad and his family (meaning the family that has mistreated me, not the family that actually has some decency) is when Pop-Pop (whose soul is hopefully at peace, despite how he mistreated me and others) would read "The Night Before Christmas", since he wasn't really keen on the religious part (He was an Anusi Ashkenazi, after all, and went through the motions.). No wonder, then, that he read "The Night Before Christmas" with such fervor and nary, if at all, mentioned or read the Bible.

Every Christmas Eve that he could (including the Christmas Eves that my sister and I were there), he would read "The Night Before Christmas". Whenever "and" came up (e.g., "And Mamma in her kerchief and I in my cap"), the grandchildren (at least the under-18-years-of-age ones) would pass a gift around, and (pun intended) whoever got the gift on the last "and" ("and to all a good night") would open the gift—and I remember that Michelle got it one year, for example.

See, Dad; I didn't miss out on the life of a (not-at-all) "great man". In fact, as I said (or, as he would say, "like I said"),  one of the few good memories that I can take away from having to deal with you and your family who have mistreated me is when Pop-Pop (whose soul, again, is hopefully at peace, despite how he mistreated me and others) would read "The Night Before Christmas".

I took away from Pop-Pop's life what I needed to take away—and in conclusion, as Pop-Pop would read, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night". Enjoy Christmas without your real daughters—after all, Erica and Danielle are exactly who you and Pop-Pop wanted as daughters and granddaughters, and that is no compliment to you and them.

By the way, today is Great-Great-Granddad Julian's professed birthdate—December 24th. Had he lived, he'd've apparently been anywhere from 124 years old (since great-Great-Grandma gave 1879 on his death certificate) to 128 years old (if he was born in 1875, as he seems to have been—since, after all, "Julian Laczinsky" was and "Julius Charnetski" was killed at 46 years of age on September 11, 1922).

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Gajdosz Coat of Arms and Explanation

We chose our name deliberately, I realize. "Gajdosz" being a form of "Gaydosh" or "bagpipe", and bagpipes (at least at the end) look very similar to shofarot, we deliberately chose it and kept the "sz" once we escaped to Slovakian Hungary from Polish Russia. Also, Great-Granddad would brag about us being "Russian", and his mother was from an Uszinsky family as well.

"Gajdos Name Meaning Hungarian: nickname for a ribald person, from gajdolni ‘to sing in a raucous or drunken way’ (from Slavic gajda ‘bagpipe’). In some cases it may be an occupational name for a player of pipes or bagpipes.Polish and Slovak (Gajdoš): from a derivative of Gajda.", "Gajdos"). Ours was never accented and we Americanized it to "Gaydosh" sometimes. We also never accented the "s", and Hungarian "sz" is just "s". On the other hand, "š" or "s" is "sh". In Polish, "sz" is "sh". 

We were very aware of our Poliyshn Yidn roots, and Dad doesn't like that. In fact, he nastily told Great-Granddad (as he told us that he told Great-Granddad), "The only reason that you say that we're Russian is because you work for the Russian Church." It was actually a Slovakian-American Catholic church, and the Rusnaks were Levi'im Anusim as well. So, Dad darned well (in his mind, damned well) knows that we're Jews—and I think that's also part of why we're estranged again—not just because I confronted him on Pop-Pop Czarnecki's obituary, but also because he was waiting to cut me off once I found out the truth and asked him about it. So, as soon as I confronted him about the obituary, he found his loophole and got as nasty and abusive with me as possible.
I had also, by the way, spoken out about the obituary and said how they conveniently skipped over Pop-Pop's Jewish heritage—and maybe that's part of why Great-Granddad Gaydos didn't like Pop-Pop (long story), as I found out—he could probably tell that Pop-Pop was a self loather.We were very aware of our Poliyshn Yidn roots, and Dad doesn't like that. In fact, he nastily told Great-Granddad (as he told us that he told Great-Granddad), "The only reason that you say that we're Russian is because you work for the Russian Church." It was actually a Slovakian-American Catholic church, and the Rusnaks were Levi'im Anusim as well. So, Dad darned well (in his mind, damned well) knows that we're Jews—and I think that's also part of why we're estranged again—not just because I confronted him on Pop-Pop Czarnecki's obituary, but also because he was waiting to cut me off once I found out the truth and asked him about it. So, as soon as I confronted him about the obituary, he found his loophole and got as nasty and abusive with me as possible.I had also, by the way, spoken out about the obituary and said how they conveniently skipped over Pop-Pop's Jewish heritage—and maybe that's part of why Great-Granddad Gaydos didn't like Pop-Pop (long story), as I found out—he could probably tell that Pop-Pop was a self loather.By the way, the long story, as Aunt Mary recalled it to me: Great-Granddad Gaydos came over for dinner and ate quietly. When he ate, he looked up and declared, "Okay; I'm ready to go now." He clearly had no time for Jack Czarnecki.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Toby Keith, Universal, Or Whoever Just Found A Fight If That's What He, She, Or They Sought

I covered "Should've Been a Cowboy" while I was doing laundry at UMBC one day. I got a copyright notice on YouTube. I disputed the claim, and this was the result:

Your video may include a song owned by a third party. For example, this might be a song playing in the background or someone performing a song.

Your video is available and playable.

Here are the details:

I looked up who UMPG is. I found out that UMPG is Universal Music Publishing Group. Then that Universal owns or is in a joint effort with Showdog Nashville hit me just a minute ago or so. So, I have this say:

Congratulations, Mr. Covel; you have just found the fight for which you were looking.

I know that Universal has no issue with my fair-use cover. After all, another video in which another Universal-owned song was playing had the following results:

Your video may include a song owned by a third party. For example, this might be a song playing in the background or someone performing a song.

To hear the matched song please play the video on the right. The video will play from the point where the matched content was identified.

Your video is available and playable.

Here are the details:

The problem is clearly not with Universal—which you and I both darned well know, Mr. Covel—and I really don't think that you want to pick another fight with me and/or with other people who are quickly finding out who you and your daughter really are. People cannot even cover your songs in a fair-use manner if you don't like them for whatever reason, and your reasons are usually not good. Even L Kay acknowledged that; remember, Mr. Covel? No wonder that you get whatever you get around Norman!

If you keep up what you're doing, your career is not just going to just "Shut Up and Hold On"; it is going to careen downward and crash! By the way, here's how you and your daughter are placing:

TOBY KEITH Shut Up And Hold On


TitleAlbum detailsPeak positions
US Heat
Whiskey & Lace 12

Extended plays[edit]

TitleAlbum detailsPeak chart
US CountryUS Heat
Krystal Keith 5325


YearSinglePeak chart
US Country Airplay
2013"Daddy Dance with Me"58Whiskey & Lace
"Get Your Redneck On"
"—" denotes releases that did not chart

Not good, Mr. Covel—especially as, more and more, people are discovering that the apple truly does not far from the tree in the Covel family.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Stand By It, Whoever You Are In Silver Spring...

I'd also stand by it again. As I said, shiva is reversible while the person's alive and what Aunt Mary (maybe you? Or, if you're Kevin Miskell, your mom about whom you're conveniently holding information back?) did was something for which sitting shiva was quite appropriate (especially now that we're getting limited, if really any, information about her). By the way, the name has not been "Mary Jo" for a long time. It's "Mary" (nice try, though; and anyone who loves and respects Aunt Mary would have taken the time to know that!).

Silver Spring, Maryland arrived from on "The Nicole Factor: family" by searching for mary jo czarnecki miskell.
00:26:57 -- 1 hour 33 mins ago

Sunday, December 15, 2013

And Liz Was Right....

Pop-Pop was no longer alive within five years. While I can say only "Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet v'Melech Ha'Olam", I will certainly never pretend or believe that Pop-Pop was a great man. Also, the best that one can do for the dead is speak the truth about them. After all, and as my mom recalled to me:

Matthew 8:18-22
The Cost of Discipleship

New King James Version (NKJV)
18 And when Jesus saw great multitudes about Him, He gave a command to depart to the other side.19 Then a certain scribe came and said to Him, “Teacher, I will follow You wherever You go.”
20 And Jesus said to him, “Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.”
21 Then another of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, let me first go and bury my father.”
22 But Jesus said to him, “Follow Me, and let the dead bury their own dead.”

I don't know where he is, but I do know that there are fools who are deceived into thinking that Jack Czarnecki was a great man. Even if he turned around at his final moments, that does not make him to have been a great man. I am also quite sure that many of the dead who will be at Pop-Pop's funeral will not want me there, so I would not mind if I am even disinvited.

Apparently, though, Dad wants me and my sister there. I can guarantee you that, nonetheless, his wife and stepdaughters, his nephew Greg, and his cousin Janet—for example—will not want me there. In fact, I'd be honored if they would not want me there. They are my enemies, not my brothers and sisters. While Scripture states that I ought not rebuke fools—for they will hate me more if I do so—and that I ought to love my enemies, it does say:

But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. And whoever says to his brother, ‘Raca!’ shall be in danger of the council. But whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire.

It also says to "judge righteously" (Proverbs 31:9)—and without rehashing the discussion, I will remind you that it never says to not judge; it just says not to judge hypocritically. Also, I am angry at Greg and Janet—among others—with cause. Firstly, they are fooled into thinking that the man who committed second-degree murder against his mother with murder-malice intent was a great man. Secondly (as I have discussed before), Janet was absolutely okay with Great-Grandma's vile actions against Vilmosz Rusznak; and as far as I know, even Pop-Pop would not have been that vile—certainly, his parents were not. After all, Great-Granddad Czarnecki's families stopped talking to us when we became Anusim (except for the deed change regarding the farm in the 1960s), and the same certainly would have gone for Great-Grandma Czarnecki's families—in fact, one family member had a daughter by the name of Jutte Jurkovitsova within the Turczocz, Hungary Jewish community; so she wasn't looking to become an Anusit or Messianic Jew anytime soon. So, they were not given the opportunity to help, anyway; and they would have if they could have. Thirdly (and I'm being generous by not bringing up specifics), I know that Greg has some very-Pop-Pop-like sins for which he still needs to repent.

As I stated, with Greg and Janet among many of the dead being at Pop-Pop's funeral and probably not wanting me there, I would not mind if I am even disinvited. After all, I have no time for council among the wicked. "Depart from me, you evildoers, [f]or I will keep the commandments of my God!" (Psalm 119:115)

Whether Jack Czarnecki is merely physically dead or dead altogether, only God (B"D"E) knows—he apparently died peacefully and very quickly, even within five second of being administered morphine and in his sleep. Scripture does say, "When the righteous turns from his righteousness and commits iniquity, he shall die because of it. But when the wicked turns from his wickedness and does what is lawful and right, he shall live because of it." (Ezekiel 33:18-19) So, he could have been made right with his Maker. In either case, though, "let the dead bury their own dead" and may I be disinvited from the funeral if—God forbid—I would have to have council among them. "I have hated the assembly of evildoers, [a]nd will not sit with the wicked." (Psalm 26:5) After all, Jesus warned, "“If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple.  And whoever does not bear his cross and come after Me cannot be My disciple." (Luke 14:26-27)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I still can draw.
- Nicole Czarnecki

In Case (And I Won't Be Surprised If) Wikipedia Deletes This Section...


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...

Among Non-Nobility Families[edit]

According to, "Czarniecki"[1] is a "variant of Czarnecki". "Czarnecki" is "Polish and Jewish (from Poland)[, and a] habitational name for someone from a place called Czarnca in Kielce voivodeship, or any of the various places called Czarnocin or Czarnia, all named with Polish czarny ‘black’."[2] One such "czarny"-named place is the Czarna Hancza in Suwalki.
In fact, a Jewish Czernecki family from and with ancestral roots in the Suwałki region even tried to obscure their ties to the region by claiming relations to none other than the Czarniecki noble family. That Czernecki family happened to be none other than the Czernecki family of Lipsk, Poland (then a part of the Russian Empire) and, later, Northeastern Pennsylvania.
The family patriarch, Julian Jan Feliks Czernecki, was born to a Czernecki and a Daniłowiczówna. On his death certificate, his mother's name was given as "Katarzyna", which was probably an attempt to make his mother look related to Aleksandra Katarzyna Czarniecka, a daughter of Stefan Czarniecki. Conveniently, his wife was Alexandria Alice Andrulewicz (supposedly néeAleksjondria Alicja Andrulewiczówna, and a relation of Teddy Andrulewicz), who also gave her mother's name as "Katarzyna" (She gave the supposed names of her parents to her attendant, her daughter Alexandria Alice Czarnecki, at the time of her dying.[3]). Incidentally, Alexandria was also a relation to his mother (to whom she was not talking at the time of her immigration[4] and would not have otherwise listed as a relation, since she and Julian had become Anusim, and—unless "Alexandria Alice" was taken as a baptismal name—the name "Alexandria Alice" occurs in the Daniłowicz family—e.g., with Alexandra Alice Danilowicz (1888-1972) in Northumberland County—and the Czernecki family[5][6] separately from the Andrulewiczes.).
The supposed given birth names of Julian and Aleksjondria are perhaps questionable, since both became Anusim during the pogroms and had their firstborn (and at the time, only) child baptized as "Antoni Jan". They themselves may have taken baptismal names. Both—or maybe just Alexandria—also gave both sets of their parents the names "Antoni" and "Katarzyna" in an attempt to obscure their Jewish identities (although Alexandria attempted to Americanize the given names in her case). Both even used several variants of "Czarnecki" or homophones thereof, ranging from "Zernetzky" (on his 1904 Ellis Island record[7], on which he listed himself as "Lithuanian") to "Czarniecki" (on, besides his death certificate, his naturalization papers—on which he also lied about his children's birthdates. For example, Alexandria was born on September 28, 1910 instead of June 11, 1910[8]; and Stanisław was born on November 11, 1911 instead of November 26, 1910[9]).
The Czernecki family changed their name to "Czarniecki" and, later, "Czarnecki" (despite their continual usages of variants and homophones) and attempted to remain and live as Anusim in Sugar Notch, Pennsylvania. They then passed down the legend that they were of szlachta descent and related to Stefan Czarniecki. One of Antoni Jan (later, Anthony John, Sr.)'s sons, John Czarnecki, would continue to pass down the legend. John later changed his story to something along the lines of "If we had any Jewish blood, I don't know about it." John, meanwhile, was one of the threeIRS Agents who served tax papers to Richard Nixon's via then-President Nixon's attorneys in 1973. He perhaps continued the Czernecki family legend to hide his Jewish identity from the likes of then-President Nixon, who was known for Anti Semitism. He also hid for years that he had served tax papers to now-deceased Former President Nixon, calling the information "sensitive" (although Former President Nixon died in 1994, and the "sensitive" label expired in 1990).

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Autoenhanced of Borlumiere's "HaTikvah" Extended

Seriously the most-powerful version that I have ever heard. All I did was extend and autoenhance it. If only a live orchestra played it!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Open Letter To Caroline Glick (For Transparency's Sake And In Case She Decides To Delete It)

Ms. Glick:
I find your article “American Jewry’s Fight” extremely offensive and nothing more than lashon hara. Messianic Jews like me (in my case, whose family members were Anusim—and many still are such) love and support Israel and find a Jewish man to be the Jewish Messiah, and want to share a Jewish message with Jewish people. In fact, many of my family remain Anusim because of fellow Jews like you—they are ashamed to be associated and/or affiliated with anyone who would reject them and/or others based on that they’re seen as “anti-Zionist Jews” who “engage in activities aimed at harming, defaming, weakening and delegitimizing the Jewish state.”

You also opine, “Everyone understands that while Jews have a perfect right to change their religion, they have no right to force the Jewish community to accept Christians as Jews. That is, they have no right to change the definition of Judaism to include people who worship Jesus.” Either I and other Messianic Jews are nobodies (and this is including many of my family—including quite a few Anusim, who would openly and proudly be Jewish were they not in dread of the likes of you) or you have shown your true—self-hating, intolerant, and hypocritical—colors. Clearly, you sides with the left when for you to do so is for your traditionally-religious convenience.

You also perhaps understand why some Messianic Jews may want nothing to do with Israel—your ilk, after all, is running Medinat Yisra’el and excluding pro-Israel (even if misguided and pro-“Palestinian”) Reconstructionist, Conservative, and even other Jews—such as fellow Orthodox Jews of yours—who don’t toe your line. You also nastily write on your website, “Obviously, the answer is no value. To do something you feel is intrinsically meaningless just because your forefathers did the same meaningless thing is a waste of time. If Judaism has nothing to offer beyond lox and Seinfeld, then there is no reason to remain Jewish.”

Then you lament, “Outside of the Orthodox Jewish community, intermarriage rates have reached 71 percent. Thirty-two percent of Jews born since 1980 and 22% of Jews overall do not describe themselves as Jews by religion. They base their Jewish identity on ancestry, ethnicity or culture.” Your kind of attitude will only affect the intermarriage and secularization rates to increase, and for fellow Jews of all denominations—including Messianic Judaism—to increasingly disassociate themselves from Medinat Yisra’el. Your kind of attitude will also only affect Jews like many in my family to be ashamed of and hide that they’re Jewish.

PS I hope that you’re not proud of yourself, because I’m surely not—in fact, I ashamed that people like you are a part of my people.

Nicole Czarnecki

Sunday, December 1, 2013

I've Just Been Busy...

For example, I got an over-15-page paper done yesterday. I also have to finish the first part of my second research paper over the next two days. After that, I have a Hebrew oral exam for which to study. I also have a yahrzeit to observe (To observe it is not exactly conducive while Mom is playing Christmas music.).

The yahrzeit is for Great-Granddad Czarnecki. On this day, Kislev 27, he committed suicide. He was a troubled man, and hurt others; and he was definitely a candle in the wind—lights can be threatened with extinguishment, and spark up and burn others to try to stay burning.

He also came from a troubled family for sure. For example, Michael Andrews—handsome and talented, but clearly into an inappropriate lifestyle. As for Thomas Andrew, he died from a "long illness"—I suspect AIDS—and he had that awful Washleski cousin who—and it just hit me—used "Tufty" to promote Jack Washleski (and yes, I changed that Wikipedia entry. Get over yourself, Mr. Washleski. Your Jack Washleski could've had his own page if you wanted to talk about your cousin. And if what you say is true, that your uncle loved his wife's nephew more than his own children is just sad—and it maybe explains your cousin Thomas, but how you forget him! And how you deleted the information about William, which I had to add back into the entry! Was William's service nothing to you?).

The Andrulewiczes by themselves were clearly troubled, and this to say nothing of the Danilowiczes (Kirk, Michael, and Mia, anybody?) and the Czerneckis.

By the way, Pop-Pop, you are an Andrulewicz. You are your dad's son. Your brother, with all due respect, is wrong when he says that you look more like a Trudnak—you look like both of your parents—you are almost a spitting image of your cousin Thomas, and don't you forget it.

"If we have Jewish blood..."—well, I do know about it, and I'm proud of it. That you aren't is a shame. That your dad committed suicide in of itself is a shame without adding that he committed suicide during HaHag Hanukkah.

And that I couldn't know how God blessed the nations even through our troubled family is a shame. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

President Barack Obama And His Executive Mandate: Is He Fulfilling The Tenets Of It? (Originally For Class)

So, is President Barack Obama fulfilling the tenets of his execute mandate—in this case, his mandate to be the United States head of state and head of government? The unabashed and clear answer is “No.” Even today, headlines such as “Second wave of health plan cancellations looms”[1] and “White House braces for doctor dump”[2] make clear that he cannot fulfill his self-proclaimed mandates regarding the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”). Along with that come headlines such as “How low can it go? ObamaCare poll numbers drop—again”[3].
The headlines unpartisanly make clear that the popular-vote and electoral-vote winner of the 2012 Presidential Election and the then-incumbent President of the United States. Per the CBS-taken poll that was cited in “How low”, “While Republicans are united in their opposition to the health care law, the latest numbers reflect new skepticism among Democrats and independents.” The poll further reflects, “Obama has been facing criticism from his own party for both the failures of as well as cancellation notices that have gone out to those on the individual market whose policies did not make the cut under ObamaCare's new standards. The president last week gave insurance companies a one-year extension, allowing them to re-offer those out-of-compliance plans.”
What, then, is President Obama’s mandate? Obviously, it is to be an effective head of state and government, and chief executive who can win and keep the hearts and minds of his constituents and fellow public servants. According to Ansolabehere et. al., “Government touches the life of the ordinary citizen most directly in his or her interactions with bureaucratic agents-at the Department of Motor Vehicles when obtaining a driver's license; in filing one's income tax return with the Internal Revenue Service; at the recruiting center when enlisting in one of the armed services; at the Board of Elections when registering to vote.”[4] Furthermore, “The
bureaucracy is the administrative heart and soul of government. It is where the rubber meets the road-where the policies formulated, refined, and passed into law by elected officials are interpreted, implemented, and ultimately delivered to a nation's citizens. ”[5]
            With ObamaCare, President Obama clearly has not “ultimately delivered [his policy] to [his] nation [read: state]'s citizens”. Despite that Obamacare was indeed “formulated, refined, and passed into law by elected officials[;] interpreted, [and] implemented [to take full effect in 2014]”, it was immediately and has further become controversial and scandalous legislation. Therefore, the ObamaCare scandal (“ObamaGate”? “CareGate”? “Health-Care Gate”?) alone shows that Obama is not fulfilling his mandate as the chief United States state and government executive.
            This to say nothing of IRSGate, which involved the IRS that is supposed to “[touch] the life of the ordinary citizen most directly in his or her interactions with bureaucratic agents-at the [IRS when he or she files his or her] income tax return with [them]”. Instead, with President Obama’s allowance and/or command, the IRS busied themselves witchhunting non-Far-Left individuals and being the inquisitors regarding potential and established non-Far-Left 501(c)3s and 501(c)4s, and other non-Far-Left organizations that must be established or maintained with IRS permission or approval.
            This also says nothing of what happens “at the Department of Motor Vehicles when [one is] obtaining a driver's license [or attempting to do so]”. For one who follows the news, he or she may know that President Obama and Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland are ideologically and partisanly aligned—since both are Far-Left Democrats. If President Obama is influenced by Governor O’Malley—who made sure that “Maryland became the 13th state to either issue or announce it will soon be issuing driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants”[6] —he may get ideas—and scary ideas. After all, he made RomneyCare’s core concept a national concept when he took it from a Massachusetts-state one—to give all citizens who were residing in the certain territory and could or did not have private insurance government-funded healthcare. He made take the ideas of Maryland, “Connecticut, Utah, California, North Carolina, Illinois, Oregon, Colorado, Rhode Island, Nevada, Washington State, Washington D.C., New Mexico and Vermont”[7], and make them a national idea—and without putting citizens and legal immigrants first.
            In conclusion, President Obama is failing miserably at fulfilling his mandate to be the United States head of state, head of government, and chief executive—even to the point at which he has gravely upset his constituents. “Now we are seeing the President's poll numbers plummet. His approval rating of 39% is evidence that Americans have turned sour on him. For a very long time, even when voters did not agree with his policies, his personal likeability remained strong. They viewed him apart from his policies; that is no longer the case. Now, Americans are not liking his policies and they are not liking him very much either.”[8]