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Showing posts with label pet ownership. Show all posts

Monday, January 15, 2018

Somewhat to Mostly Offbeat: What Do Reilly and "Momma" Have To Do With MLK Day? You May Be Surprised.

Reilly wouldn't even be with "Momma" if Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others had not fought for the civil rights of all. This is because "Momma" would've been isolated from society in general at best and maybe even very hurt at worst since she is a Jew whom has disabilities. After all, Jews and people with disabilities were certainly treated poorly before those like Dr. King and Dr. King's compatriots Dr. Abraham Joshua Heschel and Eunice Kennedy Shriver fought for the rights of all Americans to be treated as people.

Even more startlingly (as "Momma" learned today, though she shouldn't have been surprised to learn it), the Congresspersons who authored the Civil Rights Act deliberately excluded people with disabilities. Of course, there weren't even federal education laws that unequivocally prohibited discrimination until "Brown v. Board"—not to mention that there were once quotas for Jews at Harvard, and Willowbrook "State School" (or more like Willowbrook Institution of Unspeakable Ableism) did not even begin to be investigated until almost a decade after the Civil Rights Act passed.

Thus, Reilly obviously wouldn't have a "Momma" with any disability, let alone a "Momma" with Cerebral Palsy and mental illnesses—and on a related note, imagine all of Reilly's canine compatriots whom wouldn't be there to help people whom needed service puppies¹!

¹ Even service dogs, despite their training, remain just as puppylike as, if one will, their civilian or laypuppy counterparts. Service puppies, including emotional-support and therapy ones, could be considered at least sort of like canine civil servants or public-service puppies, since they help Americans with disabilities such as U.S. Armed Forces veterans and others with PTSD to be able to live among the general population within an unfortunately-still-generally-ableist society.

MLK Day Card From Reilly And Camille

PS "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" came up with this as she was setting up preparations to make the card. She saw Reilly resting and Camille sleeping, and there was her idea.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sweet Reilly Strikes (Or Rather, Paws) Again

Just like last time, Reilly reached out to "Momma" with her paw. This time, put however, Reilly put her paw on "Momma"'s hand and put it back on her hand after "Momma" had to pull it away for some reason and then tell her, "Okay; you can put your paw back on my hand now." or ask her to put it back on her hand—since she appreciated her "dogter"'s sweet gesture.

Then Reilly put her paw on "Momma"'s arm before "Momma" decided to move over all of the way and rest her head on her arm, since she decided that both of them needed to get some sleep.

Reilly truly is an empath and her "Momma"'s girl.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Two Stunts That Reilly Pulled Today

  1. She licked "Momma"'s wrist in a dominance show when she was licking Camille in a dominance show! 
  2. The butter incident: when "Momma" dropped the butter dish and the butter cube on the floor, Reilly tried to lick whatever butter she could. Reilly even licked butter right out of the dish ("Reilly, that's disgusting!" Mom-Mom understandably told her)! Of course, "Momma" had to rinse off the butter because it got on the floor, and she had to rinse out the butter dish after putting dish detergent in it because (of the obvious reason that) her human family loves her enough to not want puppy germs on the butter! After all, what if puppy germs that got on the butter made Reilly's human family sick enough to leave Reilly a human-orphaned and human-familyless puppy, especially since Reilly has only a "Momma" at present and (as far as "Momma" knows) no human family whom'd take her in if "Momma" died?

#WeirdWednesday and #WoofWednesday: Foot Locker Has Canine Competition

"Auntie Nicole" might've already mention that Camille is a foot licker. Nonetheless, Camille's foot-licking habits are worth mentioning again, as Camille the Foot Licker does and recently demonstrated that she does the following wherein foot-licking habits are concerned:

  1. Not care who you are and where you are. Whether you're "Auntie Nicole" laying on the floor or "Mimi" at the dinner table, for example, Camille is licking your feet. Since puppies lick feet partly to clean them and partly to show submission, maybe Camille was emulating someone (or as "Auntie Nicole" believes, Someone)?
  2. Lick feet regardless of their condition. To be fair, though, for example, Camille seems to at least have avoided "Auntie Nicole"'s ingrown toenail (which she tried to soak in a partly-baking-soda solution until she as "Auntie Nicole" and "Momma" freaked out after Camille and Reilly came home from their walk and could've gotten near the solution!).
  3. Notice what others don't. For instance, "Auntie Nicole" noticed cuts in between her toes and then figured out that that's why Camille would frequently licks in between her toes.
  4. Persist. She even leaned on the couch to get herself up enough to lick "Mimi"'s feet, and she constantly follows "Auntie Nicole" around to lick her feet regardless of whether she's trying to nap (since she can easily tire out), get up from the floor and put her shoes back on her feet, get out of bed and put her shoes on her feet (although Camille has not come upstairs to say "Good morning" to "Auntie Nicole" lately because of a certain jealous cousin of hers!), or do anything else.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Something Weird That Camille Did When Someone Came Over Yesterday

When someone came over yesterday and went to use the restroom, Camille decided to sit where the person in question had been sitting. Then taking more advantage of the time to take someone else's seat, she did the strangest thing: she decided to start rolling around in the chair and get her hair all staticky.

She's done that kind of rolling around before after waking up from a nap and when she has a lot of energy otherwise, has just come out of the rain and inside the house from a walk, and at other times. This time, though, was strange. Of course, she was being a playful character as usual. Nonetheless, what she was doing was something to watch—and something that "Auntie Nicole" maybe should've recorded, though nobody can or has to record everything!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Somewhat Offbeat: Well, It Happened: i.e., "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" Had A Panic Attack, And...

She couldn't stop the inappropriate barking that Reilly and Camille did right away. That she lost a scrunchie in her room panicked her enough, since the scrunchie could've been fatal to Reilly had she gotten it. Then she fell as she went to try find it, although she (thank God) fell on a box that caught her fall. She at least found it on the side of her bed where Reilly couldn't get to it after that, though the panic attack had set in by then.

That she had other matters on her mind, including that she hasn't gotten a clear answer yet re a certain matter, only exacerbated the panic attack. She therefore had lay down, and she could not stop as Reilly and Camille inappropriately barked for quite a long time and thus further exacerbated a panic attack. She even had to tip Reilly's bed gently at least once and Camille's bed gently a few times to try to get them away from the window a few times.

Reilly and Camille finally listened, and "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" talked especially to Reilly about the inappropriate barking. "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" is also lucky that her panic attack wasn't a heart attack, since her maternal grandfather died that way. Imagine, then, if the irony (or whatever it is) if Reilly helped kill the very "Momma" whom named Reilly "Reilly Rosalita" for her maternal grandfather's mother and mother grandmother, not to mention if Camille helped kill the "Auntie Nicole" whom found out that "Mimi" named inadvertently named Camille Dominique after other relatives, and that "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" ended up being right about the two namesakes causing her to have her name carved on a tombstone at a young age!

At least "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" would've gotten the last laugh, or at least an "I told you so", in death were "Auntie Michelle"/"Mimi" wrong about whether Reilly and Camille would kill her!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Sobering Thoughts Re Reilly, Camille, Time, &c..

"Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" was thinking a few days ago and just thought again:

  1. That today is Reilly's fourth Little Christmas and Camille's third
  2. That Reilly will be four in March (not to mention four on the Hebrew calendar) and Camille will be three in March (and also three on the Hebrew calendar, regardless whether 5777 has one or two Adars—both Biblically and Gregorianly speaking, they're not that far away from each other in terms of birthdays. Besides, March 25, 2014 was 23-24 Adar II 5773 and March 27, 2015 was 6 Nisan 5775)
  3. That this year will be Reilly's fifth Passover year (counting 5774, 5775, 5776, and 5777 as the previous four years) and Camille's fourth.
  4. How when Reilly came home seems like only yesterday sometimes, and then when Camille came home seems like only yesterday sometimes—and now both Reilly and Camille are adult puppies!
  5. In canine years, Reilly will be 40.7 years old and Camille will be 32.3 years old (assuming the human life expectancy to be 120 at max).
  6. "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" will be 28 years old in human years this month on both calendars (Today is 18 Tevet 5777—since since January 23, 1990 was 25-26 Tevet 5759.). In canine years, then, she'll be well over 120 years!
  7. Time passes, and Reilly's getting older calendar wise while "Momma"'s getting old overall! (Not to mention that a painful anniversary for "Momma" compounds the fact that Reilly's getting older and "Momma"'s getting old!)

Camgaroo Gets "Auntie Nicole" Into Trouble & Then Makes Up For It By Licking Her Hands And Asking For a Belly Rub

When "Auntie Nicole" came downstairs this morning, Camille ran toward the gate and greeted her with jumping that she does when she gets excited—whether she's greeting someone, is waiting for her "num nums", or otherwise is excited—thus how she's earned her nickname of "Camgaroo". Then Camgaroo decided to sprint through the gate, despite that "Auntie Nicole" told her that she needed to get through the gate, and she ran upstairs and tried to play her usual "Gotcha!" game. "Mom-Mom", however, decided to blame "Auntie Nicole" for opening the gate instead of blame Camagroo for defiantly sprinting upstairs for how a Toy Maltipoo can sprint like a cheetah!

 After Camgaroo got back downstairs and went into the family room, she looked up at "Auntie Nicole" to ask for scritches. She then proceeded to let "Auntie Nicole", gave her kisses, and licked her-still-very-dry-and-cracked hands. Even though both Reilly also looked up at the same time when "Auntie Nicole" said "Hi." to an already-looking-up Camgaroo and later jealously looked at her "Momma", Camgaroo must've known that "Auntie Nicole" had not been happy earlier and looked up at her after she came into the family room!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

More Sweet Gestures By Reilly And Camille

A sweet Reilly came to snuggle by "Momma" yesterday when "Momma" asked her to do so, and she therefore was her usual sweet self. As for Camille, she was sweet to "Auntie Nicole" as well: she began licking her dry and cracked hands (which, incidentally, reminded her of a certain passage in the New Testament). Reilly eventually joined Camille and began licking her "Momma"'s hands, too.

Of course, Reilly is not as sweet when she's barking inappropriately, which she's doing as "Momma" types, though (not to mention that, contrary to what "Auntie Michelle" says, Reilly could get "Momma" to end up being where a certain Lazarus is now sooner than her only-getting-older-anyway self would expect)!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Paw'd Lang Syne: a Really-Sweet Gesture That Reilly Made For "Momma"

When "Momma" once again couldn't get back to sleep due to certain matters on her mind (with the related anxiety partly making her nauseous as she types)², Reilly tried to help "Momma" by putting her paw onto her wrist¹. Reilly's effort to help "Momma" start off 2018 well at least somewhat worked. Nonetheless, "Momma" couldn't get back to sleep and Reilly needed to go downstairs to "go potty", anyway.

¹ Reilly has been empathetic about this whole as well.
² Incidentally, a quick note regarding a certain someone and which is deliberadamente en español para quién es el parte interesado especialmente: "Mamᨠsospecha que el parte interesado específico al menos en ocasión no puede dormir a noche porque de un cierto asunto tampoco, de cuál ella posiblemente tiene intuiciones como una persona en general y como la "Mamᨠde Reily. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Stubborn Camille Still Does Not Want To Play A Variation Of "Find The Treat [Or Toy] Under The Blankie"

Having been able to get some Christmas and Hanukkah gifts for Reilly and Camille, "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole" was able to get a collapsible bowl which she forget is a bowl. She thought that it was a Frisbee, then she checked because she thought that she remembered that it might actually be a bowl. So came a variation of "Find The Treat [Or Toy] Under the Blankie" into her head when she tried to figure out what to do with it, since using it as a Frisbee would not be feasible.

Stubborn Camille still refuses to try to lift up the bowl with her paw or nose to get the treat or toy. Basically, she'll try for a few minutes then want "Auntie Nicole" to lift the bowl for her. She'll even get aggressive with Reilly despite that she knows that "Auntie Nicole" is Reilly's "Momma" and does want her dogter to be hurt. Even this morning, she gave Reilly an intimidating stare and puffed up her tail as well as put her tail to the right—she was quite happy to intimidate Reilly, notwithstanding "Auntie Nicole"/"Momma"'s warnings to be nice to Reilly—and notwithstanding that Reilly still has an ear infection and isn't feeling as well as she could, by the way. 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Update On Reilly

As one may have been able to tell by some pictures alone, Reilly had a rough day on Friday with an ear infection and a Lyme's Disease vaccine booster. Today, per "Auntie Michelle", she was shaking because her leg was hurting due to the vaccine (and there can still be slight pain at the site with any vaccine after 24-48 hours; and her White Shaker Syndrome has been noted by the vet and is common for her breed, as the Maltipoo is a Maltese-Poodle hybreed¹.

(She also had some other stressors throughout the day.).

As for the ear infection, as "Momma" witnessed, it's healing despite that Reilly is not happy about getting medicine for it. Meanwhile, Camille had to be convinced that she was not going to be getting any medicine—"Auntie Nicole" had to explain that Camille had no reason to try to jump off of her lap and run because she didn't have an ear infection for which she needed medicine!

Nonetheless, Reilly is doing generally well despite the vaccine-site pain and the ear infection (and the other stressors of the day)—and despite that she was a bit sleepy.

¹Contraction of "hybrid" and "breed" (which "Momma" probably didn't coin, and she'd be surprised if she did coin it.)

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Puppies That Could Be Magazine "Moodles" (Pun Intended)

Camille could help advertise a chair cover here,

If Reilly were feeling better (Poor Reilly has another ear infection. :-( ), she could help advertise either a pet bed, toy, or blanket.

Curious and sleepy Cam. 

Curious, sleepy, and cameraphobic Reilly (Reilly also had a Lyme's Disease vaccine booster that day.)

No food or treats; just a camera to take pictures of them :-) 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Symphony Of Lights Puppy Walk With Reilly and Camille Last Night

A few highlights:

  1. Reilly and Camille saw one of their neighbor friends, Hero.
  2. Reilly met matches Cullie (a Shitzu, from whom she even backed off once she sniffed her!) and Pippin.
  3. Camille had a positive car ride experience, although she was at first stubborn about even "Mimi" getting on sweater on her (as pictures below show)!
  4. Reilly and Camille walked for longer than they normally would, and they made new human and canine friends!

Reilly had also been excited the night before. ("Reilly, do you want to go see the Symphony of Lights?" got kisses as answers.)

"Mom-Mom" had to help "Mimi" get Camille's sweater on Camille.

To the disappointment of "Momma"/"Auntie Nicole", Reilly and Camille ran out of the time to see "Santa".

"Momma" uses this as a reminder to Reilly that "Santa's watching!"

This is actually an infamous fixture at the Symphony of Lights every year.

Reilly loved whatever attention she got!

Winston and Reilly are both sweet and jealous puppies.

"Momma" can hope for her and Reilly's sakes.